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We asked, you told us: Your favourite Galaxy Note 9 feature starts with a '4'

This week's poll asked just what about the Note 9 you like best? 40,000 of you told us it's all about battery. Does that surprise?

Published onAugust 18, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This week’s poll asked you which Samsung Galaxy Note 9 feature you like most. The answer wasn’t a big surprise, but at the same time, it shows where phone manufacturers keep making mistakes.

The Galaxy Note 9 is seen as an iterative new smartphone, a phone where natural selection plays out over the Note 8, with refinements, improvements, and new features that won’t change the world but do make for a better device.

The S-Pen became a Bluetooth-enabled device to give it new life which was probably the biggest of the new features. But the other improvements were that the device became slightly taller and wider, with loads of RAM and internal storage. Oh, plus a 4,000mAh battery, a big jump from the 3,300mAh battery of the Note 8 (and bigger than Galaxy Note 7 it-which-must-not-be-named at 3,500mAh).

Samsung made their device better without making it worse, hallelujah!

And crucially, Samsung didn’t remove things or cush the phone down in size to make a “better” device. The Note 9 retains the headphone jack, wireless charging, waterproofing, microSD card slot, and its gorgeous display. It’s a true flagship without compromise, the most feature-rich. And yes, the most expensive Android phone of all too – at $999 for the base model, Samsung will still sell in the premium market, but it is a shrinking market. As Samsung know all too well.

So what has Samsung done most right with the Note 9? That’s what we asked, and well over 40,000 of you answered on our three polls across the website, on Twitter, and in our YouTube community.

What’s your favorite Galaxy Note 9 feature?

The results are split up a little, with our poll-masters adding more options where platforms allowed so do be sure to click the tabs up above.

No matter how many ways we cut it, the big new 4,000mAh battery with promised true all-day battery life is the winner. Around half of you voted for the battery as the best feature in each poll, while the next-best was a close finish between the no-notch 6.4-inch display, and the large 128GB or 512GB of internal storage. We also had a few votes for the headphone jack, which was more a tip of the hat to Samsung for keeping this feature, rather than saying it was the best feature so far.

At least, that’s what your comments said! Here’s some of the best, worst, or most interesting we received:

4,000 mAh Battery:

  • “Special features do not matter if the phone dies”
  • “Battery life should be any manufacturers biggest feature and talking point. Can add as many gimmicks as you like. But a big battery will always entice a “consumer.”
  • “This one just edged it. All of these features are all useful.”

All of the above made a surprise entrance:

  • “You forgot the ‘all of the above’ option!”
  • “Why did you make us choose! I like them all.”


  • “The battery is my 2nd favourite, my most favourite feature is water cooling.”
  • “None can come closer to Samsung in terms of display ?”
  • “Stereo audio! I wasn’t going to upgrade my Note 8, but this feature fixes my one complaint with the device.”

What does it all mean?

For us and for you it’s pretty simple. As long as the bigger battery isn’t compensating for some kind of awful battery drain through poor hardware/software setup, and as long as a big battery isn’t the only feature, we all just want a device that lasts. Battery anxiety is real. A few half millimetres or thousandanths of an inch don’t matter to most people, especially not if that means significant mAh increases.

So hats off to Samsung on this one. We still wish the price didn’t make us wince, but at least you’re getting a whole lot for that RRP – and there are deals and bonuses to be found. Let us know if you think we’ve all gone battery mad, and catch you next week!

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