Android vs BlackBerry: Mobile OS Pros and Cons

by: Paul NuñalNovember 8, 2011

In the ongoing battle between mobile operating system giants like Google’s Android and Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry OS 7, it seems that would-be smartphone owners will find it hard to choose the best mobile OS for their everyday lives.

Many people are still considering whether to go with an Android-powered phone or a BlackBerry device.  Thus, in this article, we provide a guide about the pros and cons of each platform to assist buyers in making informed choices.


From the looks of it Android seems to be the new kid from on the block. Introduced by Google way back in 2007, Android has grown tremendously in just a short time.  Here is a shortlist of why Android is so great, and not-so-great.

Android Pros

  • Open Source.  What makes Android shine out from the rest of the crowd is its being open source. This attracts many programmers and developers from all walks of life, as Google freely distributes its source code for the Linux kernel and other publicly licensed code for anyone who wants to contribute to the development of the software. In short, programmers and developers alike can easily whip out their own versions of Android custom-tailored whatever pleases them.
  • Applications.  There’s an app for almost every situation, and since its inception, Android primarily focuses on enhancing user experience with the use of applications. With hundreds of thousands of apps in the Android Market, users will be overwhelmed by truckloads of apps that easily integrate with the Android OS to cater to their needs.

  • Hardware.  In terms of hardware, Android by far has the most numerous choices of smartphones to date. Mobile phone manufacturers like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola offer customers a wide variety of smartphone choices to choose from.  Android is flexible enough to run on almost all smartphones as long as it matches the minimum requirements.

  • Software.  When it comes to software, Android can run multiple apps at the same time as it has swap-space management–a luxury that not all mobile devices support due to hardware limitations. It also has ActiveSync built in natively, which allows you to easily synchronize contacts, mails, and personal information once the device is paired to a desktop computer. BlackBerry on the other hand requires some installation of software and a server.

Android Cons

  • Poor Battery Life.  Most Android devices experience poor battery life and this is one of the major issues that Google and Android handset manufacturers are still addressing. A typical Android smartphone dies down within a day of normal use compared to BlackBerry’s corporate design that could handle even after a day’s heavy use.
  • Crapware.  The Android Market may have an extensive array of applications free to download, but many of them are crapware (i.e., useless apps) as Google doesn’t screen applications before they go online. You have to go through a lot of poorly designed apps before finding a decent one that matches your criteria.

  • Hardware Limitations.  Since Android virtually runs on most smartphones, there’s great chance that your phone may not live up to its potential. Some phones are limited to their hardware, Android may lag and cause the phone to freeze and restart itself to free up additional memory.


The veteran BlackBerry has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the market. Geared towards the corporate world, BlackBerry has adapted new strategies matching close rivals such as Google’s Android. Here is a shortlist of what makes BlackBerry a perfect and not-so-perfect choice among corporate professionals.

BlackBerry Pros

  • Push Email Technology.  Proud owners of BlackBerry devices are always up to date when it comes to messaging.  BlackBerry easily integrates push email technology in a breeze, allowing you to instantly receive messages as soon as they start showing up in your inbox. With BlackBerry’s push email service, you can easily receive and send messages in just a matter of seconds.
  • Hardware.  BlackBerry’s elegant keyboard still remains the number one choice for many of its customers. The elegant QWERTY keyboard allows faster typing and accuracy that is not normally found in many of its competitors. BlackBerry also is known for being rugged yet sexy, making it durable and resistant to many forms “abuse.”

  • Data Management.  The lifeblood that makes BlackBerry phones a stable choice for many corporate officials would be its handling of data compression. BlackBerry phones are capable enough for compressing data down to half the size, saving you the cost of expensive bandwidth.
  • Battery Life.  Amongst other competitors, BlackBerry seemingly has the best battery management providing users optimal power consumption in just a single full charge.

BlackBerry Cons

  • Applications.  RIM has managed to follow in the footsteps of Apple by introducing their own BlackBerry App World. With much hype, the app store lacked decent amount of applications and it failed to attract developers with its poor interfaced leading to its demise.
  • Slow Web Browser. Unlike its competitor, BlackBerry has the most sluggish response time when it comes to browsing the Internet. Although BlackBerry features data compression, it still can’t keep pace in loading Web resources like wallpapers and pictures.

  • Business-oriented.  Achieving its success by bridging the gap to the corporate world, BlackBerry failed to realize how important the average user can be.  BlackBerry is looked upon as a corporate tool rather than an average device for the everyday person.

