That $4 smartphone is sketchy as hell

by: John DyeFebruary 19, 2016

Photo by Vishal Mathur

Earlier this week, Indian smartphone maker Ringing Bells unveiled their record-setting Freedom 251, an Android device that had some astounding specs for its unbelievable $3.64 price tag (Rs. 251). There was so much fervor over the device’s release that Times of India described the rush for pre-orders as “breaking the internet.” Now that people are actually getting their hands on the device, however, the whole thing is looking pretty damn sketchy. Right out of the box, you know something’s not right when your new phone has a blob of Wite-Out cleverly concealing the name of the device’s actual manufacturer.

Photo by Vishal Mathur

Photo by Vishal Mathur

That’s right: the Freedom 251 is actually the Adcom Ikon 4, an entry-level Chinese smartphone. Not only is this a scam, but it’s one where the scam artist isn’t even trying! What’s more, the device looks nothing like the smartphone advertised on Ringing Bells’ website.


Via Ars Technica

Fortunately, Ringing Bells noticed the discrepancy and made the appropriate changes. Not to the phone, of course, but to their website.

Via Ars Technica

Via Ars Technica.

There! Much better.

This raises some interesting questions, seeing as the Adcom Ikon 4 normally retails for $54 dollars. How Ringing Bells is making any money selling these devices at 1/14th of that figure is anyone’s guess. And that’s not even taking into consideration the cost of Wite-Out.

Freedom-251-Front-newSee also: The $4 smartphone Freedom 251 will run Lollipop (update)44

The mysteries keep coming, however, because when you boot up the device, you’ll discover a familiar sight… if you’ve ever been an iPhone user. Although the Freedom 251/Adcom Ikon 4 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, for some reason most of the icons have been ripped directly from iOS. Hell, the browser icon is just straight up the Safari logo.

Photo by Gadgets 360

Photo by Gadgets 360

Adcom says that they had no idea their branding and products were being used for this and that they are beginning to investigate the matter. In the meantime, Ringing Bells is telling journalists not to worry, and that the device they’ve received is “just a preview version.” Oh, that explains everything then.

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  • Diego

    so, ripping off iOs ikons was an accident?
    They also had “no idea” about this?
    Ok, I’m not buying this phone.

    • 1213 1213

      Were you planning to? Lol

  • Diego

    For all you know, the phone may have a malware installed.

    • namgisdon

      I’ve seen this theory on a site yesterday I couldn’t find the article again but they were giving some potential reasons why a company would do this and one of them was so that the company could mine data and sell it seems pretty sketchy to me

    • 1213 1213

      Some sketchy phones have ads as a part of the os that pop up on the home screen and stuff. I’m guessing something like that is happening here.

  • Diego

    Also, if they made this phone, how were they not aware of this?

  • AndroidUser15

    of course, since its made by Indians, what else you can expect? They were conning us being IRS agents, Microsoft Virus removers, Call Center Scammers and what not.. now, how can they be left behind in stealing via trendy ideas/ subjects?
    Clearly, they stole iOS icons. Probably they stole more than just that… May be they used money conned by being IRS agents to manufacture this shitty phone… btw similar trends have been seen in India where people take your money in Advance (pre-orders) and then give you nothing. When you go to law officials, they really cant help you because the “con artists had left the country” already!

    • SirenoftheFallen

      I assume you don’t use any “Google” related products because yknow, the CEO of Google is Indian.
      Speak for yourself, probs most of these Indians are better off than you are or most probably ever will be.

      • STFU

        What has Sundar Pichai being an Indian has got anything to do with this? are you related to him? Plus why you sound like Google is you or Pichai’s company? Has Pichai involved in the development of this shit of a phone? Why are you bringing him into this equation?

        By your logic since a lot of jews are captains of industry can I say the same thing to you even though I had nothing even remotely related to them other than nationality? If not STFU.

