The latest update to UC Browser for Android promises to download files faster than any other browser regardless of your connection speed.

UCWeb, developers of UC Browser, already claim their browser downloads files faster than any other mobile browser. The latest version of the app is supposed to increase speeds by 15% on 3G and Wi-Fi. The browser downloads files are faster thanks to the “multi-threaded download technologies” employed in the app that break files down into smaller parts, downloading each one simultaneously. The new version of the apps has enhanced algorithms that increase efficiency of fetching data from servers and writing files to storage.

If that sounds a bit technical, just know that it should result in files and web pages downloading faster.

The new version of UC Browser includes a new Web Application Center that lets users add web apps to the browser. It should make accessing and using web apps much easier for those who use them on their phone.

Also included in the new version of UC Browser is the new Image Viewer and home screen widget. The Image Viewer creates photo albums of images that populate websites, making it easy to just view images on a website. The home screen widget, as you’d expect from any widget, grants quick and easy access to the browser right from the home screen.

All of the other features of UC Browser are still here, even if they’re not improved in version 9.5. The app still automatically loads the next page of a website as you scroll down to the bottom of the current page, and it still syncs bookmarks and tabs between devices.

The big feature of UC Browser, however, seems to be the download speeds. Have you tried UC Browser? Do you find it to be as fast as the developers claim it is?

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