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X (Twitter) is working on a new "Enhanced Discovery" perk for X Premium users

The upcoming Enhanced Discovery feature will let X Premium users find similar posts related to the subject matter of a post.

Published onOctober 16, 2023

X logo on smartphone stock photo (aka Twitter) (4)
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • X, formerly known as Twitter, is working on a new Enhanced Discovery feature.
  • This would let users find similar posts related to the subject matter of a post.
  • X is also working towards bringing audio and video calls to the social media platform.

X, formerly known as Twitter, has been undergoing many changes recently. There has been a renewed push towards monetizing the social media platform, with more and more features being paywalled behind an X Premium subscription (previously known as Twitter Blue). We’ve spotted evidence of a new X Premium feature called Enhanced Discovery and more evidence of the social media app getting into audio and video calls.

We have located new strings in the latest beta version of X for Android, highlighting the upcoming Enhanced Discovery feature.

<string name="similar_posts_blue_upsell_description">Similar posts lets you find relevant content related to the subject matter of a post</string>
<string name="similar_posts_blue_upsell_negative_button">Maybe later</string>
<string name="similar_posts_blue_upsell_positive_button">Get more info</string>
<string name="similar_posts_blue_upsell_title">Subscribe to Premium to unlock enhanced discovery</string>
<string name="similar_posts_empty_state_description">No Similar posts found</string>
<string name="similar_posts_empty_state_title">Try again later</string>
<string name="similar_posts_title">Similar posts</string>

As evident from the strings that are partly named “blue_upsell” (indicating a Twitter Blue-paywalled feature) and the corresponding strings, the Enhanced Discovery feature will likely remain limited to X Premium users. This feature would let users find relevant content related to the subject matter of a post.

It’s unclear how “relevant content” would be ascertained through these strings. Currently, you can find similar posts through hashtags, the Explore page (similar to a simple platform search), or by using X’s Advanced Search tools and the applicable keywords.

Further, the latest beta also includes several strings for audio calls and video calls, indicating that the feature is coming soon.

<string name="av_broadcast_ended_audio_call_ended_less_than_1hr">Audio call ended {event_time} ⋅ {minutes}m{seconds}s</string>
<string name="av_broadcast_ended_audio_call_ended_less_than_1min">Audio call ended {event_time} ⋅ {seconds}s</string>
<string name="av_broadcast_ended_audio_call_ended_more_than_1hr">Audio call ended {event_time} ⋅ {hours}h{minutes}m</string>
<string name="av_broadcast_ended_audio_call_generic">Audio call {event_time}</string>
<string name="av_broadcast_ended_audio_call_missed">Missed audio call {event_time}</string>
<string name="av_broadcast_ended_video_call_ended_less_than_1hr">Video call ended {event_time} ⋅ {minutes}m{seconds}s</string>
<string name="av_broadcast_ended_video_call_ended_less_than_1min">Video call ended {event_time} ⋅ {seconds}s</string>
<string name="av_broadcast_ended_video_call_ended_more_than_1hr">Video call ended {event_time} ⋅ {hours}h{minutes}m</string>
<string name="av_broadcast_ended_video_call_generic">Video call {event_time}</string>
<string name="av_broadcast_ended_video_call_missed">Missed video call {event_time}</string>
<string name="av_call_calling">Calling...</string>

X’s owner, Elon Musk, has previously announced that audio and video calls are coming to the platform.

Image 283
Elon Musk on X

It remains to be seen when these features are rolled out. We have contacted X for a comment, and we’ll update our article as soon as we hear from them. However, note that emails sent to the previous email returns a “Busy now, please check back later.” response.

X recently also introduced a feature that allows X Premium users to restrict the ability to comment under specific posts to other X Premium users only. Non-paying users can read the replies to the post but cannot add comments under it. The platform also recently removed rich preview cards for external URLs, showing users a simpler image and website name whenever an external link is posted on X.

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