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This underrated show on Hulu deserves more attention

This gem offers sharp writing and relatable characters, making it a must-watch for sitcom fans.

Published onJune 28, 2024

Superstore is the retail, struggling layman version of Friends, and it is just as timeless. Strangely, it hasn’t seen the same kind of recognition — but that’s what we’re here to fix. If you’re looking for a wholesome, funny sitcom that is just as absurd as it is realistic, Superstore can promise you six seasons of that.

What makes Superstore special

On the surface level, Superstore might seem to just be a show that answers the question — what’s it like to work in a big-box store? What follows is the hilarious antics that ensue every day, and just that by itself makes the show worth watching.

But if you dig deeper, you’ll find what makes Superstore really special — its subtle take on how the not-so-rich parts of society are really doing.

They talk about struggling to pay rent, having children when you’re not ready to, coming into work and trying to negotiate with nameless, faceless corporate giants, and just how dealing with life is for normal, everyday people.

It’s exactly what makes shows like Rick and Morty and The Family Guy special. They are fast-paced with quick humor (and some of it might be crass), and they pick up what people really need to be talking about and address it.

Superstore may not be as subtle as those two, but the characters still manage to discuss issues without sounding preachy or making you too uncomfortable.

There’s an employee for every personality on the cast of Superstore, and they are all refreshingly relatable.

The show’s characters are never pious or out of reach, and they never stop growing. My personal favorite is Dina. She is an acquired taste, but once you see what makes her so great, there’s no coming back from that. This is, I think, one character on the show with the most impressive character arc — and it helps that she’s madcap funny.

There are eight main characters in total, and all of them are the heart of the show.

  • Amy Sosa is a floor supervisor at Cloud 9. She’s been working at the store since she was a teenager.
  • Jonah Simms is a new hire at Cloud 9. He’s a college dropout who starts working at the store in the pilot episode.
  • Dina Fox is the intense and no-nonsense assistant store manager. She’s strict about following rules and takes her job very seriously. She’s known for her blunt and often inappropriate comments.
  • Garrett McNeil is a sarcastic Cloud 9 associate who uses a wheelchair. He serves as the store’s announcer, often providing dry humor over the PA system.
  • Mateo Liwanag is an ambitious and competitive Cloud 9 associate. He’s eager to climb the corporate ladder and isn’t afraid to engage in office politics.
  • Cheyenne Thompson is a young Cloud 9 associate who starts working at the store as a pregnant teenager.
  • Glenn Sturgis is the store manager of Cloud 9. He’s devoutly religious and is known for his high-pitched voice and awkward demeanor.
  • Sandra Kaluiokalani is a meek and often overlooked Cloud 9 employee. She’s quiet and struggles to assert herself.

Superstore is the workplace comedy you need, and it takes inspiration from The Office (some of the writers are from The Office), but with perhaps quirkier characters.

While it may not have achieved the same level of recognition as The Office, Superstore has garnered a devoted fan base who appreciate its mix of heart, humor, and social commentary. Give it a watch this weekend. 

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