Your Choice

Despite the limitations of both mobile platforms, Android and BlackBerry are still solid and extremely convenient operating systems.  The user experience on either platform may differ in a lot of ways, but the two pretty much offer similar functionalities.  While Android has a wider appeal, BlackBerry mostly has its charms towards corporate users and business professionals.  Platform loyalty and personal sentiments aside, the two operating systems do have a lot to offer to those that choose them.

Are you on Android or on BlackBerry?  And, why?

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  • I choose Android,i had a blackberry and it sucks,Android is much better ,it has more apps,games and hardware is better….

    • Mark

      I currently use a Blackberry Bold 9700..i”ve been loyal to Blackberry for years but am disappointed with the web performance of this unit and have constant problems syncing the unit to my pc. both RIM and my carrier have left me high and dry with tech support. Basically, the phone can’y handle the software (vs6.0) there is not enough memory and the processer is too slow. “if” blackberry came out with a slide out keyboard and touch scree like the samsung galaxy, and “if” they put vs 7.0 software with a super fast processer and 8+ gb of memory….i wouldn’t hesitate to stay with them. all the current units seem like patches and are not anywhere near good enough for todays world. having said that, every single person I have spoken with who loves their iphone, or android raves about the phone. But, when i ask about syncing to desktop calenders, emails forwarding, they go blank in the face and start raving about all the games and free apps… current thinking is that for business, blackberry is better…oh, and the (small, girly keyboard) is just great for my meaty paws, trying to type on a touch creen drives me nuts, i like to feel a button. I live on my phone logging well over 2000 minutes a month, all bbm, text and email, with some browsing of suppliers websites….no games.

      For now, i”m watching and waiting to see if someone at RIM wakes up, they have the potential to rule again, but at the moment I am not confident in their team. if they don’t smarten up and start putting the right hardware together…I may be forced to go to something like the samsung 4G etc….

      No way am I spending another $500 on a phone that is already two steps behind the speeds available.

      IMHO……go ahead, convince me to switch, I’m open minded, but please no teenage gamers…serious business use only please.

      • Rafael_josem

        IMHO android is great for business. I work as a consultant, so i have to stay in sync with the biz, specially when out to the office. Gmail integration wors like charm. You can also use activesync if you dont have gmail.

        the calendar is great and I even managed to connect my android to my office little server, so i.can access documents whenever i want. I also use my phone as a modem (with an external apps of course).

        At first, writting in a touch screen can be difficult, but you get use to it. Now I type a lot faster than before.

        Overall Android is a great business tool and you can complement it with lots of apps from the market.

        Xperia and samsung galaxy are good choices.

        • Seyermarco

          Yeah you’ve said it right…….. i personally own a sang galaxy S2 and i know nothing in the blackberry lineup that can match it’s immense RAW power and it’s unbelievable sexyness ;-)

      • John

        Mark, you just describe the Bberry Torch:!phone-specifications It is touch screen, plus slide out keyboard, 8gb expanable to 32 uses OS 7 and has a 1.2 GHz processor

    • Sunnykursija

      dude blackberry is users are matured …..its good u switched to android because its a kids user >>>>>>>( games and apps) lol

      • Batty

        Well android is just a copy of ios.thats all.And android has a very poor battery backup.Blackberry is best in everything.The only thing for blackberry for not being famous is he does everything on his own.He Neva copy anything like android.But still blackberry rocks.

        • talonace

          First off BB cant last a whole day on a single charge. Most Androids can. Proven fact. Do your research before bashing Android with false facts. And they say BB users are mature…..HA!

  • Codebaboon

    Android does the same push email as BlackBerry through various of technology (IMAP IDLE, Exchange ActiveSync)… this is no longer an advantage of a BlackBerry. IMHO, having to have BIS / BES is a cons of BlackBerry since you have can’t use it with provider that does not offer BIS / BES or charge extra for BIS/BES.

  • Pedro Predo

    The ‘Slow Web Browser’ con for BlackBerry might hold true for its earlier OS versions, but not for OS 7, On some test, OS 7 web browser can beat the iOS and Android browsers in terms of loading speed.

    • talonace

      What? OS7 beat out Android? LMAO!!!!!!! BB OS7 web load time is still slow by comparrison when going against Android or iOS. Did you even test this out? I dont believe that you did. I have and BB OS7 couldn’t compete with Android or iOS so your wrong there. Nice try.

