• Xiaomi is rolling out an update for the Pocophone F1 with some fixes and optimizations.
  • The company has improved the camera’s image processing and launching process, as well as its microphone recording.
  • It has also fixed a problem that meant some apps wouldn’t launch.

Xiaomi is rolling out an update for the Pocophone F1, the first smartphone from its new Poco sub-brand. As spotted by XDA, Xiaomi is now deploying MIUI v9.6.18.0.OEJMIFD to the handset with a range of system upgrades.

Xiaomi has optimized the camera’s image processing and its “launching process” — presumably, it’s now faster or smoother to open — as well as improved the dual-mic recording. You’ll also find the new AOSP navigation buttons (the square, circle, and triangle) rather than the older MIUI styled buttons (the hamburger, square, and arrow seen above) at the bottom of the handset.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 update screen.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi fixed an issue which prevented some apps from launching (seems worthwhile) and addressed a problem with the virtual button placement. Finally, the company has removed its Mi Roaming functionality from the app. It didn’t offer an explanation as to why, but as the virtual SIM feature isn’t available on Xiaomi phones in all territories, it’s possible it was included in the last software build in error.

For more on the new handset, visit our Pocophone F1 review. If you already own one, look out for this update arriving over-the-air in the coming days.