It didn’t seem all that long ago that Ice Cream Sandwich first emerged. Now it seems to have taken Android phones by storm, though not always officially. Almost everyone wanted it on their phone and with good reason. Not only does Ice Cream Sandwich look gorgeous but also boasts an improved Android experience.

It didn’t take long before dedicated Android developers churned out countless ROMs based on Ice Cream Sandwich. With each subsequent update, ROMs also assimilated many of the new features and bug fixes. Though version 4.0.4 may have only been recently released, we’re already looking forward to what 4.0.5 has in store for us.

Today we’ll be comparing Google’s previous update, 4.0.3, with our current one, 4.0.4, and we’ll see how these two might fare against what’s projected for and expected from 4.0.5.

Android 4.0.3

Android 4.0.3 was first released in December, 2011. With an API level of 15, Android 4.0.3 packed a number of features. One of them was the Social Stream API in the Contacts provider. Applications that used social stream data, like status updates and check-ins, could now sync that data with each of the user’s contacts. It allowed users to know what their contacts were doing or saying.

Enhancements were also made to the Calendar, such that apps could add colors to events to allow for easy tracking. New attendee types and states also became available. The Camera also received a few new capabilities, such as apps’ being able to check and manage video stabilization and could use QVGA resolution profiles when needed.

A number of accessibility refinements also came with the update, such as improved content access for screen readers and new status and error reporting for text-to-speech engines. Incremental improvements in graphics, database, spell-checking, Bluetooth, and more were also thrown in.

Gmail also got an update in the form of the Experiments heading in Gmail’s settings menu. Two new options were made available to the user. The first allowed Gmail to index entire messages to improve local search, and the other allowed users to drag and drop contact chips between the To, CC and BCC address fields.

Unfortunately, there were a number of complaints that came with this update too. Users didn’t like the animation and the time it took for them to access the multitasking feature.

Android 4.0.4

Android 4.0.4, released in March, 2012, answered user complaints. Google certainly fixed that lag in getting to the multitasking feature and added a few more things. People were saying that the overall improvement of 4.0.4 was supposed to be how Ice Cream Sandwich should be experienced.

Users on our favorite forum, XDA Developers, said that 4.0.4 really felt like a finished product. According to Android developer Jean-Baptiste Queru, 4.0.4 not only had a handful of improvements but “a few hundred changes over 4.0.3.”

For 4.0.4, Google not only improved the multitasking feature but also improved screen rotation. Screen rotation was more fluid and faster than ever before. Users will notice that when they change their phone’s orientation, there’s a slight lag before the screen rotates. It turns out not to be a glitch at all but is instead a built in “hesitation” so you can be sure that the screen is rotating like you intended.

With how sensitive phones are becoming nowadays, it isn’t uncommon for the screen to rotate when we really didn’t mean for it to. The Camera app has also gotten some improvements that allow it to work faster, smoother, and a little bit better.

One problem with the 4.0.4 update, however, was that some devices, such as the Galaxy Nexus, seemed to be having some problems. There are multiple reports that users experienced signal problems and even loss of signal since receiving the OTA update.  Users of the Galaxy Nexus GSM report that signal loss happened after a few minutes or more of the device entering standby. Turn off the screen and you’ll lose the signal.

Though some users are speculating that this is an energy-saving feature (to reduce power consumption when you weren’t really doing anything with your phone), it annoyed most users. Imagine not being able to receive messages and calls when your phone was on standby.

Android 4.0.5

Though Android 4.0.5 isn’t out yet, a lot of people are waiting for it already. It’s anyone’s guess when this update will be released, but rumor has it that it’s aimed for some time April, 2012. The Internet first heard of Android 4.0.5 when the French carrier SFR disclosed a table that claimed the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S would be getting this version over-the-air some time in March. Though no 4.0.5 has materialized for either of those phones, another rumor has cropped up, saying that Verizon is testing an update for its LTE-capable Galaxy Nexus. Rumors are rumors after all, and Verizon has yet to confirm if these rumors are true.