  • Vivianoz777

    Android its the best

    • Batty

      Ya android is the best in copying iPhone apps.

  • Android is better than BlackBerry with those limitations, +1 for Android

  • Chinmay2111

    android shall always stay better………….
    blackberry keypad is too small and it is only handy for girls

    • rock2012

      heavy uses makes android go hang. moreover you are fingers are too fat to hold blackberry keypad. better use a tablet or computer bcoz you are not eligible for any mobile in this world

  • Well with android you don’t have to be worried about outages.

  • AndroidSux

    Blackberry is far more advanced!

    • wake up baby!! i think u living in the stone age.. android has all that blackberry does.. the era has changed to android…

      • Sunnykursija

        do u mean android is the copy of blackberry…..the same as i think

        • Rinse John

          Android copy of Blackberry? Hahahaa…. Did you just pop out of nowhere ?

          • rock2012

            wait for bb os 10 and you will see how blackberry can do what an android can’t do

      • nilambar

        Blackberry is the best os for internet. While u download from android phone it has www file( virous ), where as blackberry does not support it, it works on its on server. Blackberry rocks

    • Its funny that you have choosen your name which is related to android and still believing that Blackberry is far more advanced than android.

    • talonace

      What?! Wow!!!! I guess you need a degree to run a BB..LOL! Those simple devices are not advanced at all, sorry to tell you. If you call far more advanced not being able to do what Android can do then you had a sad perception of what advanced means.

      Can you: Customize layout, screen, theme, etc.? Not on a BB.
      Wow, such an advanced device…….my jaw has hit the floor.

  • Zod

    no native iCal .ics support in Android is a show-stopper. For those people who use appointments in their day-to-day business, Android is useless in this regard. To accept meeing invitations Android users need to open their laptop.

  • User

    I own a small business and have had a blackberry for many years… It was time for me to upgrade and I get the new droid but it just did not offer the same functionality that the bb did… I love the phone and have a lot of fun with it but I think I am going to go back to the bb… I have to keep the biz in mind over the entertainment…

    • jaja como comparas bb no le llega ni a los talones a android

      • tupapi

        android es para bobos, solamente lo usan para jugar, ver chismes yo creo que lo que tu haces, charlar bobadas por telefono. pero con el BB se usa para gente seria de negocios que aprovechan su tiempo. el android son para chiquillos que no tienen nada que hacer.

        • Qué estupidez estás diciendo? Ya nadie desarrolla apps para Blackberry, si quieres apps que sirvan para tu trabajo consigue un producto Apple, Android, incluso Windows Phone es mejor que esa porquería!

    • user

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Kennethconlon

    BlackBerry is streets ahead, with a very fast browser and is not just business orientated two cons on this site which I disagree with. I don’t own a business and either does my friend we’re both in school. BlackBerry also have it’s own Internet service which is a huge pro. Now I have free Internet. BlackBerry rules. Android is CRAP

    • talonace

      Yes a very fast browser as compared to dial up internet, lol! Still can’t compete with Android or iOS.

  • Ok

    Blackberries are’nt only for buisness people they are for teens and they look super sexy and are super popular half my year has a blackberry

    • talonace

      Where are you from? All I ever see is ANDROID!

  • indian sister

    Well it depends on users Requirements and Budget, as per me. People prefer Android for gaming, looks, User Interface etcc and blackberry is mostly used by professionals for emails, appointments, etcc.. Also some Android phones are available at the cheaper rates but not BB.

  • User

    It’s as simple as this; If you’re more for gaming, apps and customization, then Android wins. If your intention is using your phone for business purposes and like having physical buttons and folders, Blackberry wins.

    I currently have the Blackberry Curve and after awhile, the keyboard is starting to get annoying (in my point of view) and so are the buttons. I’m thinking of switching to the Android because after all, I’m more of a touchscreen person.

  • Matt

    Androids have nearly all benefits expeceally considering user amount in capa rims blackberry tovme is effeciant phone if it wants to stay in market it needs tp improve

  • Kylexwiel

    blackberry is a bitch the only thing they have goin is bbm ..pure fuckery shit ass wipe like my cunt

    • Xcryanx

      Jesus, you are a fuck head

  • Sunnykursija

    BlackBerry rocks.. its a royal phone for royal people … sucks

    • Sumit Toshniwal

      r u crazy?

