IT Crowd’s 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3 Easter egg found in Google’s dialer

by: Gary SimsMarch 28, 2016

0118 999 881 999 119 725 3

For those in the USA dialing 911 will get you the emergency services, for those in Europe it is often 112, while those in the UK are used to dialing 999. The idea of a central number for calling the emergency services was first introduced in London in 1937, using the aforementioned 999. However that all changed in 2006 when it was replaced with the snappy, easier to remember number of 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3. OK, that didn’t happen, but it is one of the comedy elements in Graham Linehan’s cult TV shows, the IT Crowd.

In the episode “Calamity Jen” we see Moss watching an advert announcing the new emergency service number… The advert goes like this: “From today, dialling 999 won’t get you the emergency services. And that’s not the only thing that’s changing. Nicer ambulances, faster response times and better-looking drivers mean they’re not just ‘the’ emergency services – they’re ‘your’ emergency services. So, remember the new number: 0118 999 881 999 119 725…3″

The context of the joke is that a few years before, in 2003, the UK changed another of its famous direct dial numbers. Until 2003 you could call directory enquiries (to find out the phone number of someone if you knew their name and address) by dialling 192. That system was privatized and you had to dial 118 NNN where the NNN was the number assigned to a commercial service provider, the most famous of which became 118 118.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson. The whole “0118 999 881 999 119 725 3” thing is a popular joke among IT Crowd fans, and it looks like there are some IT Crowd fans at Google. It was recently revealed that if you dial “0118 999 881 999 119 725 3” into the default dialer on stock Marshmallow you get to see a Google Easter egg. Once you tap in the numbers the dial button will flash blue and red, like a police car or other emergency services vehicle!

0118 999 881 999 119 725 3

Via @Sheigutn and @nixCraft:

So far people are reporting that it works only on stock Marshmallow on devices like the Nexus 6, the Nexus 5X and even some Motorola devices like the Moto X and the Moto G. Do you have stock Android on a Nexus or Motorola device? Please let us know if the Easter egg works for you!

  • Sarosh Chinoy

    Worked for me.. Dirty Unicorns 6.0.1, Nexus 5. :D

  • Matter

    OnePlus one marshmallow via ressurection remix OS working!

  • Works on my Moto G 2013, CyanogenMod 13 :D

  • Andrei Neculai

    Works on Moto X Play 6.0

  • Fredrol

    Worked on my Nexus 5x. :)
    Also works if you send it in FB Messenger on the phone, and you press the number, phone goes to dialer and it starts to flash.. :-P

  • Andrew bruce

    Works on the Moto X Force 6.0 in the UK.

  • Give credits to that Reddit user :3

  • Muhammad Shahrukh Khan

    Working on CM13 on 910C.

  • Maneesh Chauhan

    worked on my nexus 5

  • Lucas

    Works on my Nexus 4 with Chroma Marshmallow

  • Tsvi Mostovicz

    Works on CM13 as well

  • Adam Simmonds

    Works on my stock Nexus 6p in Australia

  • Jayu Jayakrishnan K

    It works….. Moto x 2nd gen

  • Luke

    Worked on my Nexus 6P with Pure Nexus custom ROM.

  • Довгополый Богдан

    Works on OnePlus One cyanogenmod.

  • Sharky

    Works here on N6. Imagining the look of disbelief when that guy typed it in whilst watching IT crowd XD

  • Ayaorei

    Works one oneplus one with cm13

  • Slajter

    On Note 2 with unoffical cm13 it works too! :D

  • Works on the Robin with Marshmallow

  • caleb

    Pretty sure you just need google dialer

  • Mark Deakin

    Works on my Nexus 5 with Marshmallow

  • Works on Android One with Marshmallow.

  • Sajtoskaraj

    Works on LG G2, CM 13

  • Jaythan Rodriguez


  • JimmyGoSka

    Works on marshmallow concept on Z3.

  • Aboud Scott

    Custom ROM XtraSmooth running 6.0.0 on a Nexus 6 and it works.
    But on Nexus 5 running 6.0.0 it only vibrates once with no red blue blinking.

  • Marian Fatu

    Tested then in calls I could not be heard or hear the caller, had to reboot :D

  • Christian Seitz

    OnePlus One CM SultanXDA (03.24.2016) working…

  • Agustian Yoga Permata

    Work on mito a10 android one indonesia ;)!!

  • Andrian

    works with my nexus 5 :)

  • WesWorld

    Works on Nexus 6P!

  • Sudheepa Silva

    Works on Nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1

  • AdamK

    Works on Nexus 6 with N beta 1

  • Anthony Stewart

    It works on my Nexus 6

  • Works well with Moto X Play 6.0.1 stock rom :)

  • Michael Roberts

    it makes your phone vibrate too it was a little surprising

  • Ronoroa Zoro

    nexus 5.. its working xd

  • busyboybean

    Works on CM 13

  • Subhashish Ghosh

    Working in my Moto E in India as well.

  • Kashyap Jain

    Doesn’t work on S7Edge ?

  • SomeoneDankerThanYou

    Doesn’t work on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Android 6.0

  • Marian Scigulinsky

    works for me on Samsung Galaxy S5 with CM13

  • Rz

    CM13 does have it !

  • Max Kronenbürger

    Working on Z3 with Marshmallow concept

  • I think it has to do with the carrier too, here in Cuba (with the one and only Cubacel) it doesn’t work.

