Wearables have slowly been finding their feet over the last couple of years, and were given a much needed boost with the arrival of Android Wear. That said, whether we love it or hate it, what has further pushed this technology into the mainstream is the Apple Watch. Apple’s take on the smartwatch is finally here, and understandably, the first question on everyone’s mind is with regards to how it stacks up against the competition. Today, we’re going to find out what is similar and what is different between the two, in this close look at Android Wear vs Apple Watch!

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Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-3

For starters, it has to be mentioned that this comparison is mostly pertaining to the software side of things, as there are some differences in hardware depending on which Android Wear watch you have. For the purposes of this comparison, we will be using the LG Watch Urbane, given that it is currently the only Android Wear smartwatch to run the latest Android 5.1.1 update.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-6

While aesthetically very different, the latest version of Android Wear and Apple’s Watch OS 1.0 couldn’t be more similar in terms of features and capabilities. Both receive notifications, answer phone calls, track fitness data, and have customizable watch faces, along with a laundry list of other features, and of course, also tell the time. Granted, there are some significant differences as well, including when it comes to the implementation of what are essentially identical features.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-10

We begin by taking a look at how each watch handles notifications. In the case of Android Wear, notifications show up in a Google Now-esque card style format that pile up in a vertical list as more notifications are received. All of them can be dismissed easily with a simple swipe, and most come with a set of actions, such as replying to a text message or email, deleting them, or the option to open the relevant application on the phone directly from the watch.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-13

On the other hand, the Apple Watch takes on a more mobile-like implementation with regards to how it manages notifications. Whenever a notification arrives, it briefly appears on the display, and if you happen to miss it, or want to see all your notifications, you can find them with a swipe down from the top of the display to reveal the notification shade, from which you can also dismiss them. Unlike Android Wear, only a certain set of notifications can be responded to from the watch, making for an implementation that feels less robust. Applications like Google Hangouts and Gmail require you to open them on the phone, but messages on Apple’s iMessage can be responded to from the watch itself, either via a preset message, or using voice dictation.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-14

Speaking of voice dictation, just like their phone OS counterparts, you are dealing with Google Now on Android Wear and Siri on the Apple Watch. Google Now integration on Android Wear means that any cards that you normally get on your phone or tablet like sports scores, stocks, and weather information, will also show up on the watch. While Siri doesn’t necessarily offer that on the Apple Watch, a swipe up from the bottom of the display reveals what Apple calls “Glances,” which houses a lot of the same information that one might get from Google Now. Glances is also a management hub for other things like media controls, navigation, and even Instagram and Twitter.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-12

For fitness junkies, both operating systems are capable of keeping track of calories burned, exercise, and heart rate monitoring, with the Apple Watch also giving you a reminder to stand and move around a bit if it thinks you’ve been sitting idle for too long. There is possibly a third party Android Wear that offers this additional feature, but is something that isn’t available out of the box.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-4

Watch faces are also highly customizable on either OS, but for now, there are a lot more options available for Android Wear, likely due to the open nature of the platform and its third party support. Along with the appearance, watch faces on both can be customized to show pertinent information like battery life, current date, and weather, to name a few.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-5

With the update to Android 5.1 Lollipop, Google added some new features to Android Wear, such as Wi-Fi support to allow the watch to sync with your phone without a Bluetooth connection, wrist gestures to scroll through notifications by flicking the wrist, screen lock, a dedicated app and contacts screen, as well as the ability to send emoticons. With the exception of Wi-Fi and wrist gestures, all the other features are also available on the Apple Watch, but again, in a different implementation.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-7

For example, screen lock on Android Wear is in the form of a pattern lock, while it is a PIN iteration in the case of the Apple Watch. Applications on Android Wear can be found in a simple vertical scrolling list, compared to a series of floating circles on a black background on the Apple device, which might seem confusing, but is actually very easy to navigate. Granted, these are negligible differences, but differences nonetheless.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-1

The big difference between these two platforms comes in what purpose they are trying to serve. Android Wear feels like a companion to your smartphone, with access to all the essentials without being too much of a distraction. On the flip side, the Apple Watch is akin to a miniaturized version of your phone, offering a lot of what your phone can also do, including taking phone calls directly from the watch, and making purchases with Apple Pay.

Android Wear Vs Apple Watch-8

Most of the disparity really has to do with the app selection. Even though the Apple Watch is very new, there is already a wide selection of apps available that you won’t find on Android Wear, at least not yet, and with better integration, at least in some cases. For example, while you can receive notifications from Instagram and Twitter on Android Wear, you will still have to get your phone out to use the app. With the Apple Watch, you can scroll through Instagram or Twitter and like, comment, favorite, and retweet just like you would on the mobile, and even book an Uber ride directly from the watch.

Of course, all of this could change in just a short period of time, as both platforms continue to evolve and compete, in much the same way their mobile OS counterparts have. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and while they share a lot in common, the implementation and overall experiences are very different. At the end of the day, it is all going to come down to personal preference, just like it always has, in this never ending competition between Apple and Google, with a focus now on the domination of your wrist.

  • Alex

    Good comparison of the two platforms. But man, Google needs to focus and get its act together. They’ve had about a year lead time with Android Wear and the Apple Watch already has more apps for it? /shakeshead

    • rmkilc

      Since when is it about apps? These are watches, not phones. Quick notifications are the primary purpose.

      • Alex

        Good point, but it’s still indicative of Google’s support of a platform vs Apple’s. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Android fan and am a bit flabbergasted about seemingly smart people buying a rather inferior product (Apple Watch) for a lot more money.

        • Noicc1128

          The Apple Watch is generally reviewed by tech blogs as the best smart watch available.

          • gwine

            Doesn’t matter. It’s still overpriced.

