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This movie on Hulu deserves more attention

With its thoughtful exploration of motherhood and autonomy, Run keeps you hooked until the chilling finale.

Published onMarch 1, 2024

If you were caught in an unfathomable, life-or-death situation, but calling for help only made you look crazy, what lengths would you go to save yourself? Run asks and answers this question.

I love a movie with a victim no one will believe. Your run-of-the-mill thriller would typically have several people pitting against a killer, but a victim everyone is skeptical of is the perfect Friday night watch. Run is the perfect movie in this category, with a villain you will both hate and pity and a protagonist you will desperately root for.

Run is a great movie that definitely deserves more attention. The film’s execution makes it one of the most underrated titles on Hulu.

What makes Run special

Run centers on a teenage girl in a wheelchair, Chloe (played by newcomer Kiera Allen), who begins to uncover dark secrets about her overbearing mother Diane (Sarah Paulson). The film opens with Diane giving birth prematurely to Chloe, who faces an array of health issues. It then flashes forward 17 years to show their isolated country lifestyle, with Diane tightly controlling Chloe’s homeschool lessons and medical care. Chloe essentially knows no company except her mother’s.

When Chloe discovers bottles of suspicious medication prescribed to Diane but labeled with Chloe’s name, she begins to suspect her mother of fabricating her medical history. As she investigates further, the mother-daughter dynamic shifts dramatically, and Chloe attempts to get out before it’s too late.

Escalating tension, the threat of violence, and unexpected twists lead to an emotionally and physically harrowing confrontation between the two strong-willed women, one with the significant disadvantage of being wheelchair-bound. The question arises: if the medications were never even meant for her….was Chloe ever sick?

Without revealing spoilers, the unusual premise explores themes of maternal manipulation, which is fascinating in itself. This is something many can relate to, with our families weighing on every major decision we make, it can sometimes feel stifling. All we have in moments like that is the comforting idea that they mean well. Can Chloe give herself the same reassurance?

Run has all the elements of a classic thriller — a vulnerable protagonist trapped in a scary situation, a creepy adversary keeping secrets, and escalating mind games filled with surprises. What makes it feel fresh is seeing disabled teen Chloe as the capable, unrelenting hero rather than just a helpless victim. Watching her piece together the lies she’s been told and figure out how to rescue herself makes for an empowering and nail-biting viewing experience.

The director of Run, Aneesh Chaganty, previously made the movie Searching back in 2018. Searching was a really innovative thriller because it took place completely on smartphones and computer screens. It starred John Cho as a father desperately searching for his missing daughter by tracing her online activity for clues.

Chaganty is once again using slick editing and cameras in Run to create an immersive atmosphere of paranoia and tension. His skill at crafting thrillers with emotional depth and technical flair makes this movie a must-see for genre fans.