Based on what we’re hearing, 4.0.5 may not bring any new features to your phone but will carry a lot of fixes for critical issues. Version 4.0.5 is said to address several internal bugs and reboot issues, such as the audio reboot issue.

In addition, a certain “data falling asleep” bug may also be corrected, together with battery life problems and the loss of signal when the phone goes on standby. No changes seem to be likely for the launcher and user interface, but some users are holding on to the hope that this update will feature new radios.


Undoubtedly, if you haven’t gotten 4.0.4 yet, you really should. It gives Ice Cream Sandwich an overall smoother performance, resolving a number of issues from 4.0.3. Though some phones, like the Galaxy Nexus, had signal problems, other phones seemed to fare fine.

As promising as it may be to wait for 4.0.5, there’s no telling when it’ll land on our devices, but if you’re willing to wait, it just might be worth it. Potentially packing improvements and bug fixes, 4.0.5 may just make Ice Cream Sandwich the software everyone should have.

Carl Parker
We're all multi-talented and multi-faceted here, but, perhaps, Carl is the most multi-faceted in the bunch. Among Carl's many interests, Android holds a special place. He's particularly fond of reviewing Android apps and writing step-by-step guides for fellow Android fans.
  • Chris Steger11

    Im still rolling 4.02…. i would love to get the uodates… how do i get them????
    Im on Verizon’s network and im not rooted…

    Any help would be greatly appreciate it.

    • Matt Volk


  • Guest

    You have to wait to get the updates as they become available. Verizon hasn’t annouced anything yet and most likely skip over 4.04 and push out 4.05.
    How are you still running 4.02? Verizon had 4.03 out within the first couple weeks the phone was out. Just check for update on your phone.

    • Clay

      I run daily updates on my Galaxy Nexus and have never received 4.0.3 Is it possible you are confused?

      • Delsolid

        I have a brand new (1 week old) Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and it’s running 4.0.2. I just manually checked for updates and it says “your system is currently up to date”.

        • Nine2Nine

          This is because there are different firmware builds for the Galaxy Nexus. Only a few of them are updated directly from Google. The rest are updated from Samsung. Which means you are stuck waiting for sumsung to update it.

  • soumkhane Peace

    Discover the latest apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet.

  • Twolowiec38

    I just updated to 4.0.4. Featurewise, I love it. However, I seem to have the phone run out of charge in 6-8 hours. Has anyone else noticed this? -TW

    • David B2

      Yep, got the same problem after the update. But WOW… LOVE that update! I am trying to figure out what in now running that was not before… might even be something in the background I have not found yet. Hope this is only temp!

  • theNewDanger

    ICS needs native group text messaging built into the text messaging app similar to Windows Phone and iOS. That is my only major gripe with ICS right now. It kills me when I start receiving a bunch of what seems to be random texts from other people who were apparently replying to an initial text sent as a group message from a person’s phone. ICS breaks those texts up into individual threads instead of keeping them together. It’s highly annoying and infuriating, especially because the apps that do attempt to enable group messaging suck and aren’t integrated into the core messaging UI, even Verizon’s messaging app, which is a pain in the butt to use.

    • Egorphish

      Use hancent sms works awesome for this kind of stuff

      • theNewDanger

        Does not. And it kills the point of using the core messaging Holo theme UI. Verizon’s wack ass app is better than Hancent’s, and I won’t even use that.

  • rocksey

    since updating my nexus s to 4.0.4 I am unable to connect to my PC via usb

    • Silent elektron

      Did you install GApps? I had the same problem and it got resolved after installing GApps.

  • rednibkram

    When the 7734 is Google going to release 4.0.5 already? I understand they want to get everything to work properly before they release it, but people are having problems with 4.0.2 and we need these fixes. If you don’t want to release the entire 4.0.5, at lease send out updates for 4.0.2 to fix the existing issues! Come on already!

