Even as Amazon announces its new Echo Show today, the company is also planning to add more features to all of its older Echo devices as well. The company will be adding support for voice calls and messages for those speakers “soon”, along with similar support for its Alexa smartphone app.

When the new features go live, anyone who owns an Echo speaker will be able to make voice calls to anyone else with one of those devices, along with sending them voice messages. Owners will know if there is such a voicemail message available to listen to, as the Echo’s light will glow green. The new feature will not support calls to any landlines, or smartphones that don’t have the Alexa app.

Amazon has not revealed exactly when the voice message and calling features will go live, but it’s likely they will be available sometime before June 28, which is when the Echo Show speaker is supposed to start shipping to customers. Adding voice call support for these devices is yet another big step in Amazon’s plans for the Echo speaker, although some might be concerned that the company could be listening in on those phone conversations, or at least mining some data out of those chats.

Keep in mind that you can currently purchase the standard Echo speaker right now from Amazon for the price of $149.99, which is $30 below its normal $179.99 price tag.

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