Download Android N developer preview here!

by: Andrew GrushMarch 9, 2016

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While we weren’t expecting to see Android N until Google I/O, sneaky Google decided to switch things up and let the cat out of the bag early. Android N has now been let loose, with grand ambitions to release the final version sometime this summer.

We will be bringing you more details about Android N and Google’s plans in posts to come, but now here’s the most exciting part – the image downloads!

You can find the official Android N Preview images page here.  Now sure how to flash it? There’s a guide for that, and while it was written with Android 6.0 in mind, the same instructions apply.

  • Luka Bulatović

    Wooaah! I did not see this one coming. Guys, you have to do a coverage of this and do Diving into N serial.

  • Shem68

    Does anyone know if installing the preview image will blow the Nexus 6P’s Q-Fuse ?

    • gqukyo

      Why would it? If you’re referring to unlocking the bootloader, lots of people have done that w/o no q-fuse blown and even if it does, warranty is still intact. This has been discussed in length when the 6P was released.

      • Shem68

        Thanks for the reply. I was worried as Google saying blowing up the fuse won’t void warranty may (and I do say “may”) just be valid in a certain country, i.e. Google in my coutry might just say “I don’t care what Google representatives said elsewere on the Internet, here you blow it, you void your warranty”.
        But further research appears to prove you right, simply unlocking the stock bootloader shouldn’t blow the fuse, only replacing said stock bootloader should. Knowing this, I might give this Developer Preview a look in the coming days :)

  • Juha Uotila

    Also if you use the image method you won’t get new releases via OTA

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    And I don’t even have Marshmallow on my phone! Updates are so slow and dumb :/

    • Gepss

      Vote with your wallet, buy Nexus.

      • Kliment Stamenkov

        Not old enough to vote yet, I’m a high school student ;)

    • Salik Zaki Anwar

      You must be happy cuz i am usin ICS

      • Kliment Stamenkov

        I was using ICS for two years too, never got Jelly Bean. Then moved on to another phone, got KK and L, waiting for M now.

    • Sai

      Just flash roms and stuff.

      • Kliment Stamenkov

        I’m not into that. I prefer official software, even though it takes ages (months) for it to come.

  • Daniel

    I unpacked the Boot image to disable encryption, and the typical “forceencrypt” tag has been changed to “forcefdeorfbe.” I went ahead and changed it to “encryptable” anyway, and it seems to have worked…Can anyone report if flashing the image forced their device to encrypt?

  • Vahids

    WHERE IS NEXUS 5 link ? :/

    • Quindim

      Hammerhead is no more

  • hzd

    Lets flash it with fireflash see if it breaks my phone :P go nexus 6P

  • R.I.P Nexus 5.

    • Mtsimmer

      Goodbye Nexus 5
      Was Nice to meet you :(
      Lets hope CM will fix it :)

    • Sebastian Jena

      It’s not dead, because there’re commits for it.

    • XDA bloke

      im sure it will get there somehow, i even managed to get lollipop on a galaxy nexus which is even older so why wouldnt it be possible

  • YuuriAyano

    No Nexus 7?!

    • don’t worry, it’s not worth it for now, split screen doesn’t work with many apps, they have to be adapted, and lots of things need to be improved, wish i didn’t update, but oh well

      • YuuriAyano

        Yeah I saw a hands-on video and it didn’t look really smooth and all. :/

  • Not for Nexus 7C ?

  • KrisPL

    Shouldn’t it be “Not sure how to flash it?” instead of now sure ?

  • moe1903

    I can’t install the factory image on my 5x. It always gives me an “fastboot transfer failure” when writing the system image. Anybody else got this?

  • hamzahikri fikri

    hai klo andorid N bisakah instal asus zenfone 2 ze550ml?

  • hamzahikri fikri

    ya bagaimana andorid N bisa instal asus zenfone 2 ze550ml??

  • remus100776

    can be used on an AmigoUI based phone? (gionee marathon m5) ported somehow?