  • iaminsg

    Hi guys,

    I am using 4.0.3, really sucks, battery drains with in 8 to 10 hrs without using 3G, GPS etc., I am literally waiting for 4.0.4 update, anyone please share good ROM for 4.0.4

    • BlablaX

      try SlimICS :)

    • Bartaloe

      just got the 4.0.4 update with Verizon and from what I seen thus far is the home screen smoothness when you change from one screen to the next.

    • zv3rk4

      I noticed that issue too, my phone kept restarting too. 404 seemed to fix it. My battery lasted up to 9 hours without mobile internet, I now have 65% left after 14h and an still wondering WTH was wrong before the update. I have SE live with walkman.

  • Trolololol

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        • bob

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      • Rub

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        then keep on bying this andriod shit products.
        HTC, Samsung and other shit manufacturers will be glad to welcome you

        • bob

          We are glad you like the iPhone and all, but get a life. IOS is shitty as fuck, but that’s my opinion.

  • olahaye74

    Does it have EAP-SIM wifi auth enabled?

  • Bartaloe

    just got the 4.0.4 update OTA through Verizon about an hour ago and the screen slide smoothness is amazing fast and very crisp

  • sandy

    I hv updated my Sony live with walkman with 4.0.4,, but nw getting problem with it… many times phone gets hanged

  • androiduser3

    I am using sgs2. I had recently upgraded fro ICS 4.03 to ICS 4.04 Paranoid version.
    I really like this 4.04. Everything seems to be running smoother and UI is very much improved as well.
    However, I have 2 problems after the upgrade.
    1) I use mybackup pro to back up all my apps and data before the upgrade.
    After the upgrade, i tried to restore my apps and data but not all apps were
    restored. When i tried to restore those apps by choosing the apps i want to restore,
    mybackup pro just freeze. I need to take out battery and reboot. but each time i tried to restore the apps the same thing happens.
    2) After upgrading to 4.04 Paranoid, i discovered that i cannot send my apk file to
    others using blueetooth.

    Anyone can help me? thanks in advance


    i have jst installed the ICS 4.0 on my htc hd2 amazing to use my mobile more than before..but i have a problem in video play back on my htc hd2..

  • Kolla

    Updated my galaxy s2 to 4.0.4 and most gameloft games hang on start and cannot be played. So I hope 4.0.5 will also fixthat problem also

  • samuel

    Hello everyone ,
    i bought a galaxy note from Rogers but im using it currently with fido .
    so far i haven’t received any update my question where can i find the update as Rogers haven’t released any update .

  • zorromafioso

    I love the version 4.0.3
    The best of all!

    • Muhammad

      i am using Samsung tab2 android version 4.0.3, but i can get 2g signal only cannot 3g signal. how can i get 3g signal ?

  • zorromafioso

    I installed 4.0.4 and I felt horrible compared to the 4.0.3 which is much more versatile

    • jlb

      Agreed! 4.0.4 sucks!! It feels cheap. My is glitching. Incoming caller id is blocked by recent call pop-up. My keyboard is delayed now, and all the symbols are confusing. Go back to the simple text!!! Android, if this isn’t fixed soon I’m switching to iphone!!

      • I’m having absolutely no issues with my caller id or my keyboard. =/

  • Arvnd

    Hey 4.0.3 verson defintely uses more battery so i am not certain its a good idea to upgrade

  • SmgS2

    Ugh i hate the new update. My Swype feature doesnt work anymore, facebook acts up now, and too many pop boxes asking am i sure i want to do something

  • shahar

    I have 4.0.3 and I updated my version only this month! I used galaxy s2

    • chiji

      I upgraded to v.4.0.4 and now my automate rotate feature is disabled on my Toshiba thrive

  • What is Android 4.0.4 name? when user can use?