    • jajaja q tonto estas por no decir otra palabra bb es un puta mierda d so no le llega a los talones a android es el peor so

  • someone

    People forget that there are things like msn messenger which does the exacly same thing as BBM, they both use internet to send messages instantly so being on an internet plan and using such software will be the same. Also you can get android phones that have a QWERTY keyboard although I don’t mind a touch screen. There are also plenty of apps that are useful for organisation and such. Android can do pretty much everything BB can as well as plenty of others.

    • Someone on earth

      No BBM is actually better than all. It makes the gap between users more closer than any other messengers coz u r always available to them bcoz of BIS! so u don’t need wifi. Secondly it has a command called PING which allows a bbm user to alert another user with a vibration.

      • Guest10213

        Err.. There’s something called 3G/4G, you don’t need to be on wifi to be able to send messages through the internet. And I can alert another user with a vibration without using any smartphone, it’s called calling.

      • Debugger

        U hav whatsapp and other app working as an IM.. + Push mails are also availble in android..
        BB was awesome.. but it WAS..
        Its android NOW!

  • Julius Buma-at

    I have a Sony Ericsson xperia (it’s an Android smartphone) and I love it. Blackberry is nice but it doesn’t feel good on my big fingers, plus there are apps not available to Blackberry that I use frequently.

  • LJ

    Honestly i used to have an android DROD X and i have the new BB Bold 9930 and theres to much difference between this phones ANDROID BEATS BB in almost everything… android is like you have a palm computer in your hands BB is just a simple smartphone with poor interface

  • badboy is in the house

    blackberry is the best so dont chat shit losers or shall i say pussys

  • Jawnger

    blackberry the worst ever

    • Batty

      Android is worst in battery backup….

  • pobres tontos los que dicen que bb es mejor q android bb es una porquería que no sirven para nada son lentos ,feos y caros no entiendo por que dicen que bb es mejor si no sirben para nada android rifa pese a quien le pese pendejos

    • Tu mama

      Vos eres un pobre cholo.

  • blackberry is for girls and kids who are learning to use a mouse and keyboard and I am not suprised that all those in favour of blackberry are kids n big kids with girl mentality…first off…if I get a smartphone with a processor to handle ultra gaming that means my phone will be fast and I wont hav to worry abt it stickin like bb…constant lag…low memory…forever battery pull…yea gimme a reason y bb rocks…my xperia has push technology…i can installl apps from a pc to my fone from the market using my gmail acc. Bb can’t…i can sync my fav sites on fone to my gmail acc n get it on my pc…can bb do dat…until u havent purchased a gud droid device dont give da droid bad reviews for a bb which can’t even do shit…a little again they forgot flash player for bb…android is for smart ppl who in their leisure time will game some minutes away while bb users will be pinging someone for convo coz its all there is to bb…ping!!! So now its said can bb outlive droid…bb fall n break droid fall n still work like new…i hav an app for my droid dat cud shut down ur bb…can u use ur bb for anything else than chatting on bbm…who got better facebook…who got free apps dat are considered premium paid apps in another competitor’s market….we create it n we will blow yall minds with android capabilities….so suckas who dont own a droid…yall still livin in the sega saturn era

    • chaoticmilk

      Since you can’t spell, your input is void.. DOUCHEBAG.

    • Freshpeppermint

      you have a terrible hate for the english language and women. ugh.

      • Freshpeppermint


    • Tu mama

      You bitch motherfucker

    • Bansai

      Did you write this from your android? That’s a pretty clear sign the droid input is crap, with a BB keyboard you can actually write properly without spell errors or forced to abbreviate absolutely everything in order to be done in less than an hour per e-mail. The comparison is just not good, Android is a toy, BB is a working tool.

    • Raj

      But you don’t know the real using of mobile


    ur not showing any good blackberry phones dumb shit

  • Fadyalphonse

    blackberry is a bullshit OS android is much much better

  • Your Mother

    I could bust your head open with my blackberry and it would still work to call an ambulance.. Your android couldn’t touch that. haha

    • Acer3001

      yo i had two blackberry. the last one i bought 3 months ago, got it with a contract and was going for 700$, and trying to sell it online and only getting calls for 100$. yo blackberry loses values, no one is using this crappy phone no more. get real, and buy something that will last, and be able to load a internet page in less that a minute. blackberry servers are always crashing.

      another thing when android sends a upgrade, hell yeah do i notice a difference in my system. you get lucky if blackberry sends some descent BBM blackberry upgrade to notice a difference.

      sorry blackberry is crap appart for bbm.

      all togetheir android is MUCH MUCH BETTER !

