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This wearable will wake you up with electric shocks

A new wearable called Shock Clock will guarantee you get up, and stay up, in the morning, through the use of electric shocks.

Published onApril 20, 2016


Are you guilty of hitting that snooze button a few times in the morning when it’s time to get up? We all are, but a new wearable called Shock Clock will guarantee you get up, and stay up, in the morning through the use of electric shocks.

Using conditioning, the Shock Clock aims to train your brain into getting up and not hitting the snooze button for the risk of getting shocked. The wrist band will train you to get up when the alarm goes off and will begin by vibrating followed by a loud beep. If you continue to ignore the prompt and snooze in, the wrist band will deliver a series of electric shocks. Eventually, your brain will be trained to respond to the vibration alone as you’ll know what will come if you ignore it.


Shock Clock is developed by a company called Pavlok, who released a similar product in 2014 to warn you off bad habits. The Shock Clock is currently on Indiegogo, of which you can view the campaign here, and has an early pledge of $79. The project is a 10th of the way to implementing a social feature that will allow your friends to shock you if you don’t wake up, for an accountability element.

I don’t know about you, but I like to peacefully wake up in the morning, even with a few hits of the snooze button; I can’t say getting shocked, or even letting my friends shock me (which I’m sure they’ll use responsibly) is something I’d be interested in. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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