        • M S hopefull©®

          Other than this ios patent.. Anything wrong with the phone because it is made in India.
          If India company able to provide a phone for this price then y not American companies

          • STFU

            Geez read the news. This phone is MADE IN CHINA and is ILLEGALLY rebranded from Adcom to Freedom.
            Why can’t the world produce smartphone this cheap? Maybe the third world countries like yours doesnt need a cheap phone maybe they prefer food and shelter. Or maybe the rest of the world doesnt want a cheap phone that’s frustrating to even look at let along use. Take a look at Apple and their success. Now take a look at thousands of cheap phone models and their ‘success’.

          • M S hopefull©®

            Then did u think your country has no problem at all there…. Then what about co2 emission, health care problem, zika, water.. Etc

          • India has nothing to do with Zika. Learn basic geography.

          • M S hopefull©®

            For your information India is 2nd largest smart phone users

          • tiggerlator

            India is a third world shithole, sorry but it is

        • deepu james

          Exactly…a bunch of idiots mocking a stupid phone, (not Adcom, the ‘iPhone’ of course) does not make all the Indians like that. So why don’t you STFU sweetheart.

          • STFU

            Sry kiddo i don’t talk to a street pooper like you and your kind.

        • Sayed ahamed

          Pichai isan American citizen . he immigrated from India to USA a land of better facilities and opportunities 23 years ago

      • Mohammed Ismail

        Stop talking u resist what the hell u thing ur what the hell u archive in ur life to comment on a guy like sunder pichai. His laundry bill is be more than ur annual income

    • Raw Mess

      Already learnt that lesson from shitty manufacturers in india like karbonn , micromax and yu , didnt expect it to be any better .

    • bob

      you know there are good humans and bad humans

      • Utkarsh

        I love Binary

      • abn

        And everything chesp in aindia. Real talk

    • spoiler alert

      I agree. But not all indians are like that. So dont use the term indians to describe some people.

    • Telveer

      I hope people dont think general android users are like you because you are a d bag!

  • Wiggysan®

    $54 phone for $4 …… perfect for pre-teen kids & school kids. Root it, run “normal” Android…… perfect. Even if the kids flush it down the toilet, you wont care at that price.

    • Diego

      Naw, a $150 android will do the trick.
      Or even an iPhone 4s which runs pretty cheep.

      • Wiggysan®

        You can afford a $150 phone to give a 12 year old?

        Richer then me mate.

        • Diego

          well, thats the only phone they are getting until they can afford their own.

        • devilreaper


        • Marc Perrusquia

          My 12 year old brother uses a 64gb 6s plus.

          • abn

            My nephew 9. Go figure

  • Jude Ghang

    I smell curry from that phone.

    • Well, did you see the latest interview?

  • charlie Jason

    Even though the phone is a scam, chill with the racism guys.

    • If people were well like you! :) see the next comment itself by Highlander.

    • Qasim57

      WHERE were they racist?

      I read the entire article, didn’t see any racism at all. The only thing they had a go at, was the sleezy phone. It was a cheap publicity stunt(“made in India” campaign by BJP govt), and it backfired.

      India needs better controls. This phone should not have been promoted as some “made in India” masterpiece when it’s reality was not sustainable.

      • Nickan Fayyazi

        He’s clearly referring to the comments, in which people are being racist…

        • Mark Mann

          that’s racist…against ghosts

      • Its 2016, everything is racist. It’s a white phone, obviously racism going on here.

        • JDMillest

          mostly to black people from what ive been seeing on the internet. other race dont really care.

    • Patricius Kopko

      What? I didn’t see any racism in this article whatsoever.

      • charlie Jason

        Read the comments and you will know what I am talking about. I mean many ppl posting comments are racist, not the article.

        • Josh Gilman

          Facts are not racist.

      • tunafacialistic

        Obama is exactly half white but considered all black.
        He’s really the first Hershey’s milk chocolate POTUS.

        • h4rr4r

          The USA uses “one drop” as the standard. Thus he is black.

    • tiggerlator

      Are you even awake?

    • calmdownbro


      … POO IN LOO

  • highlander

    Ha ha ha ha. Welcome in India baby. Fu cking 17 century poor country.

    • Technocrat

      Where are you from?

