Following the release of a massive iOS update, Yahoo has now dropped their latest version of Yahoo Mail for Android. This update, while not as big as its iOS counterpart, brings both improved methods of keeping track of your Yahoo contacts as well as improved syncing, all wrapped up with a bright new software interface.

The biggest change is that the interface now allows you to quickly access a shortlist of everybody you’ve communicated with through the app by use of a “People Smart View” option. Accessing the Smart View button on the sidebar will take to you to a few options for your contacts. If you tap “see all contacts”, a list of everybody you know will appear which you can edit at any time.

Along with People Smart View, Yahoo Mail now allows you to sync your Yahoo contacts with your personal contacts, further streamlining the app with your smart device. Note that this feature will be turned off by default, but can be changed through the Sync section of the Settings app.

There are some minor changes to the software as well. A small amount of new animations have been included, and you will now get a celebratory message once you clear your inbox entirely. Lastly, Yahoo is allowing Android users to sign up for the beta version of the app, which will bring all of the latest updates to your phone before the public gets their hands on them.