5 Must have Halloween apps for Android

by: Joe HindyOctober 26, 2013

Halloween apps for Android
It’s Halloween season! Kids are out trick-or-treating, people are dressing up, and parties are being had. Most of the time, Android devices aren’t used for much aside from taking pictures of your totally awesome zombie makeup or your kids not dressing up in the worst kids Halloween costume of all time. However, there are a variety of apps for Android that can help you get ready for Halloween and maybe enjoy it even more. Read on to see them!

Costumes for Halloween - Halloween apps for AndroidCostumes for Halloween

[Price: Free]
First up is an app called Costumes for Halloween. This app is an online store where you can find Halloween costumes for kids and adults. There are a few costume store sources that you can choose from to find the costumes you want.Get it on Google Play There are even a few fun features, like shaking the device will show you a random costume. If it’s last second and you still don’t have an idea, check this app out.
Halloween apps for Android - Costumes for Halloween

Halloween apps for Android - GPS Tracker ProGPS Tracking Pro

[Price: Free]
This isn’t a Halloween app on the face of it, but for parents who are letting their kids go out on Beggar’s Night alone for the first time, this app can provide some piece of mind. Using it, you can keep an eye on where they are and check in with them without following them around.Get it on Google Play As a nifty side feature, it has a “find my phone” feature in case a phone gets lost a Halloween party. Lots of uses for this one.
GPS Tracking Pro Halloween apps for Android

Halloween Planner - Halloween apps for AndroidHalloween Planner

[Price: $0.99]
It’s apropos for holidays like this to have a lot of plans on top of your regular schedule. With that in mind, we’ve included an app called Halloween Planner that can help you quickly plan out your Halloween without clogging up your other apps. It’s a buck in the Play Store. Get it on Google PlayIn most cases, your regular app for scheduling things will do, but if you can have one that’s Halloween themed, why not try it?
Halloween Planner - halloween apps for android

Halloween Ringtones 2013 - halloween apps for androidHalloween Ringtones 2013

[Price: Free]
We put a wallpapers app on here, so why not a ringtones app as well? With Halloween Ringtones 2013, you can easily find Halloween ringtones and assign them wherever. Get it on Google PlayIt has over 100 ringtones and they’re all free. It never hurts to have to festive sounds along with images.
Halloween Ringtones 2013 - halloween apps for android

Horror Makeup - Halloween apps for androidHorror Makup

[Price: $1.06]
One of the hardest parts of any costume is the makeup. Unless you’re a makeup artist by a trade, a woman, or a very feminine man. For everyone else, there is an app called Horror Makeup that’ll help you put the finishing touches on your costume. Get it on Google PlayIncluded are the classics like zombie or vampire among others. If you’re having trouble getting your makeup right, we recommend you give this a shot.
horror makeup - halloween apps for android

Halloween apps for Android - Scare Your FriendsScare Your Friends

[Price: Free]
To be perfectly honest, this app may not have made the list if it weren’t totally free. It is a gag app to be sure, but one that you can have some fun with. The premise of this app is simple. It sets a timer and when the timer ticks down, a scary image pops up on the screen accompanied by a loud noise. Get it on Google PlayIf you can catch someone unsuspecting, it’s great for a scare but really, come November 1, the app won’t be worth keeping around. That said, lots of people seem to enjoy it, so it’s worth enjoying while you can!
Halloween apps for Android - Scare Your Friends

Halloween apps for Android wrap-up

Holiday-inspired apps are always a little obscure and that makes the good ones hard to find. If we missed an awesome Halloween app, feel free to let us know in the comments. As always, be safe no matter what you end up doing for Halloween!

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  • David Redpath

    Nightmare set for tonight after seeing that Pet Cemetery dog :( On a lighter note I just released the Creepy Halloween Town – Sure it would have made your list http://bit.ly/HplBNF

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  • Bernard

    In case you need a fun music for halloween evening, I made one for the Halloween theme of my game: Mahjong In Poculis. It is available on Google Play for free without in-game ads :)

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  • Personal App Solutions (.com)

    Here’s another option – a new Android App (.99 cents) just in time for Halloween.
    The app allows you to pair your device with a Bluetooth speaker and turn your device into a microphone. Hide the speaker by a grave, mummy, ghost, ? and interact/surprise with unsuspecting guests. If you’re short on words, send/transmit one of the canned sounds.