Alcatel OneTouch’s Idol 4 and Idol 4S leak ahead of unveiling (Update: more photos)

by: Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 2, 2016

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4S

Update: Thanks to our good friends at WinFuture, we now have some clearer images of the Idol 4S (pictured above) and Idol 4 (below). As you can see, the new smartphones don’t look to feature many new design elements this time around, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Idol 3 is a pretty attractive smartphone, and that also looks to be the case for the Idol 4 series.


Original post: The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 is still one of the best budget-friendly smartphones on the market. It comes with a big 5.5-inch Full HD display, a perfectly capable Snapdragon 615 processor, a decent camera and a good software experience. It’s also cheap, making it an even better deal when you can find one online for somewhere around $200-$250. If you’ve been wondering when the company plans on launching a successor to the Idol 3, you don’t have much longer to wait.

We now have a pretty lengthy list of specifications and details, thanks to some leaked support pages on Alcatel OneTouch’s website. It looks like there will be two successors to the Idol 3 – the 5.2-inch Idol 4 and the 5.5-inch Idol 4S. The company launched two different-sized handsets under the Idol 3 name last year which caused a little confusion, so it’s definitely nice to see there’s now an easier naming scheme behind the devices.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4S AA 1

The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4S will be the higher-end model this year, with a 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED display, an octa-core 1.8GHz and 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 chipset, 3GB of RAM, a 3000mAh battery, 32GB of on-board storage and microSD expansion up to 512GB. It will also come with a 16MP rear camera with video stabilization (EIS) and a slow motion 8MP “sub-camera” with an 84-degree wide-viewing angle.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4 AA 1

The Idol 4 will come with a 5.2-inch LTPS Full HD display, an octa-core 1.7 GHz and 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, 2/3GB of RAM, 16GB of on-board storage, a 2610mAh battery and microSD expansion up to 512GB. The Idol 4 will also sport a 13MP rear camera with video stabilization, and the same 8MP “sub-camera” that’s on the 4S. Both devices will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and come with some notable software features like double tap to wake.

We’ve taken screenshots of both devices’ spec sheets in case the support pages are taken down. If not, though, feel free to head to Alcatel OneTouch’s site at the source link below to poke around a bit. I couldn’t find any other references to the handsets. Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer for these to become official. But seeing as how MWC 2016 is right around the corner, we might be able to see the devices in person during the February trade show.

So, are you liking what you see so far?

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  • raju

    615 is a perfectly capable chip set I think even Qualcomm will not agree to that

    • Karly Johnston

      615 in my Idol 3 is a lagfest, it is only decent at 720p. The 652 will fix all of that

      • Marc Perrusquia

        I’m not sure if the GPU can handle Quad HD, the adreno 510 is apparently slightly better than the 330, which struggled pushing Quad HD, hell the 418 in my G4 lagged like crazy. The only chips that have handled Quad HD well for me have been the exynos 5433, exynos 7420, Snapdragon 805, and Snapdragon 810. Everything else seems to lag pushing that resolution.

      • Aditya Misra

        Its a decent enough chipset, just not designed for high res screens. It runs very well in a 720P handset, as it is supposed to. I use an M4 Aqua as a third phone and I have not seen any noticeable lag at all. Its as smooth as my 810 toting G Flex 2.

        The GPU itself is not the problem. Its a decent GPU for midrange and beats its mediatek counterparts in graphics performance. Its only slightly slower than the Adreno 320 which was a top end GPU 2-3 years ago.

        The problem is memory bandwidth. This has a single channel DD3 memory unit, with a bandwidth of around 6.5 GB/S , which is not really adequate for smoothly running a 1080P screen, at least for graphically demanding apps/games. The GPU itself is well capable, but is hamstrung by the single channel memory.

        If it had a dual channel 32 bit memory (like the older 600), it would have been a much better chipset.

        As far as the lag in the idol is concerned, its due to a horrible implementation of the SD 615. Its heavily underclocked at 1.3 ghz. Combine that with a 1080p screen and you have a recipe for disaster.

        • Karly Johnston

          The Adreno 405 is garbage especially at 1080p. A top end GPU 3 years ago says nothing today. The G Flex 2 is an overheating pos. The Idol 3 internal storage is slower than a decent class 10 SD card. You don’t have any good phones to compare to apparently.

          • Aditya Misra

            You seem to have no understanding or conception of market segmentation and product differentiation. Not all phones can carry 4 GB with Snapdragon 810/820 and a quad HD screen, it would be utterly pointless since 90% of android smartphone volumes are low to mid end.

            Out of interest, what chip do you want to be used in a ‘midrange’ phone. And please dont give me Snapdragon 650/652 as they are not available in ANY phone retailing presently. So go ahead and enlighten us with your superior knowledge.

            And you clearly havent used a G Flex 2 recently or ever for that matter. The only time it lagged and heated was with the FIRST version of the software, which has seen multiple updates since then. My Gflex 2 runs faster and smoother than pretty much all phones out there except maybe the Exynos powered Sammies and Meizus. Fireget about lag, I dont even see stuttering of any sort. 60 fps smooth UI.

