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Volta 2.0: one charger for all your devices

With a magnetic connector and three tips that connect to all mobile devices, the Volta 2.0 charging cable is the only one you need.

Published onJune 28, 2019

Volta charging cable - without volta

What if you didn’t have to keep all those cables? What if you could just use one to charge all of your mobile devices? Good news: you already can. Meet the Volta Charger 2.0 magnetic cable.

If you’ve used older MacBooks from Apple, you may remember MagSafe. The power connector attached magnetically to the MacBook, so if a person accidentally brushed up against the cord, it could break away cleanly from the socket without breaking the cord, or sending your MacBook flying into the air. It was awesome, and a genuine loss when Apple moved away from the design in 2015.

The principle behind it is still in use with the Volta 2.0 charging cable.

Volta charging cable - with Volta

The Volta 2.0 isn’t just a cool-looking charging and syncing cable, it’s been designed to be the only one you need. It has a standard USB-A charging connection on one end, but on the other end, it has a MagSafe-like magnetic connector. That’s the key to the Volta 2.0 design.

Volta charging cable 2.0 - magentic tips


The magnetic connector is made to attach to magnetic tips you put inside your devices’ ports. You can get Micro-USB tips for older smartphones and tablets, Lightning tips for older iPhones and PC laptops, and USB-C tips for the newest smartphones. They are designed to be strong enough so they won’t fall out of your devices, and like MagSafe, they are also designed to cleanly break from the magnetic tips in case someone accidentally pulls the cord away.

Volta charging cable - use of tips

Once you place these tips into the ports of your devices, just connect the Volta 2.0 charging cable, via its magnetic connector, to the magnets on the adaptors. That’s it. Now you can switch that cable with any of the devices using the tips, and get rid of all of those other older charging cables cluttering up your space.

The Volta 2.0 charging cable uses sturdy, anti-scratch aluminum shielding so the connectors stay in good condition. The cable itself uses PBV braiding and intelligent strain-relief collars so they won’t snag or tear, and they are 10 times stronger than normal charging cables. The magnets in the cable and the tips are made of N52-grade Neodymium, so they quickly snap into place and stay there.

The Volta 2.0 isn’t limited for use in for smartphones, tablets, or laptops, either. The cable and its magnetic tips can also be used to charge anything with the supported ports. You could charge up your wireless headphones, your game controller, or even your Nintendo Switch console.  

Volta charging cable - compatiblity

They are very useful when you want to connect to Bluetooth devices. You can instantly pair a phone to Bluetooth speakers with the Volta 2.0 charging cable, and when you disconnect the cord, the phone and the speaker remain connected via Bluetooth wireless technology.

The Volta 2.0 could be your living room cable, for charging console controllers and your phone. It could be used at your home office desk to connect keyboards to your PC or notebook. You could use one in the bedroom to power up your smart speakers. Heck, you could get three and do all of that.

Remember anything using a connector tip can connect to a cable, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content too.

If you keep your devices’ original power bricks, you will also experience fast charging support for your products (as long as the device supports it). The cable works with Samsung smartphones and tablets using the company’s Adaptive Fast Charging tech, as well as HUAWEI’s Supercharge tech. While the larger cord is made for charging notebooks, it can also power up smartphones faster than normal.

While the Volta 2.0 charging cables are designed to be strong and long lasting, the company still backs up its product with a lifetime warranty. If anything breaks, Volta will replace the cable for free, with no time limit and no questions asked.

Volta charging cable - colors

You can buy the Volta 2.0 charging cable in red, black, blue, or silver on its web site, along with two magnetic tips for your devices, for $19.25. Additional tips are also available.

Get ready to get rid of all those other cables — the Volta 2.0 charging cable is the only one you will ever need.

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