Amazon now offers free music streaming to Prime subscribers

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 12, 2014

amazon prime music

With free two-day shipping, free ebooks, unlimited movies, and other perks, Amazon’s Prime service is a great deal at $99, especially if you shop frequently online and you don’t mind waiting a bit for your orders.

Now Prime becomes even more attractive with the addition of Prime Music, an unlimited, ad-free streaming service that Amazon took the wraps off today. Only available in the US for now, Prime Music offers over a million songs, which sounds like a large catalog, but is actually small compared to the catalogs of Spotify and other competing streaming services.

However, Prime Music shines when it comes to the freedom it gives users – there are no restrictions on what songs you can play or on the number of skips, there are no ads to pester you to upgrade, and you can download all your tracks for offline listening. The service is available across platforms – Kindle Fire tablets, Android devices, iOS devices, PCs and Macs.

At no additional cost, Prime Music is another perk that Amazon’s using to draw users to its subscription service. The service lacks the rich catalog of competitors and many recent hits are not available for streaming. Still, for many users, especially those who prefer older tunes, it may be good enough. Amazon is trying to compensate for the smaller catalog with hundreds of handmade playlists, with themes as diverse as “Bollywood Oldies”, “Chemically-Altered Country”, and “Hard Beats, Hard Body”. And there’s always the option to buy tracks that are not available for streaming.

Amazon re-launched its iOS Cloud Player app as Amazon Music, and we expect to see a similar rebranding for Amazon’s Android music app. Head over here to sign up for Prime or start listening, if you’re already a customer.

  • Paul Allen

    Great news! Hopefully they’ll expand their catalog so I can finally drop my Rhapsody subscription.

    Any word if/when we’ll see an Amazon Instant Video app for Android?

  • monkey god

    Amazon Cloud player app for android doesn’t show up any of these Prime songs even after I added them to my library from my browser. Is it showing for you guys?

    • Branden

      I’m having a similar problem not showing prime playlists or music using the app.
      Play store says the app was updated June 12th, but still isn’t working with Prime music from what I can tell.

      • Annette Ravlola

        OK, not just me then.


    This is fantastic! They need a dedicated web app for this though. Right now it just works off of just adding albums to your library.

  • smokebomb

    I don’t get streaming services. Most people have a CD library or even a large mp3 library if you’re young enough. With today’s technology, even a fairly large library would take a weekend to rip. Then you hit upload on Google play music and there you go. Instant streaming music library that costs you nothing extra.

  • Colts5609

    As if I needed another reason to love my Prime membership. This is awesome news!