Android M introduces doze mode and USB Type C support

by: Nirave GondhiaMay 28, 2015

Google IO 2015 Dave Burke USB Type-C

During its I/O 2015 keynote, Google has just announced that Android M will introduce a couple of new features in the power department: doze mode and USB Type C support.

The new doze mode uses motion detection to measure your device and when it recognises your handset is idle, it puts the handset to “doze”. While your handset is dozing, it still keeps real time alarms and incoming notifications and Google claims this improves battery up to 2 times while in standby mode.

The other feature just announced is USB Type C support, which brings with it support for reversible charging. Essentially, the addition of USB Type C support means you can now use your phone to charge your tablet and vice versa. Follow all our updates from Google I/O 2015 here.

  • monkey god

    Pleeaase let USB Type C make it onto the next round of Nexus devices!

  • Kratos

    I really hope that phones that come out later this year like the Note 5 and new Nexus have a Type C connection, PLEASE MAKE IT SO!

  • tiggerlator

    Why would you charge a tablet from a phone

  • Sidney Gumbo

    I hope that is a sneak peek at the upcoming Nexus 5/6/*

  • MattEgansHairLine

    USB-c, also known as Lighting 2