Google Maps Waze

Back in 2013 Google acquired navigation app Waze, keeping it separate from Google Maps, though it utilized some of Waze’s tech to help improve the Map experience. Waze remains an excellent service today, one that Google would do well to further promote. After all, the more people using Waze, the more information users (and Google) have about traffic hazards, blocked roads and other traffic-related data.

With all this in mind, it seems that Waze could see itself pushed onto many more devices right out of the box, as Google has now officially announced that the app is part of Google Mobile Services. That means it is one of the optional apps that OEMs and carriers can choose to include with their devices. However, keep in mind this isn’t one of the Google apps that OEMs using Google Play services are required to include.

Any Waze users out there? What do you think of this news? Is this a good way to improve the service, or do you feel we already deal with enough pre-installed bloat as it is?

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