IF by IFTTT is a must have app for anyone who wants to take control of their phone and technology driven life. With a simple UI and a plethora of options, IF is the easiest way to make your device do just about whatever you want, without being complicated. Unlike Tasker, IF as easy as it’s name, IF This Then That. Here’s how it works.

Popular recipes include downloading every Google Doodle to changing the thermostat in your home from a distance.
It isn’t clear why they call it a “recipe” because it is basically just an “if statement” from a high level programming language like Java. The basic structure of an if statement (recipe) is simple yet very powerful. A boolean variable may be used to see if the condition is true or not. It may look something like: if(boolean var == true). This line of code checks to see if var is true, there would be more code to this for it to actually do anything about it, however. IF recipes use this logic. Recipes can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

To create a recipe simply open the sidebar on the right, click the “+” which opens a screen with four tabs – Collections, Featured, Recommended, and All Time. The Collections tab offers recipes for certain events and situations like “Photo Enthusiasts”. The Featured tab shows recipes from IF and the IF community. The Recommended tab suggests recipes that may be good for you based on the ones you already use, and the All Time tab lists the most used recipes. In the bottom right there is a button that you can press to create a custom recipe.


For example, say you want to be notified when a issue arises in one of your GitHub projects, all you have to do is select GitHub in the menu, choose the specific condition, in this case that an issue has arisen in one of your projects, then select the action IF will perform. If creating recipes yourself is not your thing, you can download pre-made recipes that can do pretty much anything you can think of. Popular recipes include downloading every Google Doodle to changing the thermostat in your home from a distance. You can also go as far as syncing your Dropbox to your OneDrive if you so choose.

IF is a must have for anyone who wants to make their life easier without having to jump through hoops. All you have to do is open the sidebar, click the “+” and choose your conditions.

Get the app HERE. Please let us know about your favorite recipes in the comments below!