          • Gary W

            Overpriced to you and I, but not overpriced for many of those who bought it. That’s all it matters – to a company.

            Just to put things into perspective.

          • AndroidBrian

            Everybody says the iWatch is overpriced. You can buy them as low as $350. $50 less than the G watch in this video.

          • Slappey

            Except that’s a base model apple watch and a top of the line android wear. you can get the original g watch for 120 and the moto 360 for 165

          • MattEgansHairLine

            And the top of the line roid still looks and feels like a Kinder Egg prize.

            The LG looks like it came from a catalogue in the 90’s. The cheap bezel and mount, the ‘luxury’ strap with wonky sitching and the feel of a bag handle.

            That LG is supposed to be luxury but looks and feels cheap.

            Taste is subjective, but the LG has the appeal of a £1 market watch

          • tiger

            Why is it overpriced?

          • Not4Marxism

            Yeah, tech blogs are the definitive and final authority on everything…

          • Noicc1128

            I think guys/gals who spend their lives reviewing every smart watch available know more about them then you and I.

          • Not4Marxism

            Plenty of people post utter nonsense on the Internet with most readers oblivious to that possibility. I assume nothing.

          • Andrii Gr

            Think back. I personally know few of them and their technical knowledge in he subject they suppose to cover is, to put in a simple words, zero. Many can write well, some even have tallent. And you would be surprised how many people are openly writing on subject they have no real life experience ( I am not speaking about technology ).
            “Assume nothing. Question everything. And start thinking.”

          • Noicc1128

            Start a tech blog. Review a bunch of smart watches. Then review the Apple Watch. Otherwise, your opinion is pretty invalid on this topic.

          • Andrii Gr

            It is not up to you to define which opinion is valid or not. It is my opinion based on my expirience. And I share it with others. They may agree or not. It is up to them. And give yourself a favour – stop telling other what they should to do in their life. Time to grow up. BTW, do you have smart watch? Any smart watch?

          • Noicc1128

            You are welcome to share your opinion. However there is one thing strange: you are saying that people who have reviewed and tested it have invalid opinions. I assume you have never tested it or tried it. Btw, I own an Apple Watch SS with Milanese Loop and got it the day it came out. If you want proof I could show you my Instagram.

          • mathieulefrancois

            They also know what brings more readers and nobody wants to be on Apple’s blacklist

          • Noicc1128

            Remember Antennagate? Bendgate? Apple has tons of negative press. Some of it is petty stuff to generate hits. It goes both ways. Considering there has been many reviews critical of the Apple Watch, including the Verge, your argument has no merit. Btw, they were critical of it but still said it was the best smart watch available. I think you just might be a little jealous.

          • mathieulefrancois

            I’m anything but jealous.

        • Basit Saeed

          I think both Android and Apple has different approach in mind when it comes to smartwatches. Google wants is as a screen for glanceable notifications and quick actions whereas Apple sees it as a platform for full-fledged applications.

      • Gary

        Who defines the primary purpose of smart watches? Also the purpose and functionality of a device evolve over time. Regardless, if both systems are on par in terms of quick notifications, other features/added value such as apps will make a difference in consumers’ purchase decision.

    • cmonson

      Are you kidding? Android wear is way more thought out than apple’s watch OS. Do you know how many people can barely figure out the Apple Watch? If anything, I think Google nailed this one. They just need better marketing, but they have a better concept overall and it’s hard to argue that. Apple is just kind of throwing shit on their watch with very little consistency.

      • tiger

        Android Wear reviews are not good. Horrible interface.

        • Victor_Creed

          How’s the kool-aid?

          • tiger

            You drink much of it?

          • MattEgansHairLine

            How’s the Hatorade?

    • thereasoner

      Google can’t force developers to make apps. Developers make apps for platforms that sell in large enough quantities, so far the Apple watch is the only one reportedly doing that.

  • Demonseye

    Hangouts has in-watch answer capabilities, either via Google Now or pre-built messages.

    Messenger (Google messenger) has it too.

    • tiger

      You mean Hangout where there is no end-to-end encryption? No thanks.

      • Far ray

        this troll tiger is funny. has someone anointed him as apple’s high
        priest or what? Dude, me or anyone on the face of the earth loves
        choice. I’d rather do one thing a million different ways and fail rather
        than do it the one way I know and still fail. you know what’s good
        about trying a million options? my chances of succeeding are high. As
        for Apple being the lone almighty you seem to forget that it’s rooted in
        UNIX/Linux. It’s relation to Android is more closer than you think.
        stop crapping your pants and talking about how apple rules. hijacking
        someone’s ideas, working on them to add improvements and then selling
        them as “innovations” after you’ve funded millions of $$$ into that
        overpriced piece of crap doesn’t make you better. what makes you better
        is educating the iSheep that choice matters. Anyone who knows Android
        will know that despite their flaws, there is still a choice. unlike
        iSheep like yourself who think that Siri is better than GN or that
        sapphire displays matter. You’re like that moron who bitched about suing
        Google when his nudies were leaked from iCloud. LOL. Encryption??? your
        server based storage platform is next to shit, siri can never get
        things right, the shit load of bugs with each update, a joke of a
        syncing platform called iTunes and overfed snobs who wouldn’t know
        innovation if it hit them in the face are all examples of how apple
        “thinks” they got it right, but in reality are jacked up, because there
        is only one way they do things. would talk abt a million things but
        Android has got a million things that are better if the actual one’s
        fail. So tiger, stop talking abt apple so much on AA. Start a website on
        Apple. You’d do yourself and all of us a favor. I’d rather have you
        rant in one place like your fave apple, rather than sound like a
        desperate troll whose a spoiled, naive, ignorant buzzkill. At least I
        have a choice, can’t say the same for you.