            Coming back to the 405, it is STILL the best GPU in its target segment, i.e low mid to mid range. It CAN drive 1080p quite ok apart from heavy gaming. Check out Moto G turbo reviews.

            And lastly, I have a LOT of devices to do a proper comparison. Between me and my wife, we have a Gflex 2, Zenfone 2 4GB model, Xperia C5 Ultra, Lg G pro 2, Meizu MX5 and a Lumia 925. Enough you think?

          • Karly Johnston

            Err… the Moto G Turbo is 720p so how is that an example? The 405 at 1080p is garbage just like I said. Idol 3 is a perfect example. The 810 in the G Flex 2 was such a colossal failure it drove LG to use SD 808 in all of its flagships. There is an SD650 available right now, it is called the Redmi Note 3 Pro and is an excellent performer at a low price point, it is faster than every phone you have.

      • coltieboy

        I recall you saying the Idol 3 was zippy as can be, when I condemned it for lagging, and thus stuck with my Huawei ascend mate 2. Both of those phones are long gone now for me, but I stand by saying the Snapdragon 400 in the Mate 2 was buttery smooth in comparison to the lagcity Idol 3. Shame, because the screen and speakers were great on that guy

        • Karly Johnston

          Zippy, nah. It has always lagged. It isn’t as laggy as the AM2 on JB was. That took forever to load a webpage.

          • coltieboy

            I had it on Lollipop, towards the end and it was plenty fast. It took a while to load a page, but once it did, it was smooth scrolling. The AOT would load quickly and be choppy as hell. the Idol 3 was Lag city b*tch, lag lag city b*tch. See what I just did there :p Anyhow I’m on a Nexus 6 and LG G3 now, so I have forgotten what lag is. These 800 series chips are no joke.

    • 615 was one POS of a chip.

  • DDD

    Now we wait for the prices.

  • ChrisPollard77

    Wow! If the cameras don’t suck, these could be some serious contenders! But what about the cameras … because let’s face it, we put a LOT of stock in how good the camera on our phone is these days. Ship these at the right price, and it’s a winner.

    • drago10029

      I agree with everything you said, I’m really excited for the idol 4s, most likely my next phone. if not this the LG V10 or G5

  • Dan McSweeney


  • AS118

    I hope they make another 4.7″ phone with a 720p screen, but with a much bigger battery.

    I liked the 4.7″ Idol 3, but not the small battery on it.

  • Marc Perrusquia

    I think I’ll be picking up a 4s to play with, the Snapdragon 652 looks excellent and the idol 3 apparently had VERY impressive front facing speakers, so I’d love to give this a shot. Any word on a possible price point? If it’s around $250-$300 it would be the phone I’d recommend to people on a budget.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Didn’t notice the 5.5″ Quad HD AMOLED display in the specs on the 4s, that’s insane. With a 1080p LCD that would still be a hell of a deal. This is going on the definite buy list.

  • Paulo Monteiro

    I have a idol 3 6045k since october, besides the noticebale lag (even tho i’m using cyanongen right now) from the 615 chipset, there’s nothing more i can complain about, it’s a great looking phone with great specs, camera is mid-range great and the double front JBL speakers are amazing! I’m hoping for this Idol 4s to keep the price range and i’ll be buying it!

    • Sperrybird

      does the speaker sound muffled when on speaker mode? I’m looking for a phone that I can use we chat and putting it on speaker.

      • Paulo Monteiro

        The sound is amazing! I’m using Viper4FX for even greater sound quality, a reminder if you want to try it on the future.

      • Cleatus Tank

        Speakers sound great for essentially everything.

    • lol according to the shills on the sub for the Idol 3, there is no lag…

      I have the phone, I agree with you.

      • Cleatus Tank

        Definitely can get laggy, especially for google now searches for some reason. Other than that though I have really enjoyed the phone for the price.

    • coltieboy

      Did the lag go away with CM? I had this phone but the lad was awful with the stock ROM

  • Too bad these phones will never receive any Android update. We all learned from the Idol 3.

    • Takumi Fujiwara

      so the idol 3 also was #stuckOS? because i’m using alcatel flash plus and we’re stuck at kitkat. because stupid alcatel said (in a PM to me by Flash Global), that they have no plans to update flash plus because Kitkat is stable. lol. they are not even concerned about the threat on mediatek devices running kitkat.

      • Yup. They said we’d get 5.1 then they cancelled and said it’d jump directly to 6. But still no announcement. It’s pretty ridiculous, especially since 5.0 isn’t the best and 5.1 was out when the phone was released.

        • Marc Perrusquia

          XDA is your friend.

          • Sure, I’m following the thread. It seems CM12.1 is pretty stable but battery life isn’t as good as with the stock ROM.

            Still doesn’t excuse anything though.

          • Marc Perrusquia

            Oh it’s absolutely no excuse for poor updates from the OEM, but the phone does seem to have decent developer support, something you definitely can’t say for every phone.

