Android 6.0 broke the system clock for some users, Android 6.0.1 fixes it

by: Preetam NathDecember 12, 2015

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Did you by any chance notice that your Android device’s clock started running slower and got out-of-sync? Chances are that you missed it. Chances are that you aren’t running Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your Android device. But in case you are, the good news is that the new Android 6.0.1 update, pushed out earlier this week, appears to fix the system clock sync bug.

If you hit the source link, you’ll find that many users have reported facing this issue. In fact, there are over 450 responses to the thread, which was originally opened on October 13. Since the device clocks were going out of sync after upgrading to Android 6.0, users could no longer rely on their phones for alarms, event or meeting reminders, and other similar activities.

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It’s not like the time drift is 1 or 2 minutes, but it stretches to 15 minutes after just 12 hours of receiving an OTA. The time drift keeps on increasing, and in case you don’t notice it, you might just end up missing a few meetings.

A temporary solution to fix the time drift is to switch your networks from 4G to 3G, forcing the device to sync with the network time. Alternatively, one can reboot their phone and the device will automatically fetch the network time after starting up.

Do let us know if this fix works for you. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait until you receive the Android 6.0.1 OTA notification.

  • saksham

    whats the point of this article ?

    • androidDude0923

      To laugh at those who still have Lollipop or even KitKat. Haha

      • Mark P

        Or to make everyone lose time like marshmallow did

  • Khalil Kouidrat

    I had that problem actually! my phone clock was 5 minutes late, then a few days later 9 minutes! Kept arguing with people about it. And it did get fixed with the 6.0.1 update for me

  • viktor

    I didnt get update on Marcmallow 6.0.1 yet, buth also h on ave no problems with clock or alarm on my Nexus 5 2013.

  • waloody88

    Nexus 6 on 6.0 no issues

  • Gihan

    N5x user wondering where the f is my 6.0.1 update

    • Adam Casper

      N6p user wondering the same thing. Been manually checking for updates every couple of hours.

      • Gihan

        seriously this is depressing, how many days we need to wait to get a simple update

        • Adam Casper

          I know…I mean I came from a Note 4, so as long as it doesn’t take a year I shouldn’t be complaining. But its just disappointing to not have it as soon as it is released. That was pretty much why I got a nexus phone.

          • Euan

            You’re all such hypocrites. Google roles out to 1%, 5%, 30% and so on over the course of days. That means that if there is a major flaw in an update it can be found by the minority of users with the device and then fixed before it is sent out to the rest of them.

            If they did it all at once and there was a bug you would instead all be complaining about the bug instead of the wait. :L

          • Adam Casper

            I don’t think that is the proper usage of hypocrite, unless I am making people wait on a software update. But I’m not, I don’t have any software.

            I understand that Google releases them in stages and the advantages that this mthoad has, but that doesn’t mean I want the update any less. I’m just eager to have the bug fixes that the update brings, display calibration, security, clock fixes, etc.

            If there was a bug in the software update, then I would most likely send Google feedback on the update. And if I did complain about it then I would just be spreading the word so the most people are aware of the issue.

            If comments like mine annoy you then refrain from reading the comment section. This is an area dedicated to allowing readers to share their thoughts and opinions on the article. This one happens to be about a bug in the current software. And I looking forward to the fix.

            Have a nice day!

          • David Bowline

            It cracks me up, people complaining about an update. My Nexus 7 2013, just got 6.0 a couple of weeks ago. My Nexus 5 got it two weeks after my girlfriends.

            Otoh, my Nexus One got an update 6 hours after it was announced.

            So relax and remember you’re still getting them way ahead of everyone else.

      • chris pinkston

        Got tired of waiting for it on my 6p so I sideloaded it last night. Seems speedier and even smoother than 6.0.

  • Jim

    Didn’t mess up my clock but it did mess up my android beam. Now when I try to send a picture to my phone the phone trying to send it says something about my device can’t receive file sizes that big, it’s a 4MB picture :/ anybody else have this problem on 6.0?

  • Espi

    This 6p owner is wondering where the F*** is my update

    • Little V

      lol same here my old nexus 5 got it few days back

    • yardie

      It’s been up for download for a while now
      Get with the times and learn how to flash updates

  • larry9

    Wouldn’t get too wound up about it. No pun intended.

    • 404

      I think it’s time Google fix this problem. Pun intended.

  • Mail carrier

    No issues on my Nexus 6.

  • Kyle Lyles

    I NEVER use the stupid carrier’s time function. Root, and use Click Synch from Sergey Baranov (CrazyCoder) to synch to atomic clock pool.

    It blows me away that people don’t use the superior NTP pool timing instead of your carrier time.

    • Sergiu Cosmin

      from what I see on the play store that app has not been updated since 2014 and it states it does not work properly on Android 6

      • Aleksandar Kostadinov

        For me it is funny that clocksync doesn’t use the GPS ubiquitous through android devices.

  • Daniel Elitok

    My carrier clock has a delay, but when i shut the display off and in it goes normal angain. 6.0.1 doesn’t fix it

    • Sergiu Cosmin

      same problem here on my rooted nexus 5 :( , any ideas on how to fix this? or what is actually happening?

  • derk p

    i had my clock fall back ten minutes one time. was the weirdest thing. but i often switch wifi/lte/airplane mode etc often so i wonder if thats why it seemed to have missed me. rooted nexus 5

  • Shuren Inferno-Flames

    such a shame on google doing this to people

  • Markay DeSaad

    Moto X Pure running 6.0…No problems with clock issue. Not sure when the 6.0.1 update will arrive, but I would imagine pretty soon. Motorola was quick to push 6.0, so I’m thinking first quarter of 2016…

  • Prateek

    Thanks for looking into this, I had same issues earlier when I was on 6.0. Hopefully this upgrade fixes it.