      • bob

        might be from a cave

        • M S hopefull©®

          We are from innovative INDIA

          Where here we giving phone for 4 dollars y not America company’s there.
          We innovation here..we have found vaccine for ziak virus here where America and other South American countries till suffering and not able to find the medicine.
          What is population of our country?? Still we able to compete developed nations like u

          I have one questions why there is no Americans to run Microsoft r Google r coca cola company’s over there

          • Robu

            Your in a country that has doesn’t believe in safe building codes, labor fairness, vaccination or universal health care. Not to say that all people from India are terrible, given the country’s amazing history.. But Modern India is incredibly different than its history, a huge percentage of your country lives in squalor and unsanitary conditions. Out of all the places I have been, I have not once seen someone take a dump reading a news paper in a street anywhere else but India. Congratulations, you have Cyberjaya that doesn’t make you a world leader in science, or correct the metric fuck ton of social issues your nation has or the sheer number of people there who are willing to scam for a buck (while yes, its to feed them selves a scam is a scam)

          • M S hopefull©®

            Yes we have lot of problem in our country… We have huge population 120 crore to feed them in all aspects shelter, food, health care etc. But still we are able to compete with developed nations.. Your country too have problem of co2 emission,health care law2015,zika virus.etc have look at those problems .
            Before commenting here u should think.. I didn’t mean your comment have look at others comment.

          • tiggerlator

            India is basically a third world shithole, where the main goal is have moar kids, and eat curry

    • bob

      what ?

    • prakhar

      Abbe chutiye aukat mein rehe gand fad denge tere

  • Scypheroth

    ill take 4 please

  • ahmad yoga

    they will run with all the money before the delivery date

    • Sudipt123

      Ha ha ha, just lol. Another fly by night operator!

  • Cory Wilson

    Well hey it’s only $4 right? Not like anyone is out any major money

  • OSNY

    The bottle of white-out costs nearly as much as the phone lol.

    • Lindle

      What!!?!?!? A wite out pen costs less than a dollar where I come…..
      Or is Wite-out a specific brand?

      • Raul

        Probably an wite-out made by Apple

        • Android Does

          Ok, moron. Your English is so bad that even Walmart is too expensive for you. “Hahaha apple is expensive, I make funny joke! It’s funny because I’m poor and live in the ghetto, so they are too expensive for me!”

          Nobody fucking cares how much you hate apple just because you can’t afford them.

          • PokemonX2013

            Chill m8, it’s just a joke.

          • Raul

            English isn’t my primary language, what is your excuse for being a snob?

        • iEverything

          so the iWite? Trademark that shiz!

          • Ethan Campbell

            Your username is very convenient in this situation.

  • Though this phone is from the country I belong, India; please don’t call it an Indian product. This is a laughable byproduct of current very laughable ‘Make in India’ campaign of the government filled with idiots worse than Trump.

    • Telveer

      Leave politics out of it dumbo.

    • I haven’t seen more idiotic person than you in my life. You’re mixing way too many things here. Get the facts right

      • In India every big con is connected to politics you idiot. Because of this con company, whole world is laughing at Indians.

        • And tell me what made you think this Ringing Bells is a big company who can afford to roll in for Make In India program? They can’t even afford SSL certificate. Start reading, collecting facts before you speak kid.. ;-) don’t ring your balls just yet

          • The fact that they are using the tricolor as well as government sponsored apps and launch during Make In India week is enough evidence that they are taking benefit of national sentiments. And also calling the Defence Minister for the launch! Though he defended himself by not turning up for it ;)

            You fry your balls father of a bi*CH.

          • Hahahah. Since when using tricolor requires govt permission in India? ??? and anyone can bundle govt sponsored apps. Just by announcing names of chief guests, doesn’t mean their direct involvement kid.. :-)

            You are thinking little too much about it. Stop involving politics in any freaking thing you find. This is just a scam which is framed to earn quick money in short time. This has happened before too.

          • First read comments carefully and then eat your sh*t you moron troll. Did not expect morons like this replying on Android Authority website!

          • hnh

            Ok guys, enough! , don’t hate each other for a stupid 3d world poor country like India. It’s not even a country, my bathroom is cleaner than it, so please grow up and help those motherfucking Indians to be a normal humans.

