Google-Nexus-7 ubuntu

Canonical, the company that develops Ubuntu, has made it clear that it set its target on mobile devices, working to make the Linux distribution as mobile-friendly as possible. Among other initiatives, Canonical has made the Google Nexus 7 a reference device for Ubuntu, to help developers optimize the distro for ARM touch-based devices.

Now, Canonical has released a tool to help users and developers easily install a full version of Ubuntu on the Nexus 7. The only prerequisite is to have an unlocked bootloader, but, if you’re interested in running Linux, I don’t think that would be a problem.

The idea behind the installer is to allow regular folks to run Ubuntu on their tablet, so developers can get a feel of what works and what needs improving. As such, expect a fair number of bugs and glitches, and more importantly, make sure to report them to Canonical so devs learn about them. Among the kinks that need ironing out at this point, the most severe seem related to memory consumption, rotation, and scrolling issues; the webcam and the Bluetooth don’t work either. A full list of problems is available here.

To give the installer a try, head to this link. Note that you will lose all your data, but it’s easy to return to stock Android if you want to.

Are you interested in the convergence of Linux and Android? Would you like to run Ubuntu on your Nexus device?

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