Some of the finer points of Android include the openness and the ability to customize your set-up. That being said, you can even customize your handset to the point of having it look like another mobile operating system entirely. This sort of reminds me of a time when it was cool to try and make your PC look like a Mac. Those thoughts aside though, if you happen to be rocking an Android handset and digging the look of Windows Phone 8 — there is an app for you.

The app is called WP8 Launcher and it does just that, gives your Android handset the tiled-look of Windows Phone 8. Or alternatively, if you are stuck on Windows Phone 7, try Launcher 7. The WP8 Launcher app is free to download and free to use and appears to be rather flexible in terms of allowing you to arrange your layout.

Basically, what the WP8 Launcher app does is allow you to set apps in the ’tiles’ which can then be changed up in terms of color and/or size. For example, you can make the more important apps larger or even set the colors based on type. Anyway, the above screenshots come courtesy of Lifehacker reader Dave who not only used the WP8 Launcher app, but took his look to a new level by mixing in other goodies such as the Alarm Clock Plus widget, the Simi Clock skin from Simple Calendar Widgets and 1Tap Quick Bar widgets.

Bottom line, some may like the look of Windows Phone 8, but they sure go to through quite a bit of effort to get that look and remain using and Android smartphone.

Robert Nelson
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