        • tiger

          You’re embarrassing yourself.

          Sure, crappy choices are always better than having one good well-thought out choice. What is the definition of insanity again?

          I see that you are pretty ignorant about iCloud hack…strange how ONLY Google got sued. THINK before responding with more stupidity.

          Bugs on iOS updates?? Seriously…how long is the list of bugs for Lollipop that are STILL not fixed?? At least, Apple fixes their bugs in a timely manner…how long did Google take to fix camera issue on Kitkat? ONE freaking YEAR! How about that memory leak issue? Been over 6 months! No fix.

          iTunes…you don’t need iTunes moron. But, it does serve a great purpose to back up everything on iOS. Or you can back everything (e.g. settings, personal preference, etc.) in iCloud. Thanks for being concern…but iTunes has something you phandroids can never have.

          What choice do you have? You are so damn blinded that you accept millions of crap choice…just because of your hatred of Apple. You must go far in life…and seeing how shitty you wrote your “rant”…good luck being Walmart greeter…or i will have extra pickles thank you!

          • Far ray

            here’s something for you… tiger. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m just going to state the obvious, we have a doppelgänger in our midst. As a fan who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much Apple’s copied Android. From the concept to the execution, does Apple not have any value or respect for originality? They’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy, it’s disgusting and I personally found it practically atrocious.

            Memory leak issue. I’m sure the NSAs info or JLaw’s nudies weren’t leaked so no hue and cry there. As far as fixes go, there are loads. Sure crappy choices exist, but the fact that they exist makes it better than the fact that your overpriced piece of crap is meant to be exactly what it is.

            Backup… who cares about backups when all you need to do is switch microSD cards you moron. As for that comment on me being a walmart greeter, i’m sure even a fuckwit as dumb as you can come up with a better one. what i could do is slap every ignorant iSheep with a manual, so they know what the fuck it is they’re working with before they enter the “Genius Bar” or give into peer pressure.

            And that wasn’t a rant. Far from being one, it was an exercise. An exercise in sweeping the rotten apple that you are off the lot. I now see that it is futile, given how fast you wrote an even shittier rant, complete with ill-thought responses, weak and futile comebacks and the fact that your English is pedestrian to an exasperating level, that I will spare you the disgrace of being schooled on what you should’ve been in your short time at school.

            For now, all I have to say is, stop trolling. Go play with your overpriced toys. When the adults (Google & Android OEMS) are done innovating, you and Apple can then come to steal what wasn’t yours. Must be all that encryption you’re talking about that leads to Apple stealing ideas. Funny all that talk about R&D, and not even a single member coming out of the woodwork to explain the practicality of the feature.

            Unless you can hit me with better don’t bother. You better spend the $$$ Apple’s paying you to either spew teenage drama on other sites or maybe on some well deserved time at the school you dropped out of so you’re better at what you do.

            Goodbye Felicia. Laters!

          • tiger

            You sound like silly Sally. Panties twisted much?

            Yeah what you wrote is pure utter ignorance. Android fans must be embarrassed by what you wrote! Not one is right.

  • JY

    Apple watch platform is more like Samsung tizen watch except tizen has little app support and others have siri or google its got s voice unless they have a deal with Microsoft to use here maps and cortana and if it limits it to only samsung devices its not going to do so well

  • Fabian Taveras

    Both sound good but the pricing on the Apple watch is wayyyyyy to ridiculous. Like Really? 400$ for a mere add on? I honestly do feel sorry for anyone that spends that much money for a notification center on your wrist because your a little too lazy to simply pull out your phone.

    • gwine

      And that’s the cheapest version.

    • Justin Welch

      It’s worth it trust me, well the apple watch is, definitely in the long run. Got my lazy ass to exercise some and stopped smoking because my bpm would go as high as 160. It has it perks when doing every day things. It’s nice to not have to carry around phone when inside the gym. Bluetooth is magnificent with wireless headphones and can add music to the watch. Great for stick shift driving, as well. The apple watch has that, “you got $$$” look which is nice. I bought mine 6mos ago when it was 299.99, traded in some old phones, and got it for $235 at Best Buy.

  • Marty

    Checked out an Apple Watch today and no thank you. I didn’t like it. It was too complex and it relies on Siri for voice control. It responded really good to finger input, but there’s just too much going on with it to be an effective glance device.

    I’ll stick with Android Wear and its reliable Google Now control system.

    • tiger

      Unreliable Siri? Dude, it is very accurate! Let me guess…you played for 5 min at Apple Store where it is noisy? Geez. You think that AW Google Now is more accurate in a noisy environment?

      • Matt

        This is a pro Android site, so bias is bound the be there when comparing Android to iOS

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Bias is understandable, out right lies are not.

          And why is every roider a tech expert dev’in soft/hardware, but not one know the very basics of roid?

      • Marty

        “Let me guess…you played for 5 min at Apple Store where it is noisy?”

        No. I have extensive experience with Siri on my iPads. It frequently says “Didn’t catch that” when asking Siri something. And I speak clearly in English. It causes me to have to resort to Google Now to get a proper response.

        If you’ve ever watched The Big Bang Theory and have seen the episode where they get an iPhone – at the last part of that episode Leonard asks Siri to call Raj but Siri can’t get it right – keeps responding with some off-the-wall reply. That’s actuality. That’s actually how Siri is in reality. There’s alot of stuff Siri can’t understand. And just because the Apple Watch uses Siri does not magically make Siri better.

        • tiger

          Ahhh, so, you never tried Siri on Apple Watch…you’re extrapolating your past experience. Yeah, makes perfect sense!

          Siri on Watch is actually BETTER than iPhone. Don’t ask me why…the processing chip/mic/etc. may be different.

