Xiaomi Mi Box

We are not sure if this was a mistake or a very discrete release, but it seems a few Xiaomi Mi Box devices have managed to make it to an unknown Walmart location’s shelves. But that is only part of the exciting news. What is really getting us going is that we are finally seeing a solid price tag attached to the product.

This photo displays a $69 price point, which happens to be quiet the deal. Keep in mind the Mi Box is no slouch; it can play 4K video at 60 fps and comes with all the goods any worthy Android TV can sport.


Mi Box specs:

  • 60fps 4K video decoding
  • HDR10 and HDMI 2.0a support
  • Dolby Digital Plus + DTS surround sound
  • Bluetooth voice remote
  • USB port for additional storage
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Optional Mi Game Controller for a console-grade gaming experience

All things considered, this information seems pretty legit. It’s hard to fake 3 Xiaomi Mi Boxes, after all. Not to mention we have heard the box will cost under $100 and the $69 price point gets really close to the Chinese cost.

Xiaomi Mi Box "coming soon to the US" - here are some details

Even if this was a simple mistake by Walmart employees, the fact that the device is out there must mean the actual release date is soon.

Are you trying to get yourself a Xiaomi Mi Box? It might be worth checking out your local Walmart!