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Play the Best Pinball Games on NVIDIA SHIELD in Zen Pinball

In a fight between zombies, superheroes, space pirates and cartoons, who wins? You could argue it’s Zen Pinball on NVIDIA SHIELD that wins, as it’s host to all the most famous pinball experiences.

Published onJanuary 28, 2016

In a fight between zombies, superheroes, space pirates and cartoons, who wins? You could argue it’s Zen Pinball on NVIDIA SHIELD that wins, as it’s host to all the most famous ones: The Walking Dead, the Marvel universe, Star Wars, and the animated TV shows of Fox and Adult Swim.

Zen Pinball is available now on SHIELD as a free download with a large variety of pinball tables based on popular franchises available as in-game purchases.


Zen Pinball offers the most advanced ball physics in existence, with detailed 3D tables that feature all the multiballs, bumpers, ramps and habitrails you expect of a physical table. They also play host to the animated objects only virtual pinball can enjoy, all made possible by NVIDIA’s powerful SHIELD technology.

Naturally they also offer sophisticated social elements, with challenge modes, pro scores and pinball champion rankings via Google Play Games Services. Each also has unique achievements, stats, and hotseat multiplayer, and can be bought individually, or within the Zen Pinball base game – which is free.

There’s a great selection of Pinball games available now in Zen Pinball, offering something for just about everyone.


Seth MacFarlane’s American Dad has hit its stride – and at its best is easily a match for the Griffins featured in Family Guy. Stan, Francine, Hayley, Steve and Roger the alien are a perfect match for Zen Pinball, too. Set at the Smith house, in Roger’s Place (transported to the garage) and the Fun ’N’ Gun, the game incorporates the infamous Threat Level that CIA-man Stan’s so obsessed with – and manipulating it impacts how the game plays.


Captain America (Available in Marvel Pinball)

Created in 1941 and not promoted yet, Captain America takes a break from his stalled career with this superb table. In it Cap, Bucky and the Howling Commandos launch an assault on Baron Zemo’s castle, while attempting to destroy the Sleeper robot. A series of huge battles against the Red Skull ensues – it takes all your skill to grab back the Cosmic Cube.


In South Park for Zen Pinball, players can choose between Super-Sweet Pinball and Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game. Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are featured in the tables, but expect to see Wendy, Jimmy, Timmy and even Mr Hankey. You’ll also find genuine voices and scenes, such as Sarcastaball, Christmas in Canada and Cartman’s probe.


Get right into the danger zone with Sterling Malory Archer, the world’s greatest spy/lacrosse player. Archer Pinball features authentic voices and sound effects, multiple mini playfields, and unique progression and achievement systems. It’s also hilarious.

The Empire Strikes Back (Available in Star Wars Pinball)

Get into a fight with Darth Vader, take down AT-ATs by winding the ball around their marching legs and recover Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber – this clever table absolutely embodies the original trilogy, and is stuffed with genuine voices and sound effects to boot.


While Stewie once created a clone to deal with all his nitpicky stuff, rest assured a lot more effort has gone into making this. Help Peter Griffin fight the Giant Chicken, aid Chris in catching the Evil Monkey, save Stewie’s beloved teddy Rupert and much more. It’s a must-play game for Family Guy fans.

Spider-Man (Available in Marvel Pinball)

Spider-Man can do everything a spider can and this table captures Spidey’s personality brilliantly. It’s a super-fast creation with tons of twisting, swirling ramps, and fantastic obstacles such as the Mary Jane kicker ramp, the Jameson Mini and the Unpredictable Sink Hole.


Based on the award-winning game series, and involving Telltale Games and Walking Dead-creator Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead Pinball follows the game’s Season One. The real cast provide the voices, and it goes way beyond authentic locations (such as Clementine’s treehouse and Everett’s pharmacy) to include authentic, often heart-wrenching, scenarios.

Iron Man (Available in Marvel Pinball)

All three Iron Man movies are in the top six grossing Marvel movies ever, and Tony Stark earns his place here. This table pits you against the villains of the second two films, such as Whiplash, Mandarin and Ultimo, and it stands out as a fittingly tough challenge.

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Coming Soon to Star Wars Pinball)

The Star Wars of 2016 has stolen almost every record going, and it’s set to beat Avatar and Titanic to become the biggest film of all time. Only the most isolated moisture farmer (or crazy old wizard who lives in a cave) could deny it the top spot here.


Valve’s enormously popular first-person puzzle franchise is celebrated in Portal Pinball, which features Chell, Wheatley and all of the sights, sounds and humor fans of the Portal series will appreciate.

Offering Rey, Finn, Poe, General Leia and Han Solo on the rebel side, and the First Order – led by Kylo Ren – for the Empire, this amazing table has a lot to discover. Yes, you can hit hyperspace on a Star Destroyer, but more importantly you can affect the Balance of the Force. With comprehensive social elements tracking scores globally, Zen Pinball players fight for overall supremacy on either the dark or light side.

Check out the large selection of great pinball games available in Zen Pinball on NVIDIA SHIELD.

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