moto x 2014 first impressions (17 of 18)

Following the release of Android 5.1 to some versions of the original Moto X, Motorola is now pushing out the 5.1 OTA to the Moto X (2014) Pure Edition (unlocked model)

According to the Android 5.1 release support page on Motorola’s website, the update is bringing the obligatory bug fixes and speed improvements, but also some more material changes to the way users controls heads-up notifications and alarms.

Users can now swipe up a notification to dismiss it from the screen, but keep it in the notification dropdown for later checking. The new firmware also allows users to mute notifications until the next alarm, enter scheduled downtime early, and control media volume from the volume controls.

The Quick Settings improvements that let you connect to WiFi or Bluetooth with one tap are also present in this build. The update also sees the addition of the major security feature introduced by Google in Android 5.1:  devices stay locked even after being factory reset and they can only be unlocked using the Google account password. That means people who find or steal devices won’t be able to simply factory reset them and go on their way, as long as the devices are locked with a password, PIN, or pattern.

You can now use a double chop motion to unlock your device, and Ambient Display has been tweaked to reduce the number of accidental interactions. A complete changelog can be perused here.

The update is around 440MB in size and is now rolling out to all Pure Edition Moto X (2014) units. “Pure Edition” in Motorola’s parlance means “factory unlocked” – the device was launched on September 12, 2014, bringing Motorola’s well optimized software and zero carrier additions.

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