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David Imel / Android Authority

It was a busy week for tech enthusiasts, the top happenings were the big Amazon Prime Day sales events, the release of Google Pixel 4a 5G and Google Pixel 5 reviews, and the announcement from Apple for the iPhone 12.

Popular News

It took Amazon almost no time at all to dive into their next sales period, the Holiday Dash event is already spitting out new deals every day. There is every indication that this event will run all the way until Christmas, which is fairly exciting, but we wonder if there will still be big Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events?


October is a busy time for new devices! Despite the difficulties of 2020, we’ve no shortage of new tech to review this year.

Features & Opinion

Around the office, the AA team has been talking about phone chargers, after Apple’s decision to not include a charger with new phones, and we’ve been contemplating the use of face unlock vs fingerprint scanners, especially as we’re all wearing masks these days. We have some writers that are excited about new mini phones, and others that are wondering why the global 5G roll-out has felt over-hyped so far.


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