          Siri in general is better than GN with personal matters. GN is better at worldly stuff. The two are different in what it focuses on. What you wrote is pure bias and based on your limited experience.

          But, getting back to the Watch, Siri is a lot better in accuracy. I can literally dictate long sentences with it.

          If you want more example…see video in this article. When the author asked the baseball scores to the Royals game, GN fumbled while Siri got it perfect. Siri is damn good on Watch.

          • Marty

            You don’t even know what Siri is, do you pal? Siri isn’t device-based. Siri is an online-based search engine like Google Now and Google Search is. It’s impossible for Siri to be better – more reliable – on the watch than it is on any other hardware because Siri comes from the same place that it does for any other hardware. And because of that, having a better microphone and better listening ability on the watch cannot make any difference. The search engine still is much less reliable than Google Now/Search.

          • tiger

            Yeah ok. Smh. Read my post again.

            Able to understand is more than half the battle with Siri and GN.


          • Marty

            Simple question: Did Google make its own search engine and is it not what Google is founded on and what everyone else is trying to copy?

            Another simple question: Does Apple own its own search engine or ever created its own search engine?

            As far as your video is concerned, I usually have to resort to Google Now/Search for a reliable query after failing with Siri/Yahoo. So I don’t need to reread your post or accept your video bullshit. I know for myself which one is better and anyone who has used both systems knows too. Siri is at best a sad joke and not worth even being called a PDA.

          • tiger

            Marty, why are you full of hate? Your bias is downright ridiculous. You have NOT tried Siri on Watch, yet you made comments about it as if you experienced it. That is downright stupid, no?

          • Marty

            So are you saying there are two Siris? Does not the watch use the same Siri the other iOS devices use? Again, you seem to not be aware that Siri is NOT device originated. Siri is a server that iOS devices access. Here, do this test: turn off all wireless on your iOS devices and then ask Siri a question. You’ll see that Siri needs access to the internet to provide responses.

            Siri is the same Siri on ALL iOS devices. This includes the watch. If Siri sucks super bad on one iOS device, it will not magically unsuck on a different iOS device because it isn’t the device that makes Siri.

          • tiger

            LOL, you still don’t get it! Siri is more about device. GN is about the world. Siri is better at device-oriented stuff; GN is better for world news and searches. I use Google Search everyday. Great stuff. But, GN is not integrated enough on the device level.

            Get it? Ok, now moving on to the next step…for GN or Siri to work, then you have to have a good mic and processing unit. And this is why Apple used a completely new unit(s) for Watch instead of using the same one on iPhone. And as i told you, Watch Siri works much better than iPhone.

          • Marty

            You still don’t get it. If Siri cannot access the needed info in its search engine, it cannot give you the response you need. As far as GN not being better at device related stuff, that may well be true, but keep in mind that Google can easily solve that with an update. Apple cannot solve Siri’s ignorance without a reliable search engine.

            Once Google responds to Apple’s watch with competing updates in Android Wear software, it will rule the watch market just like Android rules over iOS. Just because Android Wear isn’t currently as good as it should be does not mean it can’t easily be resolved. Google has it’s own world-class and leading search engine to make Android Wear unbeatable for both internet queries and device-related tasks.

          • tiger

            The problem here is that you are being ignorant. If GN can be better at device level, then it should be already! The problem is lack of integration that Apple is known for. GN has to be compatible with too many OEMs. Why do you think Samsung junks GN in favor of its own integrated system?

            Why do you think that even 5.1 does not offer device level integration of GN? Are you ignorant or just born that way?

            Will Apple enter SEARCH market? Wait and see. Apple has a few patents i think that relates to this…so, wait and see. They certainly have enough cash and expertise on hand.

            Respond? Android Wear had over 1 year head start!! And for all practical purposes, AW has failed miserably!! Combined, they even lost to Fitbit and Pebble i believe!!! Despite having the biggest OEMs behind AW, they ALL FAILED. Combined failure. Dead.

            How is Android ruling market? Marketshare? You must be really ignorant to bring that up! Android has marketshare because it is sold as FREE devices in low-rent countries. Where it matters ($$$ marketshare), iOS rules. See China. Remember, marketshare does NOT equal profits. See all the struggling Android OEMs despite “marketshare.” See Samsung constant effort to dump Android (for Tizen) despite “marketshare.” See Cyanomog constant bashing of Android despite “marketshare.”

            Google ONLY goodness is SEARCH…but that only carries it so far. See multiple FAILED projects by Google. Apple is much more conservative…they don’t just throw RANDOM ideas (like Google and Samsung) and hope one sticks.

            Your misguided thoughts are just that…ignorance.

          • Marty

            “Your misguided thoughts are just that…ignorance.”

            You think so? We’ll see.

          • tiger

            No more marketshare comments? That argument has long since trashed. The only good thing marketshare brings is to Google and their collection of personal data to sell to third parties!

            Ask yourself…why is it that Hangout does NOT have end-to-end encryption? In this day and age of privacy, this is just plain stupid. And yet, blind Android “self-proclaimed techies” follow Google like lemmings off a cliff. I rather be an iSheep than lemmings diving off a cliff! :)

          • tiger

            Do you still use Hangouts? Just asking.

          • tiger

            As for praising Google, i would not be so proud of that…Google does not even encrypt anything dude! Google is able to read your emails,texts, pictures, etc……..and all accessible to 3rd party if Google allows it (and they do).

            Google apparently has NEVER heard of end-to-end encryption! And look at how badly Google failed with device encryption with Lollipop!

          • Marty

            Who’s praising Google? All I’m doing is acknowledging Google Search/Now is the best. As far as that other stuff you mentioned, this isn’t about that. This is about Siri and Google Now. And Google Now spanks the shit out of Siri making Siri its bitch.

          • tiger

            Yes, GN is better at searches. Siri is better for device.

