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Xiaomi is launching five new products in time for the holidays

Xiaomi is one of the biggest phone makers in the world and now its launching five new products for your holiday shopping list.

Published onNovember 17, 2017

Even though Xiaomi is one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world, many people still aren’t familiar with them. Furthermore, of the people who know the name, many don’t know just how vast its product catalog is. The company makes hundreds, if not thousands of products. You can get everything from a Xiaomi branded garden soil monitor to a sonic toothbrush

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One of the reasons that people aren’t that familiar with the company is that it just doesn’t sell a lot of products here in the states. You can’t officially buy almost any of its phones, and even if you do import one, there’s a good chance it’s missing the LTE bands you need. But, Xiaomi is starting to make inroads in the US, albeit slowly and with little fanfare. 

Xiaomi has been selling its products through its Mi store here in the US with the Mi Box, a 4K streaming box, popping up at Walmart as well. Its fitness tracker, the Mi Band, has also proven popular among those who want to count their steps, but don’t want to pay Fitbit prices to do it. 

It looks like the company is going to beef up its product portfolio in the states right before the holiday season. Five new products have shown up on Amazon. These include a 360-degree Mi Sphere Camera, a Mi Robot builder kit, a battery bank, a pair of headphones, and a pair of earbuds. 

Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera

The Mi Sphere Camera is the most expensive of the bunch at $299.99. It records 360-degree panoramas at 23.88 MP. That means you can record in up to 3.5K, or just shy of what your 4K TV can display. The camera supports two shooting modes, 2304 x 1152 at 60 fps or 3456 x 1728 at 30 fps. Its IP67 rated for dust and water resistance and has six-axis stabilization. 


Xiaomi Mi Robot

As soon as I saw this, it immediately went on my Christmas list. The Mi Robot Builder Kit lets you build one of three different robots from a 978 part kit. The fun doesn’t stop there. You then download an app on your phone and program the robot! Its self-balancing includes high-capacity batteries so the fun won’t stop anytime soon. 


Xiaomi Headphones

Xiaomi is selling two different types of headphones- over-the-ear and in-ear earbuds. The Xiaomi Mi Headphones are the over-the-ear headphones and will run you $130. Xiaomi says they are “crafted with the new graphene material to provide high-performance audio” and a “passive radiator provides fully immersive Hi-Fi experience and powerful bass”.


The Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro will run you $25 when they’re released November 24. We reviewed these earbuds before and found them sound pretty good. For the price, you really can’t beat these guys for in-ear headphones. 

Xiaomi Power Bank Pro 

It’d be great if we lived in a world of phones with week-long battery life, but sadly, we don’t. If you’re going to grab a battery bank, you want the biggest capacity for the cheapest price and that’s what the Xiaomi Power Bank Pro tries to deliver. It must do a pretty decent job because it is already sold out and temporarily out of stock. If you want to be the next in line, hit the button below and order yours now and they’ll deliver it when it becomes available again. 

It’s nice to see Xiaomi offer some more products here in the states. Maybe one day it’ll let us buy its kettles, suitcases, or phones


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