    • 4.0.4 is still Ice Cream Sandwich… as is 4.0.5, if it has even been released. Jellybean is the next “major” Android update and it begins with 4.1.2, if I am not mistaken. That is what is currently being pushed out to the Samsung Galaxy S3. =)

      • Sisovath Sumatra

        Thank You so much ^_^

  • New to Android

    Im confused why android 4.1 was not available to all newer devices right away? Im new to android but seems odd that only some things get jelly bean at launch.

  • tharaththan

    How can I update my phone to new version 4.0.5 .

  • Ive upgraded to 4.0.4 Its smooth and fast. But Ive few complaints but I am not sure whose fault is this.
    a) Phone hangs frequently whenever I try to type in chrome. I’m having hard time typing this comments here :(
    b) Unable to read unicode char in some apps including in Twitter app.
    c) Screenshot short cut is not working…

  • garddog

    How do i turn off voice to text when searching on google. Just want to type in text. 4.0.3 rev.

  • Prasad

    i have updated to ICS 4.0.3
    When i am connecting this device to LCD using Mini usb to HDMI cable.
    after certain interval of time there is loss os signal & i cant view the picture on LCD then i have to put off & on the input power supply of the mobile device. pls help is this a problem or bugs

  • GT-i9100

    4.0.4 the bluetooth audio streaming function is now broken and requires a great deal of fiddling to get it to work. Now you have to press play twice to get a song to play !!.

    It crashes when using a pin to enter teh phone though not every time.

    ITs rebooted now so many times I lost count on the first day!

    I want 4.0.3 back at least that worked

  • I am currently updating package, waiting for my Note to finish. i just hope it will be ICS 4.0.5, cuz 4.0.4 was dissastifying

  • lanecero

    I just got 4.0.4 and frankly, it sucks ass. I used to be running 2.3.5 which was waaayyy smoother, and didnt glitch up every 15 seconds. Not to mention that flash dosnt work on it anymore. Overall, a major letdown. I wish I could go back.

  • Big Mizzle

    Will 4.0.5 address the sleep of death issue?! Once every two days mine and my girlfriend’s phone will just shutdown/blackout, and we’ll either have to pull the battery or just hold the button down long enough for the phone to restart itself. I know the phone is still on because when I call it, I still hear a ringtone. A lot of users are experiencing this as well as battery drain within hours even when not in use!!!! I brought the issue up to both Sprint and Samsung and they know nothing of the issues users out there are facing, or they know and just not admitting to it. I’m waiting for an update to address these damn issues, or I may have to try to roll back to gingerbread as many are suggesting.

  • yod12

    apparently they eliminated the screen lock feature – to be able to set a password for the phone/tablet. Is that right?

  • bhrt

    My Samsung galaxy Tab 2 7.0 came with ICS 4.0.4
    I dont know what is wrong with Tab 2 P3100, everytime i change my sim card, all system apps stop working…Does any 1 know y?

  • AAudio Queen

    Bluetooth streaming fails since updating

  • lol

    4.0.4 totally suks! when is d 4.0.5 update releasing ?

  • Waldo

    I have a Droid4, since I was upgraded (if that is what you want to call it) to 4.0.4 my signal strength jumps all over the place. I can not stay connected to the internet. I loose signal all the time. I wish I could down grade back to the OS I had before.

  • O’Leary

    Did they change sqlite databases in some way? I have an app that works like it should on my friend’s phone which is 4.0.3 but it crashes on my phone which is 4.0.4. What gives? :(

  • Rezvie Navallo

    im working with the Sync and the difference i found out that on 4.0.3 doesnt import ics file calendar crash, while 4.0.4 does import ics file success., just give you an information guys, what problem with android is they dont tell much what are updates just i bit of version difference even 0.0.1 differences. thank

  • mark

    Just got 4.05 on resound..

  • Dexter

    hello, when i try to get online my phone is saying connected to the internet, im getting to use whatapp but some how im not getting online, when i try – im always getting ” this page is not available” can any one help me?

  • Sunil Singh Chauhan

    can i update my android 4.0.3 to 4.2.2