          • Marty

            Of course GN is better at searches. It uses Google’s search engine. But the significance is that Google can easily solve Android Wear’s device incompetency through software updates. Apple cannot easily solve Siri’s ignorance because Apple doesn’t have a reliable search engine for siri.

            It’s all about competition. Competition is the exact reason smartphones are as good as they are today. And that’s because Apple put out the very first *real* high quality smartphone. The market has been forced to improve ever since.

          • tiger

            Remind me…AW had over a year head start…and failed in so many ways that it has been embarrassing! Pebble even crap on you guys!! A freaking start-up with a few bucks stepped all over the millions and billions of investment by Android Wear. AW got shit on by beginners!

          • Marty

            [facepalm] Jeeeze…read my post.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            ‘Googles’ search engine is not theirs, it was a stolen algorthym created by Robin Li.

            Apple have created a search engine, just not copied everyone else and not gone down the same route as Excite, Yahoo, Jeeves.

            If anything, Google copied ask Jeeves badly, seems Page and Brinn not only didn’t come up with the algorthym, they only made the landing page sparse because they didn’t know how build a HTML site.

            And finally, all VI software is crap, who wants to sit next to some DH chatting to a phone? It’s bad enough when some joker has the sound turned up on a game in public.

            I only use VI in the car, otherwise it is socially unacceptable, like Glass.

  • Captain Obvious

    Am I the only one who does not care and has no plans on buying a smart watch?

    • V-Phuc

      No. Add me to your list.
      Seriously, I hope these die down just like the Glass. Gimmick at its best.

  • Timothy Anderson

    One thing that people should know is that the apple watch is useless without an iphone to do the work. This article fails to mention that. I think that is at least worthy of mention and an important distinction between the two platforms and how they operate.

  • tiger

    Apple Watch. Misconceptions about Watch and features:

    1. Sapphire crystal on both display AND heart rate sensor glass/LEDs. Why is this important? Sapphire is pristine forever (unless you swim in a pool of diamonds). Your watch and arm can be separated by dirt/sand/etc.. So, those pulse/heart rate sensor glass cover can EASILY get scratched…and when they do, it is useless. So, Apple put sapphire on the sensors so that it will work flawlessly forever.

    2. Note that Apple Watch heart rate sensor is extremely accurate…as good as the best of chest HR straps (aka good as EKG). Sapphire preserves this accuracy. BUT, there is also an oxygen saturation sensor in there. That is pure gold!! That is the future of wearable. Apple has not turned it on yet, probably because Apple is waiting on FDA to allow it. Oxygen monitoring is medical. THINK of the usefulness of this…you can literally measure someone’s sleep or exercise oxygenation…think screening obstructive sleep apnea while sleeping.

    3. 316L stainless steel. Standard for high-end watches at this and higher price point. BUT, the back of Watch is ceramic for inductive charging, BUT also for scratch resistance.

    4. Does it have GPS? Nope. But, what does Apple do? Software. All you have to do is take your iPhone with you (and Watch) on a walk or run ONCE. The software calibrates your stride distance and steps by comparing motion sensor on your Watch and GPS on your phone. After this ONE run/walk, you can leave your iPhone at home and walk/run. The Watch will then be able to provide accurate distance and calories etc.. because it knows YOU now.

    5. Price. $600. Remember, it has high-grade SS and sapphire (not just in one spot). Can you find me a Seiko or Citizen with sapphire that is under $500? Not many (if at all).

    6. The ONLY Android Wear that is even close is the Hauwei Watch. 316L SS and sapphire (in front only). I think that the price will be around $400-500…you guys probably know more. BUT, this watch has several issues.

    7. Hauwei Watch has metallic charging pins in the WORST PLACE possible!!! Back of the watch. Why? What does our sweat do to metal? Sweat eats metal for breakfast! I sure hope that those pins are stainless steel! I doubt it. So, how long will Hauwei Watch last?

    8. Hauwei Watch, like all Android Wear, have the same crappy Fisher Price heart rate sensor. Not covered in sapphire…again, a throwaway in 6 mos. This HR sensor on AW just suck. It cannot measure your HR worth a damn. Worthless. A wasted “feature” that does not work. Apple heart rate sensor is infinitely more reliable and accurate.

    9. Battery life and water resistance. Battery life is easily past one day. Yes, it needs charging after about 24 hours. I normally get 24 hours on one charge. Again, i do not play games on it. I use it to get notifications and tell time. As for water resistance, it is well beyond all Android Wear smartwatches. Sony failed miserably in Consumer Reports testings despite their over-reaching specs. Apple Watch has been tested to go AT LEAST 140 feet without leaking…and that includes swimming and diving (off platform).

    9. Lastly…you guys may complain about square…but, both iOS and Android Wear are designed for square display!! Circular display means that your texts / fonts etc are cut off. That is retarded…all in the name to keep things “normal”.

    • volcalstone

      You had me til the end when you said the “R” word.

      I have a moto 360 and I love it. For the price I have nothing to complain about. The same watch on Apple would cost me $999. My moto 360 w/ the mono link band was only $230. I don’t care about it lasting forever and majority of us don’t cause we will be looking to upgrade in a few years.

      Square is standard if you like that kinda thing but a circular display is just awesome to look at. Text don’t really get cut off if the apps were designed for circular displays. I’m not sure if you had a chance to play with the moto 360 but it’s just awesome all the way around.

      As for the sapphire, I agree that it would nice for the back of the watch but it’s not necessarily needed unless you are a perfectionist and thinks that your watch will always be in pristine condition after so many years. Gorilla glass in the front is fine and slap it on the back would be nice as well. Most people at the end of the day won’t have grains of sand that would be scratching the back of watch unless you are into sports then get a hard plastic back not like the moto 360. With AW watches you have many options and price ranges.