        • Matthias

          check this out

      • SamsaraGuru

        Sometimes getting an upgrade on an older device is not a good thing. I have a Nexus 7, which I was happy with, then it was “upgraded” to 5.1.1. Lollipop – made it slow as molasses in January. Yes, I suppose I could reinstall KitKat – which worked just fine, but it is a pain to do so.

  • Pedro A. Vasquez Espinal

    In 2016 and no fingerprint reader? ILL PASS IMMEDIATELY

    • SamsaraGuru

      Have you read any of the articles about finger print scanning being a potentially serious security risk? Some features though convenient are dangerous. Alcatel as far as I can see is trying to keep the price down, while at the same time yield a nice experience. It is unreasonable to expect all the bells and whistles of a $700.00 flagship for such a reasonable price. Most reviews I read about it made mention of the economy moves people here seem to be bitching about.

      I also contend that most people would have an almost impossible time telling which iteration of Android (or iOs)their phones are running. Only tech freaks with way too much time on their hands would know or care.

      • balcobomber25

        “It is unreasonable to expect all the bells and whistles of a $700.00 flagship for such a reasonable price.” Except most other phones costing under $200 coming from China have fingerprint sensors.

        As for security there are risks with anything you do on a mobile phone. The Chaos Computer Club was able to hack an Iphone’s fingerprint security but it required them to actually have access to the phone and it was an incredibly long and thorough process. If someone wants to go through all that trouble to have access to my phone they are going to be incredibly disappointed.

        • SamsaraGuru

          Well, I do have all of those national security secrets Hillary shared with me and all the enemy nation states to safeguard, of course!

          And as far as China goes – keep in mind that when you are talking about the Chinese – if it isn’t nailed down they will – not may – will steal it; so much easier to steal other’s intellectual capital and ideas than think them up yourself, but basically of course China is a non-creative country due to its despotic, totalitarian nature which inculcates fear of pursuing the truth over pursuing it – and paying slave wages also helps them “stay competitive”.

          As far as I am concerned, just because someone in the past found it hard to steal a fingerprint scan does not mean that someone out there hasn’t figured out an “easy”, comparatively, way (or that we will ever know about it when they do – until it is too late).

          Unlike a password that can be changed – your finger print cannot; I realize it is a nice convenient thing, but as far as I am concerned it falls under the heading of “it don’t make no never mind to me”.

          • balcobomber25

            You do realize Alcatel are Chinese phones?

          • SamsaraGuru

            Yes, built in China for a French company. I know, may be splitting hours, but we can hope that since it is not at least a Chinese company perhaps they will exercise proprietary control.

          • balcobomber25

            Try again. Built in a China for a Chinese company. TCL gained 100% control of Alcatel (from the French Alcatel) in 2005. They are as Chinese as Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei or Lenovo.

          • SamsaraGuru

            Thank you for the information. Now, that is a perfect reason not to buy one!

          • balcobomber25

            Why? Most phones sold today are made in a Chinese factory.

          • SamsaraGuru

            Yes, most are made in China, not all though thank God at least not yet.

            Why? Because Communist China is along with Russia, Iran and other similarly despotic, totalitarian nation states the equivalent of dealing with, supporting an enemy as vicious, unprincipled and devoted to suppressing at all costs and with total disregard for them – human life and/or rights and individual freedom.

            It is a nation that in the end we will have to go to war with and defeat categorically and totally and I for one will, even if it albeit a small, seemingly singular, apparently hopeless effort, do anything I can to hasten its well deserved despotism’s demise. That’s why.

            If a murderer moved into town and bought the home next door and his store offered the best discounted goods, would you overlook the fact every now and then someone he took a dislike to because they expressed an opinion that displeased him “was disappeared”?

            As human beings we only in the end have actual control over the actions we take, the values we hold to and stand up and are willing to fight for and to the extent that you or I allow ourselves to get into bed with and support a monstrous and despicable and murderous entity such as Chinese Communism – you do I assume know about Tienneman Square even though China has made it illegal and dangerous for its citizens to mention or even to find a mention of it on their sanitized Internet I hope.

            However, if saving a few bucks and ignoring what hey actually are and thereby helping them doesn’t bother you, be my guest but, needless to say, I will not knowingly join you.

          • balcobomber25

            Just about every brand of phone on the market today is either made in China, sells it devices in China or is made from parts that are made in China. The phone you hold in your hand today is more Chinese than it is anything else.

            In your delusional hysteria you are already supporting Chinese business without ever realizing it. But China and the US will never go to war, without the US/Europe the Chinese economy would collapse.

  • ToniK

    Interesting design choice to have both front and rear speakers. Might have to buy this as a back up device :0

  • Hmmm, this is a high consideration. It has a 3000mAh battery, and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, on top of 32GBs and Micro SD card support with Adnroid 6.0. The only grip I have with it is the camera potentially, as @ChrisPollard77:disqus stated

  • Ron999

    Am I the only one not happy to see AMOLED? Yah, good contrast and colors, but in my experience they burn in and fade over time.