          • SIDDARTH KUMAR

            Ya the country which has one of the biggest military in the world, it’s the same country who found the vaccine of the zika virus, the country who invented the mathematics. Ur bathroom may be cleaner than the whole country but those billions of people’s who lives in India, who struggles to get even a job, to get a whole day food and a shelter to live are millions times better than u sir. U sir is just one of those fat ass who makes funny jokes on other countries than turn of ur smartphone or pc & lives in luxurious life. This is called racism not the article.

          • KID ANDROID

            Come on really AA is full of morons and complete losers your surprised by commentors

          • just stopping by

            And you’re one of them?

  • I’m not surprised to see people bringing racism, politics and what not in this. Come on, it’s a scam. The company Ringing Bells (or balls? ?) is not allowed to sell anything in India. They don’t have to authority. They’ve taken orders, asked for money in advance. They set deadlines to June 2016..

    They will refund money after 5-6 months and will earn interest on top of the received money. Easiest way to get good funding in small time. But the founders are going to have real bad time after that. They’ve exposed their identities and involved higher authorities from Indian Govt.

  • abqnm

    What is the screen resolution and camera MP count, according to the device itself? The Adcom has a WVGA (480×800) and a 5MP camera, while the Freedom allegedly has a qHD (540×960) screen and a 3.2MP camera.

    If the device in-hand isn’t qHD and has a 5MP camera, then it’s certainly just the Adcom with the name crossed out. If it has a qHD screen and a 3.2MP camera, then it’s at least slightly different.

  • Jeena Bittenbender

    lol. oh geez. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

  • sri charan

    It comes pre-installed with govt. related bloatware……I think the rest of the cost is subsidized by the govt. …..This is to push internet and tele-communications to rural areas….I could be wrong….

    • Abhijith

      There’s no govt involvement with this phone. There’s no subsidy for the phone that govt announced. This is just another scam :p

  • Randy N. Gaston

    So Adcom is selling $4 phones for $54?

    • David Nicholson

      That’s certainly a unique way of looking at it.


      Apple sells their $150-$200 phones for $800-$1,000

      • AX86

        I think they had made a time machine and ringing bells is the back to present apple from 2100 .

    • Teo Tornaci

      No, they could change the logo while manufacturing the phone

      • Adco kon 4

        That would cost too much. White out is much cheaper than rebranding even if you mean they scratch out one of the letters or something.

    • Zunain Faisal

      No. Ringing Bells is selling $54 phones for $4

      • Randy N. Gaston

        Have you ever heard of humor?

        • blackjack

          You need a joke first.

      • Ponzi

        Or Ringing Bells is advertizing that they are selling $54 phones for $4. They get the orders and about 2 weeks later (how long people can usually wait for electronic devices) they should have plenty of orders and plenty of people’s $4. Time to bail!

        • Kat

          What are you a child?
          If they buy a million phones and send it to a million people, and pay them all $4, they will have $4,000,000 but they have already payed $54,000,000, they’re in fucking debt.

          • Michael F

            They bought like 20 phones to show in their advertising and send to “reviewers”. They never had the phones they sold to people, which is why it’s a scam. Either that or the phones were stolen. India hates China almost as much as they hate Pakistan so Ringing Bells knows they wouldn’t be prosecuted.

  • Mohammed Ismail

    Sorry guys I was the 1 who comment about freedom251 phone in android authority videos . even I thing it’s a scam but gods knows bcoz I try call the customer care no. On there website no one answering.

  • Zak

    I love how everyone is losing their sh*t, bringing race and politics into this…. seriously guys its a 4$ f*cking phone!!! Cheaper than a happy meal. Doesn’t matter that its shitty or a scam the most you are losing is 4$ so give it up!

    • raju sesha

      There were at least 600000 clicks $2,400,000 is still a huge amount. And what I worry is they quote make in India for tax benefits and economies of large scale production for the reduced price. But how can you claim benefits if it isn’t a make in India one at all? This is going to be one big scam!!

