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Now that Marshmallow (Android 6.0) has been available for several weeks, it’s not surprising to find that there is already a 6.0.1 update hitting some devices. In this particular case, said devices are select Android One handsets. According to reports, only a limited number of users have received the update so far, however. Have a look:

According to a Google Search, the model number listed, H220, is the Cherry Mobile Android G1 for the Philippines. Curiously the Android security patch level is dated December 1, 2015 despite today being only November 22, 2015. Assuming the roll-out isn’t a mistake, it would seem to imply that Google has already finalized the updated built into said patch despite this month having just over a week left.

There is currently no information as to what this 6.0.1 update brings with it, however the general assumption around the internet is that it’s strictly related to bug fixes and stability improvements.

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PhoneArena has reported that, “HTC ROM developer @LlabTooFeR has it that, after 6.0.1, Google is planning to roll out Android 6.1 Marshmallow, though this is expected to happen starting next year.” Assuming this is true, it would raise the question as to if Google will release 6.0.1 to other devices (such as the Nexus series) of simply go directly to 6.1.

We will have more on this story as it develops, but for now let’s all keep our eyes peeled for any updates that may land in the next few weeks.

  • musa.k

    GM 4G Android One user here(which is a clone device of G1),
    after the 6.0 update phone have become rather slower and unresponvice and got some touchscreen issues. So i guess it’s a fix update for One devices with firmware bugs. It may not come to nexus series.

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    • Janice Lowenstein

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    • rodrigo duque

      Try to do restore factory settings. Mine is ok after doing it..

  • December 1? Really? LOL.

  • crackinthewall

    I have a Cherry Mobile G1 (if I remember correctly, it’s also available in Myanmar under the same name) and I still don’t have the update. Granted that I’m probably near the end of their list because Marshmallow was released here in the Philippines on November 2 but I only got the notification on November 9.

    • Badelhas

      Can you give us your opinion on that device? I am very curious

      • crackinthewall

        Overall the best choice in its price range. The Redmi 2 available in the Philippines is the same price but only has 1GB of RAM and it doesn’t support Smart LTE (Smart has the widest coverage for LTE here). I’ve been using it for two weeks now and I’ve noticed that it held on to the LTE signal better than my Z3C. While I only get 2 bars of LTE signal on my Z3C, I get full signal on this phone. GPS isn’t that reliable though.

        The S410 and the 2GB of RAM should be fast enough for most users. I don’t really game much on this phone, just Clash of Clans and Plants vs Zombies 2. Lag is already noticeable once you get to Level 60 in any of the survival mode but not enough to die because of it. Other phones in its price range use the MT6753/MT6752M, both 64-bit octacore SoC from Mediatek but while performance might be better on these Mediatek-powered devices, I can get better official support for the G1.

        I can’t say much about camera quality because I haven’t used it that much to be honest, and I have nothing on hand to compare it to in its price range and it doesn’t seem fair to compare it with my Z3C.

        The battery life is about average for a dual-SIM phone. With LTE turned on for one sim (the other is on 2G), I could get 2-3 hour SoT, up to 4 hours if I’m just on WiFi. I rarely turn off my data but I’m pretty sure I could get better battery life if I do. I’m just of the mind that I shouldn’t have to manage my phone to get a good experience so I usually leave the data and GPS on unless I’m in a dead spot. For a phone with 2500mAh battery, it was disappointing to see that they included a 1A charger. There’s an earphone in the box but I’d rather they included a 1.5-2.0A charger instead.

        Build quality is just okay as long as you treat it well. If you try squeezing the phone a little, you could hear the body creak which doesn’t inspire much confidence. You shouldn’t really do that in the first place but it’s something to keep in mind. The microUSB port is a little deeper than other phones so not all microUSB plug will work. The one that came with my Xiaomi powerbank is a little loose while the one from Sony was just okay.

        • Acaa Aca

          thanks. i was planning on getting one but lack of custom rom support is a bit concerning. still on the fence and waiting if myphone will offer a 2nd generation as well. would have liked to tinker with it like how users do with nexus devices.

          • crackinthewall

            You should probably just buy one now because it looks like they’re going to water down the Android One program to cater to these local “manufacturers”.

            The first generation Android One devices have a better unified dev support on XDA but that’s probably because Google released them in more countries. There is practically only one second generation Android One phone available right now and they probably all come from the same ODM, and are only available in three countries right now unlike the first generation. I guess there’s not a lot of dev in the Phillippines, Turkey or Thailand.

  • Karthick Rowmax

    can i able to install my new j7 model………………

  • Pamela Doe

    I hope it fixes the washed out video error with nexus devices.

  • Daggett Beaver

    This is why I’m glad Nexus always gets every release first. When the Nexus finally gets something stable, with most bugs fixed, then that’s the version I’ll wait for on my non-Nexus phone.

  • Martin Chan

    A note to normal phone users, always skip the x.0 release and wait for the consecutive update. Every single time Android releases a completely new version, it’s always really buggy. Ahem 5.0 memory leak and phone bugs, 4.0 was bad too.

  • Urutora

    nexus devices are boring

    • FQ2

      Lol, nah. Swapping Sense for a Nexus based ROM is the best thing I did to my M8.

      • Badelhas

        Why? What are the main advantages in your opinion? I tried a couple and found myself coming back to sense, it’s fast and non intrusive.

        • FQ2

          It’s cleaner, looks way better, is updated faster, and is way more moddable.

  • Rmac8

    Samsung go on about losing market share etc. I’ve got the excellent most expensive Note Edge ..if Samsung really want to look after the valued customers I should have had a Android 6.0 update by now …

  • Michael Sire Ramsey

    I have a moto x pure 2015 and I’ve had marshmallow for weeks

    • crackinthewall

      The story is about 6.0.1 though, not just 6.0.

      • Glen Fisher

        I just got it today for my 6p

  • AzKat

    I’m just fine with 5.1.1

  • Thomas Sjodin

    I just got 6.0 on my 2nd gen moto g xD

  • nitz

    was installing 6.0.1 update in my micromax canvas A1.. had an error when the phone was rebooted… please tell me what I should do to fix it