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Weekly Game Review - "Where's My Water?"

A wonderful educational game with tons of potential

Published onJanuary 18, 2012

Games have become more apart of the mobile environment sine first introduced. It is something to pass the time, to entertain the kids, and most efficiently, to amuse the user itself.

Being a gamer myself, I love puzzle games. I believe that out of any game, puzzle-based mobile games pass the time more than any other category of entertainment.

Angry Birds, ranking as the most popular mobile game of the past year is significantly hard to beat. Even thou

gh it is simply flinging birds into stones and wood to obtain those beloved “3 stars”, it can be tricky at times.

However, it is time for Angry Birds to step down from its thrown as the king of gaming fun.

“Where’s My Water?”, released by Disney on September 22, 2011 represents itself as true contender. Now the name might sound a bit odd, most likely because it is a question.

Basis of the Game

The title describes the game well. You are introduced to an alligator named Swampy. He is unlike other alligators, as he adapts primarily to human life an enjoys being clean.

Because of Swampy’s abnormal actions, “Cranky”, a terrifying alligator antagonist and friends try to stop the water supply towards Swampy’s house.

Yeah this sounds unfair, but is your job to stop these villains and resupply the water for a clean bath.

Obstacles and Challenging Objectives

Now the game might seem pretty simple, right? All you have to do is interact with your touchscreen device, digging into dirt to guide the clean water towards Swampy’s bathtub.

Along the way you will face tough angles, acidic water that mutates the clean water into a toxic chemical, as well as moss that grows with the touch of water.

Similar to Angry Birds, you have the ability to collect three ducks along the way. Makes sense for a bath. Below is the trailer released by Disney that shows you the objective, and short story revolving the game.

Round Up

All in all, I believe that this game has a lot of potential. When you think about it shows an educational value to stay clean in which the game serves as both a kid friendly and older generation entertainment.

I also love how the physics-based puzzles get more challenging, and really make you think. Good Job Disney, because out of a rating, it is a true 5/5.

You can pick a free version up on the Android Market to try out the game and also obtain the paid version for more updates and levels below.

Free Version (Try-out) | Paid Version

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