    • Teo Tornaci

      But what about Adcom? How much money are they losing…

      • 1

        If they actually gave the phones to India then they don’t care about the loss. If they were stolen they can sue India for the damages since Ringing Bell was nice enough to put the evidence online. Win win

        And if India doesn’t own up to one of their companies doing this shady shi t then I’m sure there’s plenty of world politics that can solve that problem too

        • Kat

          India is the second biggest country in the world, fucking child, they don’t have time for their little fucking companies.

  • Gaurav

    Whoa !!! The article reeks of racism. It’s like the ‘N’ word has now become ‘Indian’.
    Maybe articles should be labelled according to Races and Color now.
    Great going Android Authority. Btw, you do have a Chinese looking writer too. Does he have a color reference, or Chinese are not racially attacked anymore?

    • ichuck7

      How is this article racist?

    • musique

      Well……. Caste system. Greatest Indian invention! Let’s have a “hug a Dalit day” in India first. Stop screaming “racist.. racism” at every opportunity.

    • tiggerlator

      retard, can i say that, cause you are one. what about the fact that india is a third world shithole, is that ok. true tho

  • Guy breaks into Adcom factory, snags a few palletes of the Ikon 4, stops off at Office Depot, gets WhiteOut, and sells the phones for $4 each.

    Seems legit.

    • That sounded surprisingly heroic.
      Appdroid-Man knows how to think about fellow humans & kids in Africa!

    • Estafador

      Honestly, if I knew where to buy them I’d buy this $4 phone just to say I did. It’s cheap, it gets the job done and it’s far snappier than expected. Even the camera is better than expected. Totally worth half your lunch money lol

      • Whatever

        That’s more or less exactly what Unbox Therapy said. Watched the video? ;)

        • Ram Revivo OAsis-Injection

          sure did there ;)

        • Estafador

          OOOOH glad to know a fellow unbox therapy fan among our midst. Too bad he didn’t say how to buy it?

          • Worth it

            Don’t know about these $4 phones but you can get the legit Adcom Ikon 4 for $50 on amazon or ebay.

          • Kat

            Why get the legit Adcom?
            Resold Adcom $4 > “Legit” Adcom $50 (which rips of the iBone anyways)

          • Xavier

            Right !!

        • Adam Roger Kearley

          “Snappier” is a dead giveaway that he did, lmao.

      • Ingram Ozul Ascelin

        Lewis, is that you? XD

        • Estafador


    • Ethan Campbell

      Don’t forget the flag of India sticker on the back.

  • Pradeep Reddy

    Maybe be it is a scam. But if it works ppl who never had a mobile will have a phone running Android lollipop:)

  • ichuck7

    Good article. Well written. I enjoyed it.

  • ichuck7

    The new annoying guy… “Mr. Offended by everything guy.” No, not everything is racist. Chill out. You are not cool running around calling everything racist.

  • webclone

    that is very very sketchy O.o

  • Legendary ?

  • saksham

    i recently saw a beggar with this phone !

    • AX86

      And it is a company called ringing bells.

    • Lance Pillay

      How does he charge it though?

  • You get what you pay for

  • Jeff Martinez

    A modern smartphone that goes for 4 dollars? The above image of the actual phone is better than what I was expecting.

  • Shaunak Basu

    I firmly believe it is one more scam like the Akash Tablet…

    • Sudipt123

      Akash tablet was not a scam, mind you. Just got caught up with the propoganda ministry!

      • Shaunak Basu

        FYI: a lot of people have not got the tablet, nor received their money back. Please do some research.
        In a normal term – it is called scam as they walked away with people money…

  • xxxninja

    i want that phone

  • It’ll be good to have the phone’s network activity checked to see where they’re sending user data ;)

  • Heil Shitler

    Only thing Indians are better at is scamming people . I wouldn’t touch this garbage yuck..

  • LineInTheSand

    Something racist, etc, etc. There you go people! Proof that I’m racist.

  • Falenone

    The first design of the phone looked so awesome. The actual iphone ripoff design… No

  • ConCal

    How is this a scam? It’s 251 rupees. The price is subsidized by the government. I know a lot of people who are excited to get smartphone in the hands of poorer and more rural groups.

