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When you shop for refurbished devices online, there’s a good chance you think of visiting sites for the manufacturers, or maybe a conventional retailer. However, Amazon has its own refurbished shopping section, Renewed — and it may offer some significant discounts if you don’t insist on brand new technology. We’ll explain what Renewed is, the products it offers and the service you can expect.

What is Amazon Renewed, exactly?

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At its heart, Amazon Renewed is a shopping destination for refurbished, used, and open-box products available at lower prices than completely new equivalents. Most of them are consumer electronics such as computers, games, smartphones, tablets, and TVs. However, you will find products from a range of other categories, including home appliances, lawn and garden care, office equipment, sports goods, and even some automotive care items.

The prices can sometimes drop further through virtual coupons that add an additional discount. You have to “clip” these coupons yourself, but they can make a product worthwhile if you were hesitant to buy before.

Renewed is organized into sections to help you find what you’re looking for. You can browse by category, by brand (such as Apple or Vizio), by coupons, and by featured deals. You’ll sometimes see themed shopping, such as back-to-school laptops.

What quality can I expect from Amazon Renewed products?

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Like many companies offering refurbished products, Amazon and its partners inspect Renewed items to ensure they work properly and are free of any serious cosmetic flaws. They should look as good as new from 12 inches away. You may see “minimal” scratching or dents, and the battery capacity on portable devices is only guaranteed for 80% or higher. Amazon will make it clear if there are any exceptions.

You may need to buy extra items depending on your needs. Wireless devices don’t ship with headphones. The accessories you get aren’t guaranteed to be the ones you would normally find in the box, although they will provide full functionality. You may also get a generic box instead of one made for the product.

What kind of service and support can I expect from Amazon Renewed?

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Amazon won’t provide technical support on par with the manufacturer if you need help with a Renewed product, but it does offer some assistance if you’re unhappy.

If you aren’t happy with a Renewed item, you can arrange for a free return or replacement within 90 days of receipt, or one full year for Renewed Premium iPhones. If you have any problems with a product, you can also ask Amazon support for help either by phone (1-800-362-5703) or by clicking Get Product Support next to the item in the Your Orders page.

There are some things Amazon won’t cover. The support guarantee doesn’t address damage from accidents, like some extended warranties. You also won’t get help for stolen items. Renewed products cost less in part due to the reduced support, and you should shop accordingly — a brand new product may be wiser if you want a traditional warranty and the customer service to match.

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