      • bob

        All electronics lose value. They aren’t houses or cars. 3 months ago your Blackberry might have been fairly high up in the market (judging by $700, I’m guessing it’s a 99XX). However things have been and will be released that makes it look irrelevant (BBX OS). Plus $700 is ridiculous for any contract (or even non-contract) phone.

        • asd

          you do realize that cars are one of the things that looses the most value -,-

      • Batty

        Android r the copy cats of iPhone.But blackberry r the creators.And moreover android has a very poor battery backup….

    • Vincearizala

      samsung’s new android phone has a gorilla glass and no bb phone would survive if they crash together

    • That’s got to be the stupidest and most pointless attempt of defense for a piece of technological equipment. “Yeah sure, maybe my BB has just a couple of decent applications and is pretty much useless with anything that requires any sort of synchronization or something that has to do with a bit more serious online workings, but boy can it stand a good beating”. I think that you have completely misunderstood the purpose of technology…

  • Spring

    blackberry internet = Requesting = Requesting = Requesting = Network time out (go to your pc)

    Android internet = Requesting = Page loaded (get what you needed)

  • Irwan Mohamad Marzuki

    I have blackberry and android. The blackberry solely dependent on the Telco as well. If their blackberry server is down, we wont get out push email to our phone. Last time, there is a big event in my company and have urgent email to sent to my boss. Email was sent but my boss didn’t receive it. Turn out the blackberry server was down.

  • Sardar

    I am with BB because mobile is mostly used for professional porposes not for fun there are a lot of other things that can help you to entertain you.

  • sheargirl129

    For all of you knocking on the Blackberry, guess your lives arent busy enough to have to send texts and emails out frequently as a profession or you just have too much time on your hands to be on your phone to be on the internet and other apps THAT much. Stop hating on the Blackberry because it does work for us people who spend our times running a business and staying in contact with clients as efficiently as possible. If the Blackberry was a useless phone it would have been discontinued and off the market a long time ago…

    • Jellybean

      One word… WhatsApp… Besides Android integrates much better with Gmail and gTalk. I understand Gmail is not the only email service out there, but it is by far the best. You can even integrate your business email with it!

    • Jayakrishnan B

      Yes and no. Blackberry came earlier and many of us are used to it. Get used to good touch screen (i have tried gal2, gal3 and iph 4s – all splendid) for a few months and you will notice that the difference in speed in nil. I still prefer physical key pad in bb. But not a major point as many think. Many people who add using bbm pin might like it for many reasons. Image wise even a cheap bb looks more professional than many expensive androids. Rest everything is loaded against bbm. Many useful applications do not work – what is a smart phone without skype or 3g voip call. So I stay with Android. But if RIM solves the above issues (which they would not or cannot – technically), a light weight BB with a larger screen would have been my first choice.

    • talonace

      Way to state the obvisous there captain! We all know that BB is for Business. Didn’t need a paragraph explaining this.

  • anonymous

    Blackberry is a tremendous pain-in-the-ass if you don’t get a BB data plan with BIS. Yes, you can get service books to get the sub-par browser to work and get the UC browser or Opera ota but sometimes you have to do workarounds for third party apps which always work on Android. To make things worse Blackberry got rid of its memo shortcuts and App world sometimes doesnt work. Trying to find solutions to Blackberry issues is time-consuming and so is loading BBs with apps. Meanwhile Android is much more seamless. Blackberry is yesterday’s phone. RIP RIM and good riddance.

  • Brian P

    The messenger Whatsapp, which works on Android, iPhone and BB, has the best thing about BBM (delivery reports), and it works much better, and is one hell of a lot more flexible. I’m mentioning this from experience – I’ve used them both. There are currently /way/ more people in the world using Whatsapp than BBM, and Whatsapp for BlackBerry is more of a pain in the ass than you can handle – you can’t switch it’s data source from WiFi to the Mobile Network and back without pulling out the damn battery, and it takes a year and a half just to send the conversation history by email.

    So, BBM is obsolete. (I used to have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and I loved it, but to be frank, it was the damn /king/ of lag, constant freezes and extreme slowness when you depend on it.)

