If you remember Apple’s relentless ad campaign for the iPhone 6, then you may also remember that there was a really cool game that was featured in the ads. Sadly that game was only available on iOS… until now. That game is called Vainglory and is probably the greatest MOBA game to ever reach mobile devices, and on July 2 it will land in the Google Play Store with support for more than 150 Android devices.

If you didn’t see the commercial, Vainglory has some of the best graphics seen on mobile devices. With in-depth multi-touch gestures, getting good at Vainglory will take some time, but for most people who play it, the time is well spent. The developers of Vainglory are constantly at work to bring new heroes and features to the game. And if you’re wondering how much it will cost, know now that it’s free with in-app purchases available.

Once in the game, you and two other teammates will duke it out against another team to destroy each other’s Vain crystal. Each battle is 20 minutes long and is very fast-paced. The game features an intuitive upgrade system for your heroes and forces your team to work together in order to claim victory.

If you’re excited to play, then you can jump right in and pre-register for Vainglory, which will unlock the hero Taka for free! What do you think of Vainglory? Excited to see this one finally arrive on Android?