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  • WhatsApp is set to add to its disappearing messages feature.
  • A new 24-hour option will reportedly join the existing seven-day setting.

WhatsApp is building on its disappearing messages feature with a forthcoming addition, according to feature sleuth WABetaInfo. The messaging service is reportedly set to add a second time period option to the feature. Currently, disappearing messages can only terminate after seven days. The forthcoming update will seemingly add an option for 24 hours, too.

Chats sent or received will disappear after a day has elapsed with this period selected. Although that’s still not as secure as some would like, it’s an improvement over the rigid, lengthy week-long option.

When WhatsApp initially unveiled the feature, the only toggle available was a simple on/off switch. The new addition will also see a slightly tweaked UI, too.

While the additional period is welcome for those who want to keep group chats free of old messages, we’d recommend using another messaging service if you really want private, disappearing texts. WhatsApp’s implementation still has its flaws if privacy is your chief concern.

There’s no word on when the 24-hour option will join the existing week-long period. WABetaInfo believes it will be available in a “future update.”

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