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Exclusive: ZTE Axon M could be the first true foldable smartphone

We'd previously heard rumors that ZTE would be launching a unique device in Q4, and now a leaked image finally gives us the confirmation.

Published onOctober 3, 2017

Innovation in the smartphone space has been notably stagnating over the past few years, with more OEMs opting for iterative updates to smartphones, rather than groundbreaking new features. Not all OEMs are content to sit on their laurels however, as it seems like ZTE could be set to deliver the next game-changer in smartphones.

Modularity splashed onto the screen in 2015, but aside from Motorola, it has failed to take off, while bendable displays have been talked about for years but are yet to hit the mainstream. According to an exclusive source, ZTE is set to launch a foldable dual-screen smartphone that could redefine how we think of mobile devices today.

The new ZTE device, which is codenamed Axon Multy and could launch as the Axon M (aligning with invites sent for a launch event on October 17), seems to sport dual Full HD displays, which fold out into a 6.8-inch display with 1,920 x 2,160 pixels resolution. When folded, the handset looks to function as a regular smartphone with a relatively sleek frame.

ZTE’s new foldable device could help usher in a new era in smartphone experience

The Axon M opens the possibility of smartphones becoming true replacements for larger screen devices like PCs. Laptops and PCs are no longer our primary connection to the internet and the world in general, and mobile devices have become the centerpiece of our lives. Smartphones have so far failed in one specific area – multitasking – when trying to replace PCs and this is where ZTE’s new foldable device could help usher in a new era in smartphone experience.

As the demand for phones with large screens has increased, the demand for tablets with screens not much larger, has rapidly declined. The Axon M looks to help bridge the gap between tablets and smartphones with the dual screens delivering a screen size almost equal to a small tablet. Our source tells us that the dual screens could each display two apps at the same time, offering up true PC-like multitasking that’s not possible with current smartphones.

ZTE has announced a press conference next month in New York City on October 17, and it’s likely the Axon M will be the star of the show. We’ve already seen the LG V30, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Apple iPhone X, but ZTE’s new device would seem to bring something a lot more innovative to the market.

The Axon M could be the perfect way to close out 2017

The ZTE Axon M will come after all of these and rather fittingly; based on the information we have, it’s likely the Axon M will be one of the coolest devices of the year, and could be the perfect way to close out 2017.

The smartphone industry needs a change and ZTE looks ready to provide it; in a market where tech giants neglect innovation, history shows that all it takes is innovation to disrupt a market and the ZTE Axon M looks up for the challenge.

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