Want the new Android N wallpaper? Download it here

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 10, 2016


The Android N developer preview hit us by surprise today. There is plenty to love and learn about the upcoming Android version, so do take a look at our ‘Dive into Android N” posts to see what’s new.

Some of us are a bit easier to impress, though. The simple things are exciting, as well, and if you are a fan of wallpapers you can now download the Android N one and get a taste of what Android N will look like once it starts hitting devices world-wide.

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There is only one new wallpaper, at least so far. It is minimalist, yet beautiful. The image displays a purple sky and the silhouette of mountains along the bottom. Simple and clean.

Want it? Just download it below (click on the image to get the see it in full resolution). It is also pretty large, with a 2880×2560 resolution, so you won’t be struggling with blurry pixelation here.


  • Shootfire


  • Preben Nielsen

    It’s also quite ugly….

    • Xeo

      Poor taste

  • Stang88

    That’s one boring wallpaper.

    • Jehan Kateli

      It’s simple, yet elegant.

      • JRomeo

        simply boring elegance.

    • its actually pretty cool

  • Reminds of Windows XP

  • rj

    where is the wallpaper? ;)

    • nebulaoperator

      Wallpaper download is in the source link….shhhhh

  • Malcom Buckhannon


    • Shawn Hamm


  • Ethan Campbell

    To everybody that says it’s boring, isn’t everything that hasn’t been released yet exciting?

  • Nick Crossland