If you think carriers are all out to squeeze as much money they can from data plans, some carriers apparently want to help users get a better deal from their services. US Cellular, for one, is trying to help subscribers reduce their data usage through WiFi hopping.

US Cellular has partnered with Wi-Fi Now and is offering free wireless connectivity for Android users through any of Wi-Fi Now hotspots run by partners. No hotspot logins are required. The only catch is you will need to have the Wi-Fi Now app installed, which automatically switches the smartphone from its mobile data connection to the WiFi hotspot, thereby reducing your data bill, or at least your data usage.

The app also lets you define your home WiFi connection and other known hotspots, so the phone can also switch to your home network or a known hotspot once these are in range .

Are you a US Cellular user? Check out the Wi-Fi Now app from Google Play.