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Video: here’s what 4GB of RAM can do for your multitasking

In a recent video, Zenfone 2 was able to keep five graphics-intensive games in the memory without closing any of them down and run them without any issues.

Published onApril 20, 2015

The Asus Zenfone 2 has a chance of becoming the sleeper hit of 2015 so far. After the affordable, but hardly impressive first generation series, ASUS announced in January the Zenfone 2, featuring some interesting features and an unprecedented 4GB of RAM. But how big of a difference does the extra gigabyte(s) of memory makes when it comes to actual use? This video from YouTuber L BS seems to suggest that memory is put to very good to use.

L BS ran five graphics intensive games on the Zenfone 2 at a time, and switched between them alternatively. Not only was the Zenfone 2 able to keep all the games in the memory without closing any of them down (Android automatically closes down apps when memory is insufficient), but the games seem to be running without any lag.

Now I know what you are thinking – why would I need to run five games at once? But even if you’re not into absurdly-intense multitasking, more RAM should give you a better experience. Just being able to keep your frequently used apps in the memory for longer should cut down on loading times.

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In his recent review, Lanh singled out performance of the Zenfone 2 as one of the main benefits offered by ASUS’ flagship. That said, you should be careful when buying the device, as the Zenfone 2 comes in two flavors: one featuring an Intel Atom Z3580 processor and 4GB of RAM (selling for €349 in Europe) and one featuring an Intel Atom Z3560 processor and 2GB of RAM (selling for €179 in Europe). The Zenfone 2 is yet to arrive in North America, but we’re optimistic that will happen, eventually.

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