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Webkey: Browser-based Android phone remote access and control


Published onApril 17, 2012

Android smartphones are becoming an essential part of our lives today that we just can’t leave home without our trusted gadgets in our pockets. But, wouldn’t it be nice if we can control our phones even if we don’t have them physically?

The idea may not be new to many of us since remote controlling devices such as PC’s have already been possible in the past with programs such as TeamViewer and Hamachi leading the pack. But, don’t you know you can also control your Android smartphone even if you’ve left it at home or at the office?

An application known as Webkey lets users control their smartphones using any browser. Webkey for Android basically acts like a bridge and transforms your mobile experience on the web. The only catch for Webkey to work is that your phone needs to be rooted.  If you still don’t have root access on your device, then you’re missing out on the many benefits of what Android

To get started with the application, you simply log in to, establish a secure connection to your device and you’re good to go. For users who have already have tried browsing their phones via Samsung KIES on a web browser, then Webkey won’t be much of a surprise to you.

Basically the Webkey application function the same as Samsung KIES using a web-based interface to navigate and browse your phone. The only thing that separates it from Samsung KIES is that Webkey lets you view the entire screenshot of your phone as if you have your phone with you.

The minimalistic design is easy to use and navigate. The interface contains all the necessary options such as Phone, GPS, SMS, Call List, Notify, Export, Users, SD card and Help. Among Webkey’s best-selling features is the ability for users to send SMS by selecting the SMS tab. Choosing the Call List shows a list of detailed incoming or outgoing calls and the details of the call.

The SD Card tab provides a detailed view of your phone’s SD card and provides a handful of options that you can use to manage the contents. Users can also manage their personal information such as their usernames and passwords and even have the option to export contacts and messages if they wish to keep a backup. There is also the neat feature of activating your GPS on your phone to find its exact location–pretty useful for lost or misplaced phones.

Webkey is a fantastic application for rooted Android devices.  The idea of having to remotely access your phone is a great way to stay connected even in faraway places. Not only that, if you’re tired of managing your personal information using your phone, trying it with a web browser is not only convenient but also a fast and alternative way to do so.

You can download the Webkey application for free from the Google Play Store.

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