    • Brodie Yg

      is a scam because its a stolen phone rebranded without concent. rebranded with white out.

      • ConCal

        Stolen? How is it stolen?

      • balcobomber25

        Or they bought a case of unsold phones at a massive discount. Or the companies are one in the same. Or they were bought at cost and being heavily subsidized. There is no mention of them being “stolen”.

        • Brodie Yg

          yes the story clearly outlines the phones are stolen. the company that owns and makes the phones in china have come out and stated there phones are being rebranded and resold without consent or permission and official investigation is underway.

          • balcobomber25

            Selling them illegally and stealing them aren’t the same thing. For instance US Mobile tried to sell Xiaomi and Meizu phones in the US a few months ago. Both companies said they never consented to allowing US Mobile to sell those phones. US Mobile didn’t steal them, they partnered with a vendor who was trying to offload them. The same is most likely what happened here.

          • Brodie Yg

            in my country that is the definition of theft and they would be charged accordingly

          • balcobomber25

            Which country do you live in?

      • Sudipt123

        Ha, conspiracy theories! I just love them ;)

    • Josfer

      It’s not subsidised by the govt. Read the news, govt has issue out a statement.

    • Abhijith

      There’s no govt involvement with this phone. There’s no subsidy for the phone that govt announced. This is just another scam

      • balcobomber25

        You keep posting this same line. Just because it’s not subsidized by the government doesn’t mean it is not subsidized at all. Somebody is paying for these devices to sell so cheaply. Probably a large corporation that is loading the phones with adware.

        • Abhijith

          Either that or, this is a big scam. Why you didn’t see that?
          And, “a large corporation that is loading the phones with adware”, seems heavily vague. :p

          • balcobomber25

            Never said it wasn’t a scam.

  • s2weden2000

    government subsidy phone..look up aakash tablet (ubislate) …

    • Abhijith

      No. There’s no govt involvement with this phone. There’s no subsidy for the phone that govt announced. This is just another scam.

  • Yolø23

    that’s the sad thing i ever seen a company try on first the picture of the phone isn’t legit then the change it but then they just tries do hide the real name of the phone with a paper over the name WTF ?!

  • Choda Boy

    I would be surprised if this did not have spyware/malware installed, ready to steal all of your information.

  • Goldfish

    Something for nothing leaves nothing!

  • Makesi Glodon

    Lol this is hilarious. However, how you guys seem surprised at Android authority about icon packs that mimick that of iPhone is beyond me since they’re been a part of rooting and customizing phones for years now. Eg MIUI

    • Abhijith

      MIUI doesn’t mimic ios icons -_-

      • Makesi Glodon

        No that’s not what i meant, I mean MIUI has themes that mimic Iphone almost perfectly using the flat icons. Flat icons can also be downloaded on customization websites..

        • Abhijith

          Now it makes sense.

    • balcobomber25

      Actually iOS copied the flat icon look from several Android ROMS that it had first.

      • Makesi Glodon

        Really? that i’m not sure about lol

        • balcobomber25

          Flyme 3.0 had it first. But even before that Microsoft has used it since 2006 on various devices. Apple copies a lot of things.

  • Siddharth Garg

    Their business model is getting money from customers, making them wait for 4 months (check out, the delivery date is June 30th while I have already booked the phone), and earning interest on the collected money.
    They will probably ship after a long period everytime.

    • AX86

      Might be in 9155 when the interest on $4 will reach $54

      • Daniel Hayles

        They have a MINIMUM of 4% APR. They can actually make a lot of money from interest due to how many people are ordering these phones. This is how they are making their money.

  • Berend Werkman

    That moment when your micro sd card costs more than your phone

    • John Matthews

      Holy crap I didn’t think about that :’D

    • scottalias

      I have a thirty dollar LG Optimus Fuel with a sixty dollar micro SD card. It’s basically a dedicated music player. I think it was a good investment, as it gave me less incentive to rush to upgrade my phone. I still use it as a music player even after finding a great deal on my nexus 6p with 128 GB of internal memory. Saves battery life on the Nexus and gives me more memory.

