In the final day of the gaming extravaganza known as Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3, we picked up our gear, loaded the shotgun, and started blasting our way through the zombie-infected alleys of a post-apocalyptic NYC.

Coming from Madfinger Games, the Czech developer known for the popular Dead Trigger and Shadowgun series, Unkilled is, in all but its name, the next installment in the Dead Trigger series. The first person shooter runs on the Unity 5 engine, which results in some luscious graphics and intense action, and everything is generously seasoned with zombie-themed mayhem.

The premise of the game is rather simple: you use an assortment of weaponry to take out the undead over 300 missions, with a few objectives thrown in for good measure. For instance, in some missions the target is to save someone, while others require a bit of stealth, or just some plain-old seek-and-destroy action.

Madfinger’s experience in developing first person shooters touch screen devices is visible in the controls, which are quite well optimized. One difference from the past is that the guns (ranging from melee weapons to rocket launchers) will auto-fire when you target a zombie, allowing you to focus on the aiming. This even goes to the kick you can use to push back assailants.

As with other Madfinger Games, Unkilled is a free game supported by in-app purchases. Weather that’s a positive trait or not, it’s up to you to decide. The game was announced back in March, and it was initially scheduled to launch this month. The developer told us Unkilled should be out sometime this summer for Android and iOS.

As always, let us know your thoughts!