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What does NFS mean on Instagram?

NFS on Instagram: "Not for sale" or "Not for sharing" — indicating items or posts not for purchase or reposting.

Published onNovember 27, 2023

Instagram’s culture is a constantly evolving one. The use of hashtags and acronyms is commonplace among platform users. Acronyms in particular are gaining popularity as they save time since you don’t have to type multiple words. You might have come across some acronyms yourself that you are not aware of.

One such term you might have come across is NFS. NFS is a fairly popular term on Instagram and is widely used in captions and such. This article will give you some insight into what NFS means on Instagram.


NFS has a lot of meanings on Instagram, the most common ones being “Not for sale” and “Not for sharing.” NFS is usually used as a hashtag on posts that contain items or artistic works that viewers can’t purchase or on posts that are not meant to be re-posted by others.

What does NFS mean on Instagram?

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NFS is a very popular acronym used by Instagram users as a hashtag in their post’s captions. It doesn’t have just one meaning and can be used in a variety of ways in different contexts. The following are just some ways in which NFS is used on Instagram:

Not For Sale

NFS hashtags might mean Not For Sale, which is one of the most common uses of the acronym. It might be used by collectors or artists who post their artifacts or artistic works on the platform, but only for viewing purposes. The objects displayed on posts with the NFS hashtag are not available for purchase.

No Filter Sky

Photos of the sky are scattered around the feeds of many Instagram users. Nature enthusiasts are very keen on posting photos of the heavens above in various seasons and at various points during the day. The NFS tag used in these photos means No Filter Sky, which indicates that no filters were used when the photo was taken and that the colors and tones are natural.

No Filter Sunset

Sunsets are considered one of the most beautiful moments to capture on camera. And as such, sunset photos are very common on Instagram. No Filter Sunset, shortened to NFS, is sometimes included in the caption of these photos. Much like No Filter Sky, this tag indicates that no filters were applied to this image.

New Fashion Style

This tag, used by fashion bloggers, influencers, or fashion industry handles, indicates a new trend in clothing, jewelry, shoes, undergarments, etc. New Fashion Style tags accompany the marketing campaigns of new products to prompt followers to purchase the product by promising something never seen before.

Not For Sharing

The Not For Sharing tag is used when a user does not want his post to be shared or re-posted by his followers. This is the most popular use of the NFS acronym after Not For Sale. It could be used on a personal post only meant for the user’s followers, and while it does not enforce anything, it makes the original poster’s intentions clear.

No Filter Skin

This tag encourages people to be comfortable with their bodies, specifically the natural color of their skin. Users who use this tag upload pictures of their natural skin tone without any filters, and skin care companies also use this tag to accompany posts about their products. It is a great tag used to spread awareness about self-love.

No Filter Selfie

No Filter Selfie started as a challenge requiring users to post their selfies without any filters or makeup. This tag blew up as people flocked to take up the challenge, and now it is common among celebrities and influencers to post pictures of themselves without any cosmetic enhancements.

Need For Speed

Derived from the popular gaming franchise of the same name, this meaning of the NFS tag is used in posts of cars and other vehicles that go fast. It is a popular tag among car and bike enthusiasts and is also found in the captions of reels showcasing the speeds of various vehicles in different settings.

No Funny Stuff

This tag is used by folks who don’t want any unnecessary controversy or drama in the comments below their post. It’s often used in posts that the user knows might be taken out of context to generate gossip. It might also be used by users to indicate they are not interested in dating or hookups.

No Followers Syndrome

For some people, Instagram posts are made so they can attract more followers. This tag is for users who don’t care about the number of followers their account has and are just posting pictures for fun.

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