    • AZX64

      At last ringing bells found a new way to make money

      1. Make a website in 5 minutes.
      2.Announce a Sale.
      3.Get some cheap Chinese phones .
      4.White out the logo , print battery sticker/cover/etc.
      5.Send it to some people who could review/post youtube videos without scratching the whiteout blob.
      6.Get the orders, get the money .
      7. Distribute the money among themselves.
      8. Disguise identity ; plastic surgery etc.

      9. Get a fake passports (they will already have the money to do that)
      10.Go out of India, stay there for rest of their lives.

      • blazeit420evryday6969

        I love how you list all the steps so we can follow. lol

        • 4

          Not that hard. Its called a ponzi scheme

      • Kat

        Unbox therapy scratched off the white out, take a look again.

    • Harshal Soitkar

      the freakin box mustve cost more than $4 and they ALSO provide EARPHONES

  • balcobomber25

    “It’s a scam”. You paid $4 for a phone and you are surprised that something is not right with it? That statement is almost as amazing as the number of people who seem to be shocked that a $4 phone is pure crap.

  • aaloo

    Lol. Wasn’t this the android diversity you guys were talking about as a plus for customers.

  • Akshay Jangra

    these are showpieces for public. so that more people book it at 251. if 10 lakh people booked it for Rs.251, it becomes Rs 25.10 crore. so there is no loss for giving few phone of thousands (when u r getting crores). I m an engineer, I know a processor cost more that this phone. so please ignore this and save ur Rs 251. (better get a headphone for this money)

  • Josh Gilman

    Silly southeast Asians. Shady recruiting practices, shady companies hiring US workers to stay within compliance then later replacing with offshore. Dirty blatant practices like this is not surprising.

    • din dord

      Lol. India is in South Asia, not Southeast Asia. Try checking a map before judging someone.

      • Josh Gilman

        You are correct sir…thank you for the correction. I don’t know why that was stuck in my head. Still does not change real-world first-hand experience.

  • dfn199231

    How is this a scam? You get a real phone, a smartphone with android 5.1 and rescinded textures, for $4. And people are actually receiving it.

    • Peeta Mellark


    • Hank Luke

      Only the press have received these “beta” versions of the phone. Nobody that actually paid $$ for this phone have received anything yet. The estimated shipping is June if I remember correctly.

  • Jack_Sharpe

    It will be funny to see what happens when a Chinese company’s designs are stolen. I mean even today they sell straight up iPhone clones over there.

    • China Android

      This is already happening. Apple stole from China’s Xiaomi way back when they were doing that big change from iOS6 to iOS7. What happens is these globally recognized brands go back and market “China stole from us” campaigns to make it look like the Chinese companies stole from them. It just happened recently with Samsung’s campaign about their curved glass backs for Galaxy Note. They accused Xiaomi of stealing the idea and putting it into their newest game changing flagship killer when really it was Xiaomi that first came out with it in Mi Note.

      The funny thing is you guys would never know. China’s not in the habit of arguing with these kinds of lowlives so you only hear about it from the people using the devices and knowing what’ really going on. But million dollar marketing campaigns are so much louder than a few fans. I’m pretty sure barely anybody even knows that the top 5 companies right now only Apple and Samsung aren’t Chinese. And Huawei is the largest manufacturer of smart phone parts. It comes down to the marketing and no Chinese company really does marketing. Xiaomi’s BIGGEST move so far was just to feature their phone in Barcelona. No other ads. Nothing like LG ads everywhere talking about their “modular” design.

  • Ashif Rahman

    root and use cutom rom….

  • Sarkar Soumitro

    Statistics of phone freedom251……

    ₹291 per phone. (₹251+ ₹40 shipping)x 6L order per second= ₹17.46 cr..

    It was taking order till 12.15 pm approx, i.e. 6 hrs and 15 mins which is 22,500 seconds…..
    17.46 cr per sec x 22,500 sec = 3,92,850 cr.

