Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Aviate Launcher is a great home screen replacement which is known for its ability to self-customize your applications and services based on your relevant needs. The application learns from your habits and usage, making it a truly smart launcher. The Yahoo-owned launcher today gets even better at catering to your specific needs as the company announces the introduction of Smart Stream.

What is Smart Stream? You may ask. It’s actually quite a handy idea. The shortest way to explain it is that it’s a bit like Google Now on steroids. Yahoo mentions it’s a re-imagined Spaces. This new section of your home screen can now collect data on your usage, location, apps and relevant information. The app then formulates a stream of content you are likely to enjoy and take advantage of.


Of course, the idea is that Smart Stream becomes more familiar with your tastes as you use it, so it gets to know you intimately. It can present you with your favorite team’s scores, restaurants around your vicinity and more. It will even bring your music apps front and center when you plug your headphones into the headset jack (just as it always did with Listening Space). If you can’t find your specific card, you can also go ahead and search for it straight from your home screen.

Pretty convenient, right? Smart Stream is much more simplified and mainstreamed. You can go ahead and give it a go by downloading the app straight from the Google Play Store. It’s free and has no compromises, so you may as well try it! And for those who have already tried Smart Stream – how are you liking it? Hit the comments and let us know about your experience with it!

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