  • Ben Lee

    Working on Cyanogenmod 13

  • Dimitrisk7

    lol moto g 2nd gen… just amazing

  • caleb

    As the title suggests, you just need Google dialer installed for it to work

    • Dux Benny

      It doesn’t work on my Google dialer.

  • Simo

    Working on CM13

  • QeeYou

    LG G3 Beat – CM13 working!

  • barnstorm3r

    Love it!!! :D <3
    (Works on rooted Nexus 5X on 6.0.1 MMB29V)

    • Android Developer

      Do you have a custom rom on 5x ? If so, does it work well?
      It’s just that I’m thinking of buying this phone…

  • Christopher Heidt

    Works on Nexus 5

  • Shawn Gommer

    Nexus 6p, cool

  • Lucy

    Yep this works on my moto x force in the UK.

  • Ignacio Guerendiain

    Confirmed on Cyanogenmod 13

  • Yosef Elgart

    working on android n dialer


    NPC56P Build ANDROID N BETA on Nexus 6 working..

  • Arun Gade


  • Armaan Modi

    Working on crDroid Marshmallow ROM for Redmi 2!

  • It works on Nexus 5X running CM13 nightlies with Gapps.

  • Walter Waltz

    Working in Micromax Android One. (y)

  • Eric Welling

    Works on my Nexus 6P

  • Saif Aqqad

    works on my HTC one M8 with GPE ROM

  • Kuwk

    Working on Cyanogen Mod 13

  • Dux Benny

    Doesn’t work on the Moto X 1st generation Google phone dialer. I have the lollypop update installed and phone is not rooted.

  • Nexus 6 Working!! … Colombia

  • Person

    Works on Android N on the Nexus 6P

  • David Vu

    Works on OnePlus One with Sultanxda Marshmallow ROM.

  • Dakota Carter

    God dammit I did this months ago but none of my friends watched the IT crowd so they were like meh, who cares.

  • works for me on Moto G 2nd Gen android Marshmallow :D

  • SideWok

    Nextbit Robin! Successful

  • mkelton19

    Works on my Nexus 5 :p

  • Eli Bradley

    Not just on Marshmallow! Just tested, and it works on N Preview build NPC56W.

  • Alex Gouvea Vasconcelos

    Works in nexus 5 – Brazil

  • Juan A C

    Yes it works on my Moto G 2014

  • stephanefaucher

    Works on my Nexus 5 with stock Marshmallow

  • It works on my Nexus 5S with Google dialer. Auto-redial does not make it happen, though.

    • Sergeant Potato


  • Hel Thanatos

    Why though…

  • Cody Johnson

    Opo on cm-13.0-20160328 works.

  • Nexus 5 marshmallow, waster Egg works fine

  • Ruben Pedro

    Yep, Nexus 5X

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Nexus 5 works!

  • dgw

    This has been known since at least October of last year, why is it news?

  • Aimee Lemieux

    Works on Moto X Pure Edition!

  • Bashar Shehab

    Xperia Z3c on 6.0.1 concept, it worked!! ?

  • Sahil Tiwari

    Works on Oneplus One CM13 Snapshot.

  • Paul

    I just tried it on my nexus 6p running N and it works.

  • Sahil Malik

    Working on Yu yureka using Resurrection Remix 5.6, cm 13 too. ?

  • อังคาร ปูคะวนัช

    Find7a on CM13 is work :)

  • Jose Aguilar

    It worked, HTC One M8

  • Rakesh Gaikar

    Yea its working on my CM13 in samsung s4 mini ;)

  • Hary Ayala

    SGS5 with CM13
    It works ^_^

  • OnePlus X running CM13 works! Cool!

  • Hgiff

    Worked on my Nexus 5 … Very cool … Should I also email if I see a fire too?

  • Jon

    Ha! Tried it on my Moto X Play, running an unofficial official version of Lollipop and it works.

  • Gary Leigh

    Tried it from Thailand on a regular phone, was told the number does not exist.

  • Владислав Алексиев

    Moto G 3gen. – working.

  • amolecule

    Workin on my Nexus 6p – Android N preview build :)

  • Alisa Hellemose Hansen

    awesome :) the vibration pattern changes every time. You can feel the “7-2-5” … “3” xD I love it.

  • Shane Phillips

    Running a Galaxy Tab 3 LTE with a custom 6.0 cyanogenmod ROM and it works on that device. It also makes the device vibrate.

  • Ridz

    Works on SIII CM13!

  • Timmy Nott

    Works on Nexus 5X on Marshmallow as well as Nexus 6P on Nutella.

  • Brian Joseph Partridge

    Confirmed working Tamesek Unofficial 6.0 via XDA :) A2005 Oneplus 2

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Working one the OnePlus One using Cm13

  • Rodrigo Manii

    Moto G3.Yes it works!

  • Maximius Ziatnine

    Works on both recent moto devices: x force and g3

  • Oneplus one marshmallow cm13 official .. Works

  • Tanel Aavistu

    Works with Z3 Compact Concept Marshmallow.

  • CuiZinieR

    Works on my LG Nexus 5.

  • Nestor Lobo

    It worked on my nexus 5 stock marshmallow android…!!!!

  • Shlapak Pavel

    OnePlus Two with OxygenOS beta works

  • Sean

    works on the One Plus 3!

  • mrmacatac

    Works on Moto Z Force Droid running Marshmallow and a Nexus 6 running Android N.

  • 00110010

    Ha ha! Worked on my Nexus 6P!

    • 00110010