Screenshot mockups of Android N show new notifications shade and quick settings panel

by: John DyeFebruary 29, 2016


The notifications shade is no stranger to change, and it seems to undergo tweaks and modifications with just about every major update to Android. In some new mockups from the folks at Android Police, we get our first glimpse at what changes it can expect when Android N rolls around.

As you can see, the notifications shade looks like it’ll provide quite a bit more info per notifications, and the height of each notification has been stretched to accommodate this. In Lollipop, notifications on the shade have a card-like feel with gaps of negative space between each one. N looks like it’s filling up these gaps. While both have a very sleek, Material Design look, N opts for a lengthy sheet of contiguous paper over the card layout. We assume they will still be swipe-able.

Nougat is here, though getting it to all devices is a whole other story.See also: (Update: no app drawer) Android N features: everything confirmed, rumored and expected360

Moreover, the quick settings panel seems to be one tap quicker than it is on Lollipop. What appear to be quick toggle buttons ride atop the shade so that major tools and services, like wifi connectivity and your flashlight, can be accessed immediately rather than in a larger pull-down menu. It seems that the full quick options menu is available if you pull down once more, but this is a way to provide valuable utility to a part of the screen that wasn’t used this efficiently before.

Granted, this is an early mockup of Android N, and we wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this tossed out, revamped, or overhauled completely by the time the Android version officially starts hitting devices. Nevertheless, it’s a tasty peek into what Google is currently cooking up with the operating system’s ongoing evolution.

What do you think of N’s new notifications shade and quick settings panel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • “The Android N images in this post are mockups based on what we’ve seen—sorry, we can’t post the actual screenshots.” – Android Police.

    These are *not* leaked screenshots, they are mockups based on what they have seen. For all we know, they could have seen it at MWC and done a mockup later.

  • Ojas Mehta

    According to Android Police, its a mockup, not an actual screenshot…

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  • Kenny Rousseau

    If it finally stops switching my notifications around as I’m about to tap something or swipe something away, then great, I’m all for it

  • I like it

  • Hoggles

    Could it be anymore gray and boring. Come on Google.

    The more powerful our hardware becomes….the more simple the UI gets. To the point of it being really really bland.

    I’m loving my new S7 edge….but not a fan of where Android has gone and is going with the look. Pastels and gray. Yay.

    I miss fancy graphics. I really do.

    Sad face :(

    • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

      Oh come on..S7 was showed to the world just a week ago and you already have it?

      • asrat_24

        They’ve started shipping to some people so he might have it

  • Freak_ Aniket_

    Can’t wait to get the first developer preview of Android N. Leaks make it even more excited..