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Best USB charger hubs for your Android devices

In this list we take a look at the best USB chargers for your mobile devices and other USB compatible gear.

Published onJanuary 17, 2017

Imagine this: you’re on your smartphone trying to break your high score on Temple Run 2, but as you play, you realize the battery is slowly draining. You decide to plug it in when you see that there’s no room on your outlet- instead your little sibling took up the spot because he drained all his battery trying to catch some new Pokemon.

I’m sure that’s a scenario we can all relate to. Simply put, there aren’t enough outlets to keep up with the amount of smart devices we have these days. One of the most efficient solutions is to get a USB charger hub. These little contraptions have multiple USB parts and a high power output to charge many devices very quickly. If you’re a family man or simply live in a packed home, this is something that you’ll find extremely convenient. Don’t worry about searching for the best one though- we’ve already got you covered.

Read on further to find some of the best USB charger hubs that we currently recommend.

INNLIFE 5-Port Charging Station


Right away when you see this device, it looks like something straight out of Wall-E. Thankfully, it’s not just the cosmetics that are worth your money. The INNLIFE 5-port charging station is efficient, cheap, and easy on the eyes. As the name states, it has five USB ports that can charge just about any smart device under the sun, and one of those said ports supports Quick Charge 2.0 for phones like the Galaxy S7, the LG G4, and Moto X Pure. Furthermore each port has a layer of protection to prevent over heating of the cable and overcharging to preserve your battery. Sitting at the top of the device is a cooling hole to keep everything running safely.

Currently, Amazon has it for $16.99, which makes this the cheapest hub on this list.



I cannot praise AUKEY enough. When it comes to creating quality products for all of your smartphone needs, they’re one of the best. Naturally, their USB charging hub is no exception. Featuring a slick black design and 5 charging ports, this device is worth your time and money. It brings many of the same things to the table that INNLIFE’s model does, except for the fact that the AUKEY has one port supporting Quick Charge 3.0 instead of 2.0, meaning that you’ll be able to charge newer flagships like the Google Pixel, and HTC10. The other advantage the AUKEY USB charger has over INNLIFE is that it’s a more compact design, making it slightly easier for storage and transportation.

The only caveat here is that the AUKEY will cost you a bit more at $24.99. Bottom line: if you don’t have a device that supports Quick Charge 3.0, you may want to give this one a pass for now.

Anker 6-port USB Charger


Perhaps you don’t yet own a device that supports any form of Quick Charge, or you simply don’t care to use the feature. If you fall into either of those categories, the Anker 6-port USB charger may be just what you need. This hub does not support Quick Charge but instead has 6 standard ports for multiple devices. Despite not having Quick Charge, Anker assures that the design of their hub is optimized to save you a few hours when charging. You won’t have to worry about poor quality with this product either, as Anker is just as good if not better than AUKEY.

Keep in mind that with a brand name like Anker, you’ll be paying a bit more at $29.99.

RAVPower 4-port Quick Charger


Perhaps you don’t have a huge family, but there’s still enough people to hog the outlets. If you identify with that, then the RAVpower 4-port charger may be the one for you. Right away, you’ll notice that this charger hub has the least amount of ports than any other hub on this list — other than the Charged hub — but don’t let that fool you; it still charges your devices just as fast. One port at the very top is a Quick Charge 2.0 port, which is a huge convenience if your phone supports it. RAVpower boasts that this charger is no bigger than a deck of cards and frees up a lot of space on the table. On small caveat about this product is that it is currently unavailable on Amazon, and it’s unclear when it will make a return, but I estimate the price to be around $24.99.

Coocheer 5-port Charger


With innovations like Quick Charge, many companies are bound to try their own techniques to speed up charging rates and make it more accessible to consumers. That’s exactly the kind of thinking that led Coocheer to their 5-port charger. Of the 5 ports present in this hub, none of them support Quick Charge. Instead, two of them support what they call Smart Charge. What this does is replicate how an original charger would charge the device, then allow the device to accept the fastest charging speed. It’s not quite as efficient as Quick Charge, but at least it will work with every device. However, a small sacrifice for this functionality is that the other 3 ports only run at a maximum of 1 amp, whereas the other hubs on this list have all of their ports running at 2.4 amps. Basically this means that your phones won’t charge as fast on those ports. When the hub stands at $16.14 though, one can’t complain too much.

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