Hello, Android TV! Good-bye, Google TV!

by: Chris SmithOctober 10, 2013

Google-IO-2013 Google TV logo 1600 aa

Google is planning to ditch the “Google TV” name of its not spectacularly successful entertainment product in favor of “Android TV,” which is what Google TV devices will apparently be known as in the future.

The move is not yet officially confirmed by Google, but GigaOM says that it has received confirmation on the name change:

[…] an executive from a consumer electronics manufacturer that has been producing Google TV devices confirmed the rebranding in a recent conversation with GigaOM, saying “They are calling it ‘Android TV.’”

Furthermore, there appears to be plenty of evidence suggesting that Google is getting ready to ditch the Google TV name.

A recent Google TV Seoul-based developer event was called “Android TV Developer Day,” with some developers seen changing their “affiliations” from Google TV to Android TV.

Similarly, some new Google TV products are not sold as Google TV by their manufacturers including a Sony Bravia TV but also new LG devices that have been described as Android devices “with access to ‘the latest Google services for TV.”

That doesn’t mean that the entire Google TV business is going down, even if it’s not a very successful one. It just looks like Google wants to change its name and bring it closer to Android – after all, it’s running Android OS.

Moreover, it looks like a next generation of Android TV devices is in the works, although no specific products have been revealed.

The publication does say that Google will not require Android TV makers to follow certain hardware guidelines – like the inclusion of a full QWERTY keyboard – and instead that it will let them design their own devices and customize them as they see fit (when it comes to preloaded services and apps).

When it comes to software, existing and future Android TVs are expected to be updated to the latest version of Android (the upcoming KitKat in this case), although we’re not quite there yet.

While we wait for Google to make official these Google TV-related changes, we can’t but wonder whether a name change will be enough for Google TV to finally become the successful project Google hoped it would be, especially considering the increasing popularity of Google’s other TV-related project, the Chromecast.

  • Mystery Man

    Google TV sucks. I love my midnight MX 2 box though that runs regular android.

  • Mike Kister

    Could it be that my Logitech G-TV will run KitKat before my phone? Looks like I need a phone upgrade.

    • Matthew Drake

      there’s a good possiblity in that..hoping that logitech comes back around and sees the light at the end of the tunnel,not just the flicker of light

    • johnny boy

      sadly the logitech doesn’t seem to have the horsepower or the right chipset to run the new o.s . We are stuck with this one being outdated and in need of purchasing a new one.. I picked up the cube from asus.. although it has some deficiencies in the remote a logitech k700 keyboard fixed that.

      • Mike Kister

        Bummer. I much as I like G-TV I guess I will have to stick with an outdated version and our Roku for the time being as my resources are limited and I can only afford so many devices. Unless a new Android TV device comes in at under $50.

  • Matthew Drake

    Maybe now this will bring Logitech back with an about face.I for one like the name Android TV much better

  • Karl Berg

    Nexus TV sounds better.

  • cycad007

    Sorry but without the support of the studios and cable providers….this product will never gain mainstream support. That’s why the experience has been so bad….changing the name does absolutely nothing.

  • Joachim Nilsson

    There’s just too many brands involved here. They need a clear strategy for what they want to use the Chrome, Android, Nexus and Google brand names for.

    Having just introduced the Chromecast it would seem obvious to line up the living room experience around the same brand name and not toss in “Android” on top of it.

    This is all just very confusing atm.

  • Guy

    I agree, Nexus TV sounds great

  • johnny boy

    a name is a name.. Just give me some jellybean or kitkat love for my asus cube.

  • shamatuu

    Make sense to me.

  • lola

    Ah… I just got a smart tv….