      At the end of the day, it shouldn’t cost an arm and leg to have the added convenience of checking your notifications without your phone next to you. At least with AW I’m not fully relying in my phone being next to me all the time hence the WiFi update on 5.1.1 on most devices. I could leave my phone in the locker at the gym and still get my notifications as long as there is WiFi. You can’t beat that really, better yet you could just leave your phone at home and run with your watch and still get notifications as long as you live in a city that provides WiFi along your routes.

      FYI, just noticed that you had put #9 twice just in case you’re a perfectionist, you might want to fix that.

      • tiger

        How many apps are designed for circular? Are native AW stuff designed for circular? No.

        It is not about pristine condition, but the heart rate sensor needs a clear lens for it to work. That’s the bottom line.

        GG is just not adequate. Just see YOUTUBE of many examples of how easy it is to leave nasty marks. Your wrist hits everything and anything in real life. This is why most mid to high end watches use sapphire.

        Look behind ANY of your regular watches that you wear…you will be surprise dirt combined with sweat can do to steel…forget plastic!

        Lets say that you DO want something quality from AW…name me one. For me, i do NOT mind spending $600 for quality and peace of mind.

        And at the end of 2-4 yrs, i can recoup much of my initial investment when i sell my Apple Watch. Remember, the scratches on SS can be buffed to PERFECTION again. It is the glasses that don’t last. So, a few buffing here & there, and my Apple Watch is 100% pristine all over again…how much will your AW watch worth at the end of 6 mos, forget 2-4 yrs!

        Look at the ingenious way to exchange bands or to adjust link length. Look at the digital crown that Android was taken by surprise and now rapidly copying. Look at the way the sapphire glass curve around the edge…something that even the Rolex of the world have not done!

        As for Wifi…Apple Watch can function withOUT iPhone too via Wifi.

        Two #9 only bother those that are making silly arguments…not talking about you, but the guy above.

      • tiger
    • thereasoner

      1. It’s a cheap $85 dollar (to make) gadget that will be made obsolete in a year. If it were a timeless price that could be expected to last and work for decades then the sapphire argument holds, otherwise it’s just marketing bunk!

      2. All these heart rate sensors are accurate enough for their intended purpose and a feature that is not available and can only be speculated on at this point is “pure gold”?, lol. You iFans are pleased so easily!

      3. The stainless steel on the Apple watch scratches easily, pictures all over the internet!

      4. Software? First one feature installed but unavailable (oxygen) and now another (GPS) that’s probably being held back for the next version. You think that’s something to brag about? Anything tied to iOS or iPhone is a negative. Do you not realize that you’re on a Android website, most people on here know better than to fall for Apple marketing BS!

      5. Price. Yet another negative. Better looking alternatives out there that do much the same things and they work with much better Android phones.

      6. There are plenty of alternatives for Android users that are better than the Apple watch and more are on the way. For one, you don’t have to buy an iPhone, you can’t beat that!

      7. Hauwei watch is a fantastic looking device, much better looking than the feminine Apple watch! Using speculation to knock it only exposes you as a blind fanboy.

      8. Wow, Hauwei watch again? That particular device really scares you doesn’t it?, lol. and it’s just the start. Much more high quality Android Wear devices to choose from already available or coming. Something else Apple can’t beat, the beauty of choice!

      9. Water resistant to 140 feet? You actually think that a diver is going to use a POS toy like the Apple watch instead of a proper divers watch? Water resistances is NOT exclusive to Apple, yet more marketing bunk!

      9. Another 9? So besides being a blind fanboy that falls for marketing schemes designed for the simple minded you also can’t count apparently. The rounded smart watch face is by far the better looking device and if you actually knew anything about Android Wear then you would know that nothing is “cut off” on its display!

      You should like that nut job “John Carter” I’ve seen spewing nonsense all over other sites about his God Apple. Get a life kid, you’re not fooling anyone!

      • tiger

        1. How do you know that it takes $85? Because some outsider said that? How about 4 yrs of research behind it? Is that not worth anything? How much do you think Android Wear stuff are worth?

        Well, are we to expect $350 or $250 AW to be throwaways after 6 mos? How long do you think your already-crappy HR sensor work with a scratched lens?

        2. So, all cameras are the same simply because all can take a picture? So, a point-n-shoot is the same as Canon 5D? You see the flawed logic of your weak argument? Oh no, the Android Wear heart rate monitor is next to worthless…even by YOUR own Android reviewers!! Don’t take my word for it.

        3. Does stainless steel not scratch? Are you serious or just being ignorant? You’re telling me that Omega watch or Rolex don’t scratch? I have personal pictures to prove your ignorance!

        4. Really, your Android folks are techies? Seriously? That’s your argument? Have you read up on the GPS-enabled smartwatches? You know…the ones with the tiny antennas that take 15-30 min to link up! Go ahead and read up on it. Now, if you do wait and THEN you stay in that same spot the next day, then GPS will hook up within a few minutes. Otherwise, if you are in a different spot, then wait all over again.

        As for you guys being techie, i see the same thing everywhere…lots of ignorance (like you) and not much tech. This applies here and Apple forums.

        5. What does AW do as good? Worst display (pixelated), can’t do the same features (fitness in depth), cheap materials, cheap sensors, and most stuff that won’t last 6 mos. Sorry, i think that you’re bordering on being delusional.

        6. Oh yeah, iPhone is so bad compared to Android…LOL. Thanks for proving my point.

        7. More choices? You mean Hauwei? What else? Moto 360 2nd gen? Yeah, most cheap stuff from Android…but you guys are used to that after all these years, right? LOL. I admit…Hauwei is good, but suffers from same flaws as other AW.

