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Wonky Tower is a fun physics-based puzzle builder from the maker of Stronghold

Firefly Studios, the game company behind PC classic Stronghold, has entered the mobile gaming space with Wonky Tower, a fun physics-based building puzzler.

Published onJuly 6, 2016

Wonky Tower teaser Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Firefly Studios, the developer studio behind 17 years’ worth of PC games including Stronghold has decided to enter the mobile gaming sphere with a fun little puzzle game called Wonky Tower. Featuring physics similar to that found in Angry Birds, you must build rickety towers to help a little monkey called Pogo fetch bananas.

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The premise is simple enough: each level presents a terrain with various obstacles to overcome, avoid or bypass. There are bunches of bananas placed throughout each level that Pogo needs to get. As the “builder” you must make use of a weird array of objects – from crates and planks to giraffes and marshmallows – to build your way around or over the obstacles and get your little monkey friend to his golden treasure.

While the physics seem to be pretty decent, the game controls are not. Pogo only has one action: jump. Once you’ve completed building your makeshift tower, you “launch” Pogo into the scene and then tap the screen to make him jump. You have to carefully time each jump, especially if multiple jumps are required in quick succession, because Pogo can’t go back (or stop for that matter). The unstable towers only add to the difficulty.

Wonky Tower physics game Firefly Studios

In-app purchases are dotted throughout the gameplay too. Run out of lives and you can either watch a short app video to get more or fork over some cash (highly inadvisable). The bananas collected in each level are used to buy more materials and you can buy additional bananas if you really need to. You’ll unlock new materials after each successfully completed level though.

There are five different chapters with a dozen or so levels in each. Each chapter has its own unique building materials where you will encounter all manner of peculiarity from frying pans and pigs to Roman columns and crocodiles. It’s not the most engaging mobile game I’ve ever played (especially from a studio with as much experience as Firefly), but it is a quick bit of fun that shows promise. It’s free to install from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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