    ₹3,88,494 cr was turnover of Reliance Industries (an Indian Company) in year 2014-15!

    That means within 6 hrs 15 mins they crossed turnover of Reliance!!!!!?

    ?Within 6 seconds, tax audit become applicable to that company?

    And if we calculate interest on the said amount per day,₹3,92,850 cr x 4% x 1/365 (by taking minimum interest rate)= ₹43.05 cr.

    And if after 4 months, they will say we are unable to give product and refund ₹291 to everyone:- 43.05 cr x 120 days approx= 5,166 cr They will earn within 4 months by way of interest..

    Now you will say about their promotion cost:-
    Deduct 50L,1 cr, 5 cr or even 50 cr, that will not make much difference to the figure. ?

  • Np

    The website was getting 600,000 clicks per second. And due to the glitch people aere able to order 99 phones at a time. Site ran for 6hrs 15 mins before it crashed. So 600,000×22500 (sec)x $4 = $54 Billion revenue.
    Company will deliver phones after 4 months. Indian banks give 4% interest and so even if they return the money back after 4 months. They are gonna earn $54billion x .04 × 4 = $8.6 Billion in 4 months.
    Billionaire in 4 months!
    Most of the people wouldn’t even remember paying $4 before 4 months!

    • h4rr4r

      Indian banks give 4% a month? That is 48% APR. I don’t believe that.

      • Np

        Sorry, my bad. Its 4% APR. But this is the minimum.

        • h4rr4r

          So theb over 3 months they can get 1%. Still not a bad scam.

    • Ponzi

      If they were made to give back the money they lose the interest on the money too. I don’t think any government is going to let you keep interest on money you stole from people unless they are getting a pay out but India would be really dumbnot to just confiscate all of that interest and lock these scammers up.

      • Np

        Well, yeah. They just returned the money to all the buyers right now and made it Cash on Delivery. So pay when you get. Lets see if they are able to deliver for $4

    • ME

      600k clicks a second doesn’t mean 600k buys a second…

  • Citogal

    they fell off a truck?

  • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

    Holly Molly it’s totally scam

  • Satwik

    Still using a one plus one

  • I am an Indian and I feel embarassed to be from a country where people believed this shit.

    Bhakts keep away, I won’t entertain anybody.

  • shashank

    Fuck this article. It’s a piece of shit. Phones are yet to get delivered. This looks some sponsored article.

  • PotatoPower

    You folks remember the joke called Red Star Operating System , a desktop operating system from N Korea ? , Well this is India’s RedStar in the form of smart phones.

  • John Hall

    this whole situation is idiotic. you get what you pay for people. you guys are arguing about a BS PHONE!

  • Carlos Mendoza

    is it worth getting? not to use as a phone but as a “tablet”

  • Sin Falace

    After seeing this the real question I have to ask is, who do you even hold accountable for this? Like if this is all just one big scam, who even pays for this? Adcom? Or the people that made this company, assuming they’re not one and the same and you can find the person that started this company. This is a problem for sure, personally, I wouldn’t have paid for it. Just seems sketchy as balls.

  • Sin Falace

    So I just realized when looking at the top picture, that’s the Xiaomi Note Pro, at least I’m pretty sure.

  • sai bhagavan

    ADCOM is an Indian brand not a chinese…..

  • Appdroid-Man: Rise of the Clones.

  • Misspelled white out in the article.

  • Matus Dubrava

    where can I order this shhh

  • Indians be crazy

    Don’t know what India’s trying to pull by handing out Adcom’s phones but hopefully no harm was done to the company. China should run an investigation on what the hell Ringing Bells is up to

  • Nejc Fišer

    I admit, I’d buy one for 4 $ no matter how bad it is

  • Finn Sexon

    dude, im a little too late on this thing, but this 4 dollar phone, does the job better than y galaxy ace :( and the galaxy cost like hundreds of times more than this :'(

  • Martin Lane

    lulz, it’s an iPhone SE

  • Yatty

    4 dollhairs though, not bad.

  • Vytherium

    How do you go to all the trouble to change icons but when it comes to the logo on the front of the phone you think a little paint over will do…