        8. Actually, Apple Watch is not rated for diving…this was TESTED by users (see Youtube). In contrast, one of your famous AW that can go deep (Sony) leaked like the Titanic after meeting iceberg!

        REMIND ME, who is falling for MARKETING?? Do you see my point? Sony was PURE MARKETING in advertising its water resistance…but failed miserably in REAL LIFE. Apple was quiet in their claims yet OVER-ENGINEERED their watch BEYOND user’s expectations. It sure seems like your Android “techies” are the fools!!!! Ouch.

        9. Uhhhh, pictures are worth a thousand words…. OPEN YOUR EYES. Don’t fall for marketing!!

        Kid? It sure seems like it is you who are ignorant of much of what you wrote. Thanks for making a fool of yourself.

        • thereasoner

          My lord, you’re a fucking moron if you think I’m going to read that steaming pile, lol. Good luck trying to convince people to buy Apple junk, apparently your life depends on it, LMAO!

          • tiger

            I don’t need to…Apple Watch sold out…and still sold out…in ONE day, it sold more than Android Wear (combined) in 2014. Shipping dates are now July…i would bet that i beat iPad sales. But, this is probably due to huge Android converts over to iPhone. Android sheep are flocking over to the dark side everyday! Be careful, you may be insulting your own kind….

            Was my response too logical?

            Oh no, i am just here to clarify some misunderstandings by Android “self-proclaimed techies”…and you are the prime example of pure ignorance and falling completely for MARKETING by Android OEMs.

          • mattdm

            Are you really falling back on the “it sold more!” argument to say that it’s better?

          • tiger

            I was answering above poster. But wait, isn’t that what Android fans have been saying for ages…ya know, marketshare crap.

            Apple Watch is better than Android Wear stuff because of the thought that went behind designing and building it. AW stuff to date has been a rush job to beat Apple Watch to market…and it clearly shows it because Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, etc. have been eating Android Wear for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

          • tiger
          • mobilemann

            you did the_same_thing… my god

          • thereasoner

            Hey, I’ll reply once in kind but two long winded posts for a product like it’s the second coming?… and that’s still not enough apparently, he wants to do even more! lol.

            You would think that Apple was a religion the way this clown carries on! This guy needs to get a life period or atleast a girlfriend!

          • tiger

            Difference is that your post is based on ignorance. Is ignorance a new religion for you? Just asking.

          • mathieulefrancois

            Why do you post on this site if you’re obviously an Apple troll?

          • tiger

            To educate everyone. Android sites are notorious for getting facts wrong…really wrong! How many here still thinks that Apple Watch is not water resistant? LOL

            I am sure Apple sites get facts wrong about Android stuff too. I am honestly not on those sites. I have owned BOTH operating systems.

          • mathieulefrancois

            You’re spouting off inaccurate facts as well… I’d recommend that you stick to your Apple sites and everyone’s happy :)

          • tiger

            Inaccurate facts? Where?

            Btw try to read what I wrote next time.

          • tiger

            Still waiting…where are the inaccurate facts that i am posting???????

          • mathieulefrancois

            My point is that all you’re doing is trolling an Android site with facts about the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is better in some ways and Android Wear is better in others. Do you not have a life, that all you do is spend your time trying to “educate” people about something they don’t care about?

            It’s time to grow up.

          • tiger

            That’s not what you said…man up and admit when you’re a fool!

          • tiger
          • MattEgansHairLine

            He doesn’t have to sell Apple watch, it is selling itself, unlike Andiwear, which after being lorded as amazing by people who never bought one.

            Only 720,000 in 12 months, Apple watch sold more in half a day!

      • tiger
      • MattEgansHairLine

        Similarsungs marketing diatribe as a comment, check!

        Someone who rants about iOS users falling for marketing when one roid OEM spent $14.5bn marketing phones, while in the same year Apple spent $1.4bn.

        Who is falling for tricks and marketing even though morRoids and little-softies tell everyone not to buy Apple products?

        Well, who would listen to people who don’t have a clue or had a weeks training to know nothing about computers? Only the people who can’t afford an iPhone
        Ironic when an iPhone is built to last five years and a haemoRoid device is lucky to see 18 months.

    • geospa300

      Why would you want obsolete tech to last forever?

      • tiger

        Ok…fair question…so, what is the purpose of the Watch then?

        Lets look at it this way…with Watch, i am able to keep my iPhone 5s and NOT upgrade to iPhone 6. I have Apple Pay with Watch which is the singular difference b/w 5s and 6. Which costs more? iPhone 6 or Watch? iPhone 6 64gb costs $750. Which will become outdated in 6 mos? Which will still be useful 2 yrs from now?

        Here’s the thing…a watch is NOT like a smartphone. There is only so much thing that you can improved upon in a watch. It does not have to deal with updating carrier frequencies, not really in need of chasing megapixels with camera, no need for ever-increasing 4k display, etc..

        The key features of a smartwatch is notifications, fitness & health, and quick checks. Some folks think that smartwatches need to REPLACE the phone…that’s stupid. No one wants that. Who the hell wants to surf net or buy stuff on a tiny screen?!

        Fitness and health are key. And this is why Watch is so important…it has the best heart rate monitor (of any commerical kind) AND a pulse ox (oxygen saturation). The other players are way behind here…most of them (if not all) have heart rate monitor that are not accurate at all, which makes them a pure fail. They have to rely on chest straps for proper HR monitor.

        Apple built Watch to last a long time. Will it be outdated in 2 yrs? Maybe, but will it still be useful? Of course. It is hard to improve upon what it ALREADY has…how can you improve heart rate accuracy when it is CURRENTLY as accurate as an EKG?? Why would you need 2k display on a Watch that is already “retina” quality? How can you improve upon sapphire crystal display? It is already water resistant beyond need of 99% of folks.

