Marshmallow arrives for the LG V10 in Turkey

by: Robert TriggsMarch 9, 2016

LG V10 Hands On-5

After LG began rolling out Marshmallow for its G4, G3, and G Stylo handsets, some were beginning to wonder if the company had forgotten all about its second 2015 flagship – the LG V10. Fear not though, as a Marshmallow update had been spotted rolling out for the handset in Turkey this week.

LG V10 Marshmallow updateThe LG V10 update comes with the build number MRA58K, software version V20b, and weighs in at a hefty 800MB, so best to connect up to your Wi-Fi network. The update will upgrade the V10 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which isn’t quite the latest 6.0.1 version, but that only really contained the new emjois anyway.

There’s the familiar core Android Doze battery manager, app permissions, and a proper silent mode included with the update, among other changes. LG has also made tweaks to its own software, including renaming QMemo+ to Capture+ and LG Bridge to LG AirDrive, as well as making adjustments to the application settings screen. Knock Code has also been tweaked, requiring 6 taps in at least 3 different quarters of the screen from now on.

The update in Turkey is for the international model, suggesting that a broader roll-out could commence any time soon. However, LG has taken a long time to roll out its Marshmallow update across the globe for the G4, so it might be wise to avoid excitement just yet and just keep a casual eye out for that OTA notification.

  • MoD33n

    anyone with a V10 who’s received the MM update care to comment on how its fared on their phones?

    • Mohamed Ayman

      Can i download it manually ??

  • Daggett Beaver

    I guess I need to go out and buy a turkey.

  • Jarvic Suguitan

    LG released Marshmallow for V10 even if It’s late , It’s Considered Fine
    Sony releases Marshmallow for the Z5 series yesterday and everyone is Angry saying “Why is it late?!” and saying that Sony is 6 months late

    • Marco Lorenzo

      I’m not sure anyone considers it fine. V10 owners have been pretty peeved about the lack of Marshmallow for awhile now, especially since it should’ve launched with it, not to mention the G5 got it so much earlier.

      • Mark Mann

        v10 owner here, i couldn’t honestly care less about marshmallow, it’ll get here when it gets here

        • Marco Lorenzo

          Good for you but I was writing in response to the previous comment where he thinks people are unfairly picking on Sony. If you don’t care about Marshmallow at all then it’s a different matter.

  • Derek

    Still nothing…no update here on my vzw lg v10

  • Subhash T

    V10 of International variant in KSA (Riyadh, Saudi) received on 5th April’16. Everything is fine..but mild drop in the battery life!!