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Wednesday season 2: Expected release date and the latest rumors

Netflix renews Wednesday for Season 2! Dive into what's in store, cast details, and possible release dates.
October 16, 2023

Co-showrunners Miles Millar and Alfred Gough confirmed that there would be a second season of Wednesday in January 2023. Season 1 was captivating in its comforting darkness; so morbid, yet so upbeat with its takeaways and warm character dynamics.

Is there a Wednesday season 2 release date? Let’s find out what the possible dates are, whether filming has started, and what direction the story is going to take this time.

When is Wednesday season 2 coming out?

The release date for Wednesday season 2 has not been confirmed. It is likely to be aired sometime in 2025. We’ll update this post as soon as we hear more.

Wednesday season 2 cast

Here’s the main cast:

  1. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams
    Gothic daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams sent to Nevermore Academy after a violent incident at her previous school. Also plays Goody Addams, Wednesday’s ancestor from the 17th century.
  2. Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams
    Gothic wife of Gomez, mother to Pugsley and Wednesday, and a former Nevermore Academy student.
  3. Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams
    Wednesday’s father, accused of a murder from 30 years ago.
  4. Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair
    Wednesday’s roommate at Nevermore Academy, a werewolf who can’t transform. They form an unexpected friendship throughout the series.
  5. Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe
    A student at Nevermore Academy with the power to bring his drawings to life. He has a complex history and takes an interest in Wednesday.
  6. Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin
    Son of Jericho’s Sheriff Galpin, works at Weathervane Cafe and forms a connection with Wednesday. Turns out to be a significant antagonist in the series.
  7. Christina Ricci as Marilyn Thornhill
    Dorm mother at Ophelia Hall, the residence of Wednesday and Enid. Notable because Christina Ricci portrayed Wednesday Addams in the 1991 and 1993 Addams Family movies.

What to expect from Wednesday season 2?

Netflix’s hit show Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega as the iconic Wednesday Addams, has been renewed for a much-anticipated second season. The Emmy-nominated series takes viewers into the spooky world of Nevermore Academy and the adventurous life of its most famous goth student, Wednesday.

Dark secrets revealed

With the backdrop of Nevermore Academy, season 2 promises to unveil dark secrets that lurk within the historic school’s walls.

More supernatural mysteries

Expect more mysteries intertwined with supernatural elements, continuing from the first season’s tales.

Character development

Season 2 will delve deeper into Wednesday’s relationships, especially her dynamic with her roommates and their collective battle against the school’s oppressive forces.

Return of familiar faces

Fan-favorite characters, including those with unresolved storylines, will return to grace the screens once more.

Introduction of new characters

The world of Nevermore Academy will expand with the introduction of new intriguing characters who will play pivotal roles in Wednesday’s life.

Ties to the Addams Family legacy

Season 2 is expected to incorporate more elements and references from the classic Addams Family, bridging the old with the new in a seamless narrative.

How many episodes will the Wednesday season 2 have?

It’s likely to have eight episodes, just like the first season — although this hasn’t been confirmed yet.


No, production has not started as of October 2023.

From what the creators are saying, it’s likely that there will be a season 3 and 4.

It will stream on Netflix.