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What is Xbox error code 0x82d60002?

Error code 0x82d60002 blocks certain Xbox accessories from use with the console. Here's why.
November 20, 2023
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Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Microsoft’s Xbox game consoles are known for being feature-rich, offering an excellent user experience, and providing great flexibility for its users. But like all tech products, the game console is far from perfect. Xbox users may encounter error codes from time to time, which come about for various different reasons.

One common error code that users have experienced recently is 0x82d60002. In this brief guide, we’ll be explaining what the code means, why the error code occurs, and how it can be fixed.

What is Xbox error code 0x82d60002?

Xbox error code 0x82d60002 indicates that one of the accessories that a user is attempting to connect to their Xbox console — whether it be an Xbox controller, headset, or otherwise — was not manufactured by Microsoft or a licensed Xbox hardware partner. Essentially, it means that the particular Xbox accessory is unlicensed and not supported for use with the console.

Microsoft says that because official Xbox accessories are designed and created with certain performance, safety, and security standards in mind, unauthorized accessories aren’t allowed as they may not be able to meet these set standards — and it can negatively impact a user’s overall gaming experience as a result.

Microsoft has added that any official Xbox hardware accessories that have been cosmetically changed or modified, such as moving the location of controller inputs, are not impacted by this and can still be fully used.

Can you fix or bypass error code 0x82d60002?

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No, error code 0x82d60002 can’t be fixed or bypassed. The only way to fix the error code is by purchasing and connecting an officially licensed Xbox accessory in place of the unauthorized one.

Users who encounter the Xbox error code 0x82d60002 are allowed exactly two weeks to use the accessory. However, after the two-week period following the first time of its use, the accessory will be completely blocked from use on their Xbox console. During the allotted two-week period of time, users should contact the manufacturer or store that they purchased the item from in order to return it, and instead purchase a licensed accessory in its place.

Xbox has created this system as a way for its users to stick with official Xbox controllers instead of third party unauthorized products. As of now, there is no workaround for this error, though this may end up changing in the future, as this is still a very new policy change.

Where to buy Xbox authorized accessories?

If you’re wondering where you can buy a fully compatible accessory, finding one is thankfully very easy. Authorized Xbox accessories can be purchased at all major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Xbox’s official store, and more.