    Oh and BIS… it is NOWHERE NEAR a good thing! BIS is nothing but a marketing strategy – RIM has deliberately blocked AppWorld from transmitting data through WiFi for a reason – they wanna take every single penny from you. You cannot physically use a BlackBerry on Prepaid because most carriers only offer BlackBerry Internet Service on a contract plan that is at least $49 per month. This phone is good for businessmen? LOL Certainly not travelling ones, who may choose to use a prepaid SIM in a foreign country, only to find out that their phone may as well be a cheap plastic phone from 2004 since it no longer has BIS. A BlackBerry without BIS is one annoying heap of shit.

    When I upgraded to my current phone, an Android (Sony Xperia S, something that makes my old BB Torch look like it’s from the Stone Age), the first thing it said when I enabled “Data Service” – yes, an Android phone can give and receive calls WITH THE DATA TURNED OFF – something BlackBerry will never consider doing – on a BB, you need to turn off the entire “Mobile Network” to disable data transmission, and I’m sure most BB users know about the absolutely annoying and useless “Battery too low for radio use” message (‘Radio’ referring to the Mobile Network). And when I went to turn my data on during the very short “Setup” process for my Android, the little dialog box that appeared which said “Allow data traffic? Additional charges may apply depending on your data connection…”, told me one thing: Google are /not/ crooks – Android phones appear to try their BEST not to have you overspend on calls and data, and they never fail to warn you when an app may use too much battery. Skype doesn’t work on most BB models, and the ones that do support it do a very bad job with it. Unbelievable. I’ve had this Android phone for over 2 months now, and still, for the lack of a more technical word, it’s PERFECT! It does anything and everything you’ll ever want a phone to do! And fast as well.

    If I could compare both on every possible field, out of a scale of 10:

    BB Torch: 2/10
    Sony Xperia S (Android): 10/10

    Believe me, while I was using my Torch, I absolutely loved it. Why? Cause I thought I was using one of the best (talk about not knowing any better). I never knew the true potential of a phone until I bought my Xperia S, and seriously, by specs, usability, apps, convenience, dependability, lack of sneaky marketing strategies… every point of perfection you can name, the Xperia S scores a 10/10 while my old BB Torch scores a mere 2/10, where 1.5 of those points are from the keypad, and nothing more. Take out the physical keyboard and you’ve got a score of 0.5/10 for the BB Torch.

    • Jellybean

      Well said… I am a Galaxy Nexus user and once you go Android you would never want to touch any of the other operating systems out there. Its an experience thats hard to put in words! Google is Awesome!

      • talonace

        Right on

  • ITech313

    I am so mad. I just bought an Android Phone vs BlackBerry. Now I had BlackBerry for two years, I am was very happy with it. It is a good phone if you are in business and if you need to check your e-mail fast and easy. I love BlackBerry e-mail application. However, after buying an Android, I was looking for that same feature where I can have more then one e-mail. When using BlackBerry you can create more then one e-mail account and each e-mail account, you would get a shortcut icon and if anyone send you an e-mail a read message would come up notifying you that you have a message. Android is cool looking but if you are running a business please do not get this phone. If you have more then one e-mail account then it would be merge into one icon. I don’t like that because you have to guess what e-mail account a message has been sent to. And you only get a sound if you have gotten a message. I hope the store let me take back my Android to go back to BlackBerry.

    • Jayakrishnan B

      Wrong. You can set up multiple accounts once your register your gmail. Whenever you have a mail it gives a notification. You will know which email id it is

    • Batty

      good choice

  • anonymous

    blackberak tu bodoh je..pegi mampos la dgn blackberak..

    • malay

      haha malaysian!

  • anonymous

    haha..blackberry can go to with blackberry user..use violence to beat android..hahaha…

  • anonymous

    blackberry a smartphone..?it’s not’s another s for stupid phone for stupid people..haha..

  • stupid blacberak just know how to use your phones for violence..

  • andrioduser

    blackberry have a limit not for lifestyle, but android is great, with android you can use for lifetime!!! example sony s with sony smart tag…

  • Ogre Magi

    I’m a happy BB user.

  • j_dog

    Haha, First of all you are all pathetic fighting over which electronic device are better….get a life people!!! They are fucking phones!!!!! Who cares. Everyone has their own preferences so shut up and find something better to do with your time or fight about something important, bunch of losers!!!

  • Batty

    Guys blackberry is much better in everything

  • Are you fucking kidding me? I can charge my phone at night and at around 5 pm of the next day I still have battery (Galaxy). My friends, BB users most of them, at 1 pm are dying. And trying to get electricity. Pretty sad.

  • Leo Gane

    While I think Blackberry is a better OS , it’s appworld is a deal breaker. Who would want a dumb smartphone….really?