        Sure, it can have a thinner profile, bigger processor (but again, why? To do what? Play Modern Combat 5 or Asphalt 8 on it?), and well…that’s about it. Will future smartwatches be able to measure blood pressure? Doubt it because that requires a band that can squeeze your arm. Will future watches be able to measure blood sugars? Doubt it again because that requires a prick of your skin and blood sampling…and measuring your salt content is far from being reliable…aka leads to lawsuits.

        BUT, currently, there are already medical devices that can be linked to Apple Watch…that measures blood sugars and blood pressures. Example? Google DEXCOM G4.

        What else is there? People do not understand Apple Watch…but if you think about it…it makes perfect sense. If i had to make a bet which will become obsolete (useless) in 5 yrs, then i will take Watch over ANY phone or even laptop!

        And lets say that it was obsolete…stainless steel scratches can be polished LIKE NEW in seconds! So, in 5 yrs, i can have my Apple Watch in 100% pristine condition in seconds…because besides the SS, there is just sapphire and ceramic, both of which don’t scratch! Thus, cost up front that i pay today will also mean much higher resale value than other smartwatches.

  • Android Developer

    I’d like to see a comparison of what’s possible and not possible on each platform, including API comparison. This can be interesting for developers, and in the end, to users, as it tells you how good apps can become (seeing the potential of them).
    I say this because I’ve read about a lot of limitation on the apple-watch in this topic.

    • tiger

      Remember, Apple has not allowed devs from creating native apps yet (will do so after June WWDC)…and when it does, it won’t be close. How many Apple Watch are there vs. Android Wear? Developers have always favored iOS even when it is in the minority…but now, there are many more Apple Watches than there are AW (even taken all together). Why do you think that even with Apple not allowing native Watch apps, there are tons more apps for Watch than AW?

      • Android Developer

        well, if there is greater potential for AW apps, there might be more apps and might be more AW devices.
        About which platform is more favored, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It also depends on what Google and Apple would do to their OS, but their changes take time to affect developers.
        I’m talking all in theory and in my opinion of course.

      • volcalstone

        Why are people so obsessed with how many apps are available, it’s only a watch people. Unless you want to drain your battery any faster I prefer to do all my major things on my phone. Who wants to go shopping on a 1.3″ screen when they have a 6″ 2k display on their phone.

        Just cause it could be done doesn’t mean it should be. It’s a cliche but it’s true for this matter. Even Apple said that they don’t want devs to make watch apps cause they can, it has to serve a purpose.

        • tiger

          Very true.

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Firstly, shall we ask a real developer rather than a fake one?

      • Android Developer

        what are you talking about?

        • MattEgansHairLine

          You state an opinion without any facts, claim to be a developer who can’t name anything they have worked on.

          If you want to pretend to be something you are not, at least do it with something you are less likely to get caught out on.

          Maybe call yourself ‘I change my phone every 18 months because Google told me too’.

          • Android Developer

            About opinion, you’d have to be more specific, as I’ve always written explanation if someone asked me to.
            About changing my device, I’m still with my very first smartphone – SGS3. I use other devices at the office though.

  • Happy

    I hope Apple is paying this “tiger” guy as he wasted so much of his limited valuable time on planet earth, defending largely useless and over priced device from a corporation, that I feel sorry for him…

    • tiger

      Yeah, always better to pay for Android and then have it be crap in 3 mos. Yup.

  • Blowntoaster

    all these new fancy smartwatches and…. I’m still rocking a Gear 2 Neo Bt’ed to a Note 4.
    yes , It’s time to jump ship to a Android wear Smartwatch soon.

    But… the main reason I haven’t jumped to wear yet…battery life.
    4 – 5 days on moderate to heavy usage from controlling media, voice commands, lots of notifications, switching on tv’s and aircons( that IR blaster gets used a lot believe it or not), this thing’s battery just lasts forever.

    it’s one of the best “smart watches” I’ve encountered because it’s simple, it has great battery life one year in and it just works for me most of the time.

    but that’s just me. Others will prefer the abilities of the Apple Watch because it’s what they want in a watch. Others will prefer Android wear because it’s Android, it’s apps etc.
    one really isn’t “better” than the other because a tech website says so (remember, the guy who writes that particular article has his own preferences) it’s better because it fits your needs, the person who pays for and uses the watch…

  • Badelhas

    This Apple FanBoys vs Android FanBoys discussions makes us all sick. Stop that, please.

  • man78

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  • tiger

    So, you’re saying that Apple Watch is a desparate ANSWER to Android wearables? So, Android OEMs came up with wearables before Apple even thought about it?

    Half finished? Yet, it is Android Wear that cannot measure heart rate even if its life depends on it? Or that AW is designed for square display yet all these OEMs going for circular display? Or that most AW have charging pins in the worst place possible? And who the hell puts plastic cover over heart rate sensor like some of these “finished” Android Wear products?!

    Oh yea, i see your points clearly…it is also clear that you have not thought things through…or you’re just ignorant like the guy you responded to! :)

  • tiger
  • MattEgansHairLine

    you must know what you are drivelling about, as everyone knows, Andiwear only happened because of the meer rumour of an Apple Watch.

    And who is copying drawing and a mechanical interface,? just like with the iPhone, Google again with the ‘flattery’.

    No one bought Andiwear because they knew it was waiting to copy apple watch.


    • Andrii Gr

      Learn English first and let’s talk after.
      PS: “Mechanical interface”? Not bad, you invented something new ;-)

  • Patrick

    I’ve actually read through the comments, and still can’t fathom why someone would spend so much time and energy to defend a device when in the end, it’s all about personal preference. As it has always been with phones and gaming consoles, all that